UK Schools see rallies against return of LGBT equality lessons

in Britain school lessons on equality and inclusion is still in raging parents demonstrations have already been held with more expected again with term starts in September and now the UK official tasked with countering extremism says there's been a campaign of disinformation spread about the education program and that the government's been slow to respond Polly Boyka part of our team with the UK has more for you today it's a small school with a big problem Parkfield primary in birmingham where many of the predominantly muslim students parents are angry that the school is teaching their young children about same-sex relationships protests like these have become a regular feature do not bring your children and if you want to fight for your right to your believes you will not bring your children to school tomorrow and now the UK's National Association of head teachers is warning the government that the parent protests could spread come September last week hundreds of parents refused to send their children to parkfield primary because teachers are refusing to stop teaching the lessons demonstrations at another predominantly Muslim school in Birmingham and Urton park primary have been banned by the High Court after ugly scenes upset children and teachers around 70 schools in England have demanded that the UK's Department for education help them defend against protesting parents ambushing schools with demands that they stop relationship lessons the no outsiders programme is aimed at children of primary school age so that can be as young as 4 or 5 years old and it's based around a reading program and these are the books that are causing such outrage they contain stories about diversity and inclusivity be it about disabilities being fostered or adopted or having two mummies or two penguin daddies lessons featuring books like these that introduce LGBT themes will be compulsory in all schools from September 2020 but many schools are already teaching variations of this program in some 1,400 of them will be launching relationship education from this coming September the conflict between teachers and parents shows no sign of abating ahead of the new school year you need to devise a program with parents with the schools with Ofsted and efe to have a program that allows children who are discriminated to event and speak about what's happening and and also the schools to to stop the discrimination but not by infringing on parents beliefs and religion parents should be allowed to choose age appropriateness so if if a parent of a child not feel that their child is not at the right age to be doing this because only they will know their child this can't be determined by somebody you mean left right and center this can only be determined by that child and there needs to be consultation and I think where the schools have gone wrong is they have not consulted the parents in a meaningful way the government is keen to continue with the program we trust individual schools individual head teachers to know their cohorts of children and to determine how and when to address what can be obviously sensitive subjects but schools have appealed for more help in dealing with the demonstrations and the Department of Education has been accused of failing to protect them I think there were too slow to respond I think the Department for Education could have played a very important role in clarifying to parents this is what's actually being taught not the misinformation that we're seeing out there now a group of more than 80 members of parliament and teachers is calling on the education secretary Damien Hines to launch a public information campaign over the summer to allay the fears of concerned parents the Department for Education has a lot of homework to do over the summer if it wants to quell parents concerns and stick to its program of promoting British values of freedom and tolerance in the meantime the protests that predominantly Muslim schools have galvanized other religious groups as well and Catholic campaigners have said that they are set to join the demonstrations in September you

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  1. Its such a bad time for kids to start thinking of what sexuality or gender they are especially for 4-5 year olds. Its just a mental weight on chilldren because it makes them question so much that doesnt need to be.

  2. For father's sake…. stop adding your queerism material as fundamental in education, no wonder you're campaign is nothing but marketing moment for businesses every june

  3. Governments are dependent on dividing the public. Why ban the laws of nature??? why NO diversity in Africa and the middle east??????????????? teach that to your kids, the slave masters hypocrisy and false facts.

  4. Let kids be kids if you teach them well thought of equality will come to then naturally, don't force it on them.

  5. Europe’s gone you might as will just turn it over to Real I seriously just go ahead and let them have it in you guises have fun torturing each other killer each other and just do it and I’m at is llama just go around killing everybody that doesn’t convert you know and they can just turn it into another hell hole the whole year is going to end up in hell hole I think it’s it’s it’s pretty much doomed and less they stand up for their cultural values in and do the right thing and it’ll get rid of every mask and every Muslim that hates the country that there and that’s all real simple it may end up burning have your city down but that’s the price you got a paper being stupid liberals and all this tolerance lovey-dovey

  6. You will see a lot of LGBT dead soon if they keep shoving it in people's face. Just saying
    People are getting tired of it.

  7. LGBT is like the NRA gun lobby where a small well connected group controls government. LGBT is like the Moonies cult using established faiths to justify it's brainwashing of followers

  8. IMO there's absolutely no need to stress the fact that most parents shown here are muslim. What responsible parent wants his/her child indoctrinated with this BS.

