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Today we have an awesome Goku statue Goku Ultra Instinct has arrived, the Goku MUI made by Figure Class as you can see here in the top I don’t know if you see this statue in other people’s collection, but you are going to see it now I am going to upload all the photos that I will take it in my Twitter and Instagram If you are not following, please, search me as @CazadorFiguras in Twitter and Instagram, so easy I am going to put subtitles if people from outside Spain are watching this unboxing Also, I am going to upload the video in 4K resolution, if anyone wants to watch the unboxing in ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION As always, I am going to make a review while I am unboxing the statue I want you to show the art box, this is how the Goku statue will be by itself As you can see, this is the awakened version Basically, this is the one with the straight arms and with the wavy hair There is another version, the energy ball version. I will leave you a link of a friend channel to his unboxing of this version Behind the art box, there is a Goku Ultra Instinct image, not so much to show In the other side, more of the same art Having said this, I am going to open the art box As you watched, we have all the statue piece out of the box I am going to show you the base, first thing, this base in incredible I am freaking out, this base is set in the Power Tournament battlefield all the broken battlefield when there were only Goku and Jiren but also Android 17 that is hiding behind the rocks and Freezer who is in other rock piece I am going to take the plastic bag out This base is so amazing and weighs a lot because to put up with Goku it has to be heavy There is the bottom of the base, where there is the numeration of the statue, the studio that made it, the Dragon Ball Super logo, etc… Other part of the base is this Freezer which I am going to show you a little closer, the details are so great Freezer is defeated by Toppo, who became God of Destruction, and rest in this rock piece and hide till final battle Freezer’s tail is appart, because it could broke in the shipping process. It looks incredible how look Freezer here The details on this Freezer looks great compared with the Goku that we are going to see after this Something that I don’t like, is the job on the tail, here is something wrong with this wrinkles Appart from this, other details on Freezer and in the rock piece are well finished There is a hole to dock the rock piece with Freezer into the battlefield. It won’t fall As you can see, I have put the Dragon Ball Super logo here. It don’t came with a magnet so you have to put some glue on it this is another weakness of the statue Next part of this statue, is the Goku body itself with all his muscles and all his broken clothes He has allways the same broken part in his left knee. You can see it in other figures, I don’t know why You can see here, all his muscles well sculpted in the best battles and tournaments Another weakness of the statue, not in the statue itself, but in the packaging It came with the left foot broken because of the packaging, that is why I graving his foot The broken is clear so I am going to try to stick it with superglue Seeing it a little closer, you can see the paint job with the shading tones which is superb It seems real skin as you can see it in all the parts and also seems real clotches with the texture There are some holes to securely attached it to the base Let’s see how it is on the base Now it is starting to take shape, that type that we love I am started to mount the aura effect parts now the problem is again the packaging, because it is a bad packaging it came with this aura broken and as I said, other parts too. I have to stick it with superglue It came with another aura parts and I am going to show you closer because this effect is perfect for Ultra Instinct As you can see, there are some different colours like blue, pink and more transparent parts in the aura the statue will gain a lot when we plug in the LEDs and this aura will start to shine The aura also have this rock pieces which are to represent the power of the Ultra Instinct that emerge from Goku Here are some holes to attach the aura effects that don’t came with magnets because it work with gravity only Here is another aura effect which is from the front side and it will be this amazing Once we have this mounted, we notice that something is missing which is the Goku’s head that I am going to show you closer You can see how good is the paint job and the details. Best part for me of this statue, with the wavy hair and his look seems very dangerous As I said before, the finishing on the head is excellent In my opinion, one of the top Dragon Ball statues in the market if it weren’t for the packaging and the broken parts There were people lucky that received their statues unbroken As you can see, in the bottom of the head there is a magnet which you have to put here in Goku’s neck and it’s very secure Optionally, you could buy another head part which came with a translucent hair The head is the same as the other one, but it has a translucent hair with light effects In the bottom of this head, there is a little button that I am going to plug in Goku’s hair has light up and it took the characteristic Ultra Instinct glowing effect As the other, it goes in the same spot. You have to be carefully because the magnets are very strong I have pluged in the light effects of the statue right now The light (which are blue, pink and white) react with the translucent aura effect and bring us this perfect Ultra Instinct effect Finally, I am going to leave you with closer views of the statue because I want you to enjoy yourself


  1. Serious congrats on owning such a holy grail of a statue Caz! Watched from start to finish, hope this video is successful for you as it’s well deserved.

    Great job on showcasing hand surely I enjoy the subtitles as you always talk so fast hahah 😂 cheers man 👊🏻

  2. Que maravilla de resina, lastima que viniera con algunas partes rotas, y ¿habrá una review acerca las calificaciones de cada aspecto, cuanto costo la figura en si y cuanto costo el envió?, también quisiera saber si es común que las grandes resinas siempre vengan con algunas partes rotas al momento del envió y eso

  3. Dios mio… Eso debe costar un ojo de la cara 😐… Me encantan las figuras de animes… La verdad es que yo colecciono, pero supongo que son falsos, esto es como las cartas pokemon 😂😂.

    PD: te gusta ver animes?

  4. Esta guapísima me suscribo a tu canal, yo estoy esperando a mi súper buu de figure class miedo me da el embalaje 😅 te dejo mi like tío!!

  5. Hola crack felicidades por el canal y por esta preciosidad .a mi me llego con un pie y el torso partido más el aura grande de atrás. También fundi los led.como podría reclamar a figure class.me serviría de mucha ayuda.un saludo

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