Unacademy Knowledge Fight – Roman Saini vs Ayussh Sanghi | Episode 4

38 thoughts on “Unacademy Knowledge Fight – Roman Saini vs Ayussh Sanghi | Episode 4”

  1. Parasitic plants grow on other plants and draw nutrition from them. Insectivorous plants grow on soil and eat insects for nitrogen and other nutrients also. I think so

  2. Insectivorous plants consume the whole body whereas parasites just get the necessary. Can't this be also the answer?

  3. I am an avid fan of House MD. Would you guys be kind enough to ask Roman the question he had in mind for House MD? @Unacademy

  4. Hey unacademy, just pls do one thing, Add the time notations in ur description of all the categories. It will be helpful

  5. Hitler gives the title of netaji to subash Chandra Bose its a simple question. I am in class 8 i can reply it

  6. Pls cut out this absurd section of animal voices…it decreases the intellectual level of these learned men.

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