UND Military & Veteran Services | University of North Dakota

I came to North Dakota with the military
when I was stationed up here. Then I separated from a military, and I knew
that UND had some pretty great programs. So I actually stumbled into the
veterans office and I met Carol, and honestly, she made it so easy. She kind of
walked me through the process of how to get my benefits started, and she actually
offered me a job here. So I worked here for the last two years or so. I applied to be distance student. I took classes while I was overseas in Korea, while I was
overseas in the Middle East, and then when I separated, I ended up swapping to
in-residence as opposed to online. I honestly didn’t know how to start my
benefits. But Carol was so helpful that we had already started my process here,
and we filled out my application for work, and then by the time I knew it, I
was already accepted and got certified. I came to the veterans office. It’s
the first day I showed up here and I had a list of all my classes. I go, “I need to
know where all these buildings are.” They brought me around. It was awesome . Very
welcoming. I immediately felt like I had a group of friends here, which is awesome. If I need a quiet space, you got the rooms back here. You know, if I need assistance
like a tutor or something, these guys have tutors in and out here. It’s
very accommodating. This office was everything for me. They helped me with
transitioning, because you’re kind of scared at first. At least, I was scared when
I first got out. They didn’t belittle me or like make me feel like I was lost.
They made it seem like it was normal, and they walked me through everything, and
they checked up on me, even before classes started. I’ve lived in three
different countries, several different states, and I fell into this community
probably the quickest out of anywhere. I spent five years active duty. I didn’t
spend more than 12 months in any one place. Then I just came here, and all
sudden I’m a Fighting Hawk.

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