49 thoughts on “Unbelievable Stuff They Didn't Teach You About Ancient Egypt”

  1. But can someone explain why Egypt’s military strength was so weak? Looking at their history, It just seemed that they Egypt kept getting defeated by EVERYONE : Hyksos, Libyans, Nubians, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, and finally by Romans!

  2. How is this going to be uploaded in the last 24 hours and u call a pyramid a tomb… name me one pharaoh ever found in a pyramid.

  3. Seems like a video to play down the Ancient Egyptians intelligence, when you do your research you’d realise they were a lot more intelligent then led to believe.

  4. Why are the ancient Egyptians depicted as white/Caucasian? If this video is to show things we didn’t know about this ancient civilization shouldn’t it at least be accurate in regards to skin color. PSA the ancient Egyptians we’re black, they was of the darker skin complexion!!

  5. How there were three gods and a beast split into five peices in order to deduct power and seal

    (Yes I'm referencing Yu-Gi-Oh)

  6. Does this channel always have to throw in some lunatic liberal propaganda into every video? Just make videos and stop virtue signaling every chance you get FFS!!

  7. Annoyingly preachy. I'm here for facts, not moral lectures. I don't disagree with it but I'm not HERE for that, I watch that kind of discussion/information elsewhere. It also kind of comes off as forced. For the first time I can remember I didn't even finish it.

  8. Here is another crazy thing the Egyptians did. They believed by preserving the dead they could be reanimated for the next life. Yet they thought the HEART was the center of all thought and where the soul was, so they left it in the body. However, they had no idea what the brain was for so they just pulled it out in chunks through the nose and threw it away. Oops.

  9. I think it's just a bunch of kids trolling. The powerful ancient people probably left this universe to another and left all the garbage people behind. All the drawings could just be some kid graffiti on the wall lol

  10. guys , you need to see for yourself . luxor and aswan are really awesome places to go ، also sharm el shiekh beaches are miraculous and the whole city is alot of fun to travel

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