ULTIMATE LUXURY FIGHT — 2020 BMW 7-Series vs. Mercedes S-Class: Comparison

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There are not many cars in the world that say I made it better than a flagship luxury sedan Since they have the size and elegance that simply demand attention But while there are many entries into the segment to consistently stand above the rest the Mercedes s-class and the BMW 7-series that’s why we’re squaring off these two heavyweights to find out once and for all which brand has created the ultimate luxury sedan Like always the first thing on the agenda is pricing and equipment of course as flagship German vehicles You better believe that they don’t come cheap and indeed both have extensive option list in addition to their already over $100,000 starting prices on the s-class that amounts to $23,000 of options and on the 7-series $16,000 of options Now this specific 7 Series is the plug-in electric model However, besides without one aspect nothing is different So it will be treated as the 750i for the sake of being equivalent With both the Mercedes and BMW equipped in similar ways. The final prices are 128 and 119 thousand dollars which in the world of flagship luxury vehicles is entirely inconsequential Now beginning things with the exterior beyond the size similarities the rest of the styling is very different The s-class carries the more traditional design with the large luxury grille and classic hood ornament and it has a stately elegance But even as large an attention-grabbing as the s-class is front end is the BMW’s is even larger with a 40% larger grille for 2020 Now it takes up all the space between the fully LED headlights which themselves have done the opposite and have gotten smaller this year The headlights on the Mercedes have a larger footprint but they are also fully LED with the same abilities Like I already said both are extremely long But you will notice that visually the s-class looks thinner in the back due to the vertical tail light design Generally speaking the BMW is going to look sporty-er and the Mercedes more traditional but there is nothing objective to separate them However coming to the wheels the s-class does have larger 20-inch contrast alloys where the BMW has 19 For the mirrors both have every feature that can be thrown at them including blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert Now as far as all the other features on the safety front both of these come with their advanced drivers assistance packages That means in addition to the usual Ford emergency braking with pedestrian detection Lane Keeping Assist adaptive cruise control and auto high beam headlights Both also come equipped with low-speed autonomous highway systems, which takes the stress off the driver Next we have the warranties which are both for year 50,000 miles for both the basic and powertrain But Mercedes does not offer complimentary maintenance whereas BMW gives you three years of it Finally anything’s at the fuel tank. We have fuel ranges of 412 miles for the seventh series and 541 miles for the Mercedes But anyways, that’s it for the exterior, so now let’s go ahead and get to the part that’s really important the uber luxury cabins So walking up to the vehicles it goes without saying that both have smart entry and remote start Which are accessed by these very nice key fobs made from real metal trim Now peeking inside the interiors their role seemingly reverse with the seventh series being the more traditional looking one Our model is finished in a beautiful Zagora beige quilted nappa leather and the s-class in a similar porcelain colored nappa leather as Far as the seats themselves both have more ways of adjustment than one can count plus heating ventilation and massaging capabilities The leathers themselves are very soft and supple in addition to looking great Now beyond the seats both interiors are crafted with some of the finest materials available so starting with the s-class you have stitch and piped leather across even the upper back and Then in the middle areas, you have more quilted leather wood and aluminum Finally even the lower areas are leather wrapped in The BMW you also have great materials head to toe including a leather dashboard and would offer the middle The lower parts are also leather wrapped, but there is a hard piece of wood where your knees with touch So while the materials are pretty much the same I Will give a half point to the s-class for having more intricate details that help it have more of an aura of specialness As you can see both come with fully customizable digital gauges however, a Mercedes does allow you more adjustments to the design They allow you to change each section instead of just the center areas But the less expensive BMW does give you a head-up display, which is further optional on the s-class Obviously when it comes to the steering wheels they have power adjustment and heating both there and in the armrest The next major point is storage and here the s-class is ahead It’s center console is quite a bit larger in footprint and in depth plus it has NFC pairing Freeing up a lot of that center console space is the fact that both use electronic shifters they operate the same way despite being in different locations and When it reversed you will see 360-degree camera systems fire up Both of them have tons of available angles But only the BMW has a 3d mode which allows you to look around the vehicle from an aerial perspective The next thing to look at are the climate controls BMW has opted to use virtual buttons both with unique texture Which ends up being easier to use since all of the main controls are located here in one place in The Mercedes you have to navigate into the command system to find certain functions And now that brings us to the audio systems. So let’s take a sample Both systems are fantastic so we honestly couldn’t pick a favorite between the two and Now that brings us to the infotainment systems both have twelve point three inch displays But the main difference to be pointed out is that the seven series has the latest I Drive 7.0 software While the s-class has the older command system instead of the new MBUX this means that the seven has several distinct advantages better performance and graphics and More methods of control since it can be touched gestured used via the knob or controlled via the new virtual assistant It does have one really important downside though And that’s that it only has apple carplay and you have to pay a subscription to use it Whereas Mercedes includes both systems free of charge Finally ending the interior both have giant panoramic moonroof Now of course in vehicles like these the rear areas are nearly as important as the front especially in other countries where being Chauffeured is more common Since they are both offered an only long wheelbase form in the u.s. You have absolutely insane amounts of space The 7 Series has actually got the edge in both legroom and Headroom But only by about 3% so it won’t get any points Digging into the rear features both have tons of toys to play with and extreme luxury starting with the seats themselves that they are fully power adjusting with about 45 degrees of recline as Well as heated ventilated and massaging Additionally, the armrests are also heated and every window has a power sunshade Now related to temperatures both have four rear vents, but strangely enough the s-class actually does not have any rear climate controls as equipped since it would require an additional package as Far as tech is concerned. Neither have the rear entertainment screens But only the 7 Series has a tablet controller for adjusting climate ambient lighting audio and seating Now hanging around to the back both trunks are power And once they open up you’ll find about two cubic feet more space in the BMW However, the s-class has a really handy pop-out storage box which keeps messy things from messing up the carpet So at this point this is still a very close race But now let’s go ahead and see what’s under the hood and how they drive So in a similar way to the styling the BMW is the sporty-er of these two That starts with the engines where the BMWs 4.4 liter twin-turbo v8 outperforms the S Class S 4 litre twin-turbo v8, the power numbers are 523 horsepower versus 463 and then 553 pound-feet of torque versus 516 that does directly translate into the BMW being the quicker of the two Wow and then when it’s time to get moving you can definitely get moving quickly You know, of course as you keep saying Comfort and luxury is this cars emphasis but you do have a v8 with lots of power and lots of torque on hand and Even though this is a huge vehicle You can get moving with some serious haste, you know I mean that’s also part of having a a luxury experience is that I’ve got plenty of power on tap at all times However, despite being slower the engine keeps to itself better in the S, which is appreciated in this type of car Power is put to the ground via each brands all-wheel-drive system And routed through an 8-speed automatic on the BMW and a 9 speed automatic in the s-class More importantly for cars like these is the ride Both of them do have air suspensions, but the sporty or BMW does trade a little bit of comfort in the name of more athleticism The Mercedes never feels wallowy, but potholes are something you merely see without feeling or hearing Really We’ve been in several of these flagship vehicles, I know the s-class has a reputation for being the smoothest of the smooth and Definitely initially here I can Say it’s living up to that. I mean you can practically It is a slight one doesn’t even seem like it’s running it’s just dead silent just going down the road. I Also want to note that the s-class is a system that tightens and loosens the bolsters when going around a corner to keep you in place better as Far as the steering is concerned they both have light setups the BMW is is more precise, but more importantly the s-class offers more isolation from road imperfections and Then finally the last thing you mentioned is the fuel economy Which is essentially the same for both models at 21 and 20 mpg combined So there you have it these two amazing flagship vehicles finish things up neck-and-neck Basically Mercedes and BMW threw everything they had at these two vehicles So truly no matter which way you go you will be rolling in one of the finest luxury vehicles in the world Anyways, thanks for joining us for another car confections comparison and be sure to subscribe for more comparisons and our signature full Review videos. Take care

