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  1. Sir My Penis become Larg And In Day many times Leaking in underware and I have Girl Friend also My mind says Hug him

  2. Sir psychiatrist are very expensive plus some give irreverent medicines too in small town like mine.. Please give home remedies.. Thanks

  3. Mera 1 relative h uska saadi hua…. lekin uska husband k sex karne m koi i6a nehi h …. sabh hi thik h … ye kaunsa bimari h… sir pls help karna…. 2year se wo relative uske saath h…. ku6 treatment h jorur help karna sir

  4. Hi। Can you make a video on OCD issues and it's treatment। My wife suffers from the same। It was taking a toll on my life and now on my daughter's life। It aggravated post she left her job। She is not interested in any kind of councelling. She becomes agressive if I take on the topic. How to guide her. Will I taking the guidance/ councelling help me to tackle her better.

  5. Hello sir –
    Sir mujhe urin bar bar ata h kya wajah ho sakti h har 30-45 min me or pani pine k bad to har 15-20 min me

  6. Sir please eyesight jo kam ho rahi hai usko badhane ke kuch upaay bataiye aur iske main kya reason hai jinki wajah se ye kam ho rahi hai please reply and ek video jaroor sir please

  7. Sir aap bohat duain lainai wala kam kar rahai hai logon ko ilm ki dolat se malamal kar rahai hain rab aap hamesha kush rakhai

  8. Pl tell how to identify such person or his / her activity or behavior to take steps so that the malady gets cured. The topic was really wonderful as before.

  9. इतने गम्भीर मुद्दे को बहुत अच्छे से समझाया डॉ साहब आपने, धन्यवाद आपका

  10. Doc I am regular follower of your channel , some great work out there , I need your help with some queries

    1) My wife has dark acne spots , to get rid of that she is using benzoyl peroxide 2.5 now since one week , is it ok to apply at night and leave it

    2) She is using coconut oil virgin , as suggested by you since her skin gets little bit dry after bath (hot water in UAE) , so is it ok to apply coconut oil on face and there after benzoyl peroxide gel

    3) coconut oil is comedogenic or not? If yes then how she can cure her acne scars

    4) she can use home remedies during day time or not? Like ice massage , or potato paste etc. One pimple fades and other comes is her story … What should we do to get rid of that

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