Ultimate Korean Apartment Tour! | EPIK Teacher Apartment (Rent Free!) | Daejeon, South Korea

What’s up everyone!? This is Cedric, Skycedi and welcome to my Korean apartment tour. So check it out. Okay guys. So welcome to the entrance of
my apartment. So here’s the door. Most Korean apartments have this keypad entry system and so all I’m gonna do is put in my code. And now we’re ready to go in and “Voila!” Here is my apartment. First thing you’ll notice is this little
area right here which is for where you take off your shoes because in these
apartments, you are not supposed to have your shoes on. It is the Korean way so just do it. Don’t ask questions. So this is a little closet
area where I put my shoes. Of course I have my little slippers right there. Okay,
now that the shoes are off we are ready to enter the apartment. Alright, so let’s
take a look at the kitchen. I’ve got a sink. I’ve also got a gas stove and I
have a washer. So let’s start with the washer because this is what I actually
use. The only thing I use in the kitchen. So this washer right here…everything is
in Korean…but this washer washes your clothes but it doesn’t dry your clothes.
Now here in Korea most apartments do not come with a drying machine and so you
have to hang dry your clothes but you get used to it. And on top of that we
have a gas stove here and I literally have never turned it on. When I first
moved into the apartment like the gas person came in just to test it and it
does work at least back in February but yeah, I’ve never actually used this. And
this right here I thought was cute but that was about it.
I’ve never used those tiny utensils either.
But anyways this is the kitchen for those of you guys that cook or like to
cook it is a smaller space in which you might be used to but you can definitely
make it happen. Notice that there is no oven here in this kitchen. Again a lot of
Korean kitchens do not come with ovens just as most apartments don’t come with
dryers. So if that’s something that you’re used to doing or using, just kind of have
in your mind that you’re not going to be doing a lot of baking here in Korea, okay.
But there are a lot of bakeries. That’s a plus.
So anyways. Alright, so I’ve got a microwave here as well which I do use
here and there and on top of that I have a hot water kettle so if I wanted some
hot tea or some coffee instant coffee I can make me some hot water real quick.
And I have a nice little table slash Island thingy. I don’t know what you call
it. And these chairs right here so…never really use that either but just in case
I have company come over I’ve got some seating. Now this is my favorite part of
the room. This is my little office area slash my TV and so this is where I do
all of my editing or most of my editing I should say. This station right here so
I love it because the screen is huge. This is a 32-inch I believe? or a 34-inch.
I can’t remember but it’s yeah it’s just a huge widescreen monitor.
21:9 aspect ratio and so I can get two or three browsers going on one
screen and you know I can multitask really easily. But anyways, this is my
little area right here. A lot of YouTube videos and some Netflix goes on right
here so really love this space. Now, I have
this couch that came with the apartment as well and also this little coffee
table. Pretty cute. I barely use the couch as well. I just kind of throw my book bag
on there and call it a day but again if I have visitors come over
we’ve got places to sit. And as you can see here a lot of natural light comes in
during the day and it’s awesome so that’s another thing that I really love
about this apartment. Now let’s go to this corner right here. I’ve got my
little bookshelf and I like it. It has some of the books that I am reading
right now as well as my little modem and I also have my camera gear.
you don’t see my 1dx because I am currently filming with it but yeah so I
like this little area. Kind of brings everything together in this room. Okay so
let’s go back to the kitchen area. So I’ve got a little bit of storage space
here which is pretty cool. In this little cupboard right there I just have
all my snacks and really that’s about it. I’ve got stuff that I’ve never opened
since I moved in but I bought like my first week here. I’ve got to have the
Choco pies in Korea for sure. Now this bad boy right here is the fridge and
literally nothing in there. I have nothing in there and this is how my
fridge stays. Like it’s quite sad and I really hope my mom does not see
this but I’ve got my energy drinks just to chug down right before my
workout. And then I usually have bottled water in here. This sprite. I don’t
usually drink sprite but yeah it’s there just in case. And then the freezer is
actually below and so it’s a little different than what I’m used to in the
States. There’s these like little bin doors where you can store your your
stuff. Oh, I have frozen pizza here. Look at that. So that’s the freezer. Now as far
as storage space, there’s actually pretty good amount of storage space here. Now
this is my closet area and my closet space so I’ll give you a quick sneak peek.
I’ve got a lot of my clothes here so that’s where I keep my stuff. Okay so I
have a second closet here where I keep most of my outerwear, my jackets and
yeah some random miscellaneous stuff. Sorry for the focusing. Cameras going
crazy. So that is pretty much everything on the first floor. Now let’s take you
upstairs and again this is just where I sleep. There isn’t really much here
except two mattresses and a little bit of stuff that I store up here so…Bam,
there we go So both of these mattresses actually
came with the apartment so I just kind of put them both together and I just
sleep on it. So it works out and then a couple of stuff that I just store up
here. And that is pretty much it. There’s plenty of space up here but the ceiling
is pretty low once you get up to this floor so I don’t really spend any time
up here. Yo so I almost forgot to show you guys the bathroom and we all know
that no apartment tour is complete without the bathroom. So, give you guys a
quick little sneak peek of what’s in here. Best thing about this bathroom
is the size of it. Now I am lucky enough to have my own little shower area that’s
separated from the rest of the bathroom whereas a lot of Korean bathrooms, the
shower is literally over the sink or over the toilet so yeah, pretty nice size. Very happy with the bathroom and it’s pretty much all you guys need
to see. Alright guys! That is it for the
apartment tour. I hope that you guys enjoyed the video and also I hope that you
found it insightful. Listen, if you have any questions about my Korean apartment
that I perhaps didn’t cover in this video or any high level questions about
apartments in Korea let me know below and I’ll do my best to answer them. Again,
if you haven’t subscribed to this channel, what are you waiting for!? Make
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the lookout for more videos and that’s all I have for you guys today. So I’ll
see you guys in the next video and remember to always seize the day. Peace

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  5. It's not a one-room but an Officetel …

    Officetel -> one-room -> Apartments

    Apartments are much bigger …
    It is called apartment where there are several rooms, kitchen, bathroom and living room separately.
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  6. I'll give you a tip and you'll thank me mucho. I used to live at a complex with exactly the same structure of yours.
    What you'll need to get for Korean summer is a piece of Vornado fan to send cool air into upstairs (confidently assuming that you have your AC only in the downstairs.) Otherwise, your heated warm air will be kept in that tiny crib of yours and trust me you are not going to like that. Vornado will save you from your – what could have been – sleepless summer nights.

    You're very welcome.

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