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  1. Thanks for watching, everyone! We have found a small error -> the cargo capacity numbers are reversed in the text box even though they were read correctly and points were given correctly. Sorry for any confusion this might have caused!

  2. These fossil carriages can't even drive themselves to pick up their owner in the parking lot. They are over valued horseshit compared to my Model 3.

  3. The Mercedes comes equiped with 800 watts Burmesters 16 speakers surround sound premium speakers which is quit better than BMW'S Harman Kardon.

  4. I’ve had my S560 for 11 months…..long road trips are a breeze. I did not care for the BMW interior nearly as much.

  5. I was on the bmw side for couple of years BUT now that I seen that their new grills I’m going back to MBZ that’s forsure

  6. I couldn’t decide between the two. I went for the BMW 745LE xDrive in the end because at least here in Britain, the Merc is just a taxi

  7. Guys you can’t reduce the rating of the S-class just because the car you tested did not have the rear seat package? With that said, S-class winns by a larger margin

  8. When we talking about cars Benz is no where near BMW. BMW is the ultimate machine while Benz keep on repeating the same model over again that isn't innovation come on grow up with your models. BMW is always unique among cars that is the whole truth.#BMW

  9. Both lovely cars. For now BMW looks way better than Mercedes. I am pretty sure the next MB s class will look much more modern like its new brother the GLS.

  10. You were biased towards the bmw… like someone pointed out in comments .. not awarding points for price but u did for space..

    My personal opinion.. you put bmw at the bottom of screen instead of up next to Mercedes to avoid the text/ subtitles covering the bmw…

    During the sound test you also chose a better song with good base for the Mercedes over the bmw and wanted to fool us by saying they all sound the same.. they would have if u used the same song for both..

    You only did a test drive for th Mercedes and praised it with your bias.. but u failed to do a test drive for the bmw ? U didn’t have time to downgrade it I guess ?

  11. Hey Car Confections, How Does The Ride Differ In The 2020 BMW 7 Series From The 2019/2020 Audi A8L??? Is There A Difference Between Comfort And Comfort Plus Mode In The 2020 BMW 7 Series??? 🤔🤔🤔

  12. Good video……. I'll just say this wanna get there quick the 760 you wanna relax and cool out on the way the S Class but all in all they are both in a class if thier own……. That's my 2 cents…… And BMW gives you a loaner car and Mercedes charges you for the loaner car when car is getting serviced

  13. Absolute, total, unequivocal deal breaker: column-mounted gear shifter. SO STUPID AND NON-SPORTY. Why, WHY does Mercedes insist on putting the gear shifter on the column in almost all of their cars like a 1990s pickup truck?? Yes, it saves a little bit of space on the center console area, but it’s so non-sporty and ugly! That’s the reason I refuse to buy or lease a new Mercedes. Gear shifters nowadays take up very little room on the center console. I just can’t stand it.

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