  9. Transformers !! , So the education in STEM is more than good so time now to teach kids of 4 or 5 years kissing and bed relations wow , not enough with trump sanctions for dealing with Huawei , tommy robinson issues , hunt and Jonson , brexit , crippled economy so so why not more problems !! And what is this reply from ministry of education !! This like someone drowning and he who can rescue him says instead u r a hero do it urself !! Many officials now are behaving as if they are the queen , only titles , soon they will feel the impact

  10. Here's how it is: Acceptance of people who live their lives the way they choose and accept other's right to do the same is MANDATORY. Now, repressed phobic people will respond that THEY are being oppressed. That is wrong.

    There is no crime in punishing those that seek to prevent others from being accepted. And there is no reason why we cannot teach acceptance to children. If you disagree because you are phobic regarding the behavior of others (or their identity or their gender or their ability to scientifically discern facts that you are incapable of) then YOU ARE WRONG and need to butt-out of public discourse.

    There is no such thing as a God-given right to freely speak HATE SPEECH. That is a huge misnomer. It is the opposite. Promoting FREE SPEECH REQUIRES society to oppose hate speech wherever it arises.

  11. Extremism is the result of exposure to instability in society. While the WHITE West has enjoyed steady growth and development (for the wealthy), the nations opposed to the Western-supported and protected Israeli war crimes have become worse since their brief experience with independence and democracy post-WWII was taken from them by the American State Dept.

    Instability promotes fear and uncertainty. It is not the fault of the people when they resort to "traditional values" as a result. Give them time. A generation from now, homophobic fears will be a thing of the past.

    Pat the parents on the head, explain that they are wrong (again), and hold course. The vile right-wing dupes who cry for repression and exclusion should also be ignored. They will grow old, die and take their antiquated values with them.

  12. Diversity in practice !! but I can understand the muslim community who are taught homosexuality is a sin dont want their children Indoctrinated by liberal lefties teachers from gay pride Lol

  13. So muslims loved the left to get the papers but now theyve got a taste of the real left and they dont like it? Haha sign them into Catholic school, they wont be thought about lgbtq there haha

  14. i'm all in favor for lgbt lessons for kids from muslim families, but for the native people of Britain they should be forbidden.

  15. Sad that it's just the Muslims fighting against this degeneracy. Where are all the Christians? Are they all cucked?

  16. Well, I guess I'm going to put a different slant on this which will probably piss off a few folks but there you go…think of this whole LGBTQ question and sexuality in a totally different light. So..first point. There's a great article I was reading over on David Icke's site. Basically it took the subject of the lies or little "white" lies that parents teach their children as they grow up. The main one of course about "Santa Claus" and how and when the best time is to tell the truth that Santa doesn't really exist in the first place but is used as a form of covert control as well as a good cover story for the fact that NO parent or adult REALLY has the answers to this crazy thing called "life" really sussed out, but you can't tell the kids that can you?. You have to be in control or at least the "illusion" of control for life to work or run smoothly. Oh and SANTA by the way if you rearrange the letters is actually spelled SATAN…no-one really notices that one do they?. order for parents to control their kids, they want to be in charge and have a say. Okay, fine. BUT the problem is that the sugar coated version of the little white lie will eventually come back to haunt you in later life. What happens when kids find out the truth of a whole range of subjects?. Where do you think their anger goes to?. Why were they lied to or led astray by some matters?. Are parents telling them lies essentially to protect them or are they doing it again to control their children, make them "mini-me" versions of themselves with the same tastes, likes and dislikes preferences etc?.
    THAT is the question to ask. So if you try to protect kids from the "big bad world" then I would say there will be payback and this "protection" comes in the form of "education" and what is or is not acceptable to teach them. The LGBTQ question I have no doubt that there IS probably an agenda behind it to push it into schools BUT at the same time…it needs to be taught to children BUT again comes the question of age appropriateness. There are two forms of thought here, two extremes…One Christian based religion and one Islamic. Both want to churn out next generation models that have no hint of any "queer" behaviour or misgivings and THAT is the crime here. Religious doctrine versus LGBTQ extremism. NONE of them are going to win the game, there's always casualties when one form of extremism tries to outdo the other.
    I was watching "Sophie Co" on RT about this kid in America that was caught up in this same controversy, his mum wanted him to dress and act like a girl whilst his father was a true Christian blooded bible reading bloke and the parents were getting divorced and their ideologies were of course in a tug of war situation with this kid in the middle. It's the same set of circumstances here with the parents versus the schools, the same battle, the same set of arguments. Unless people talk and actually try to understand each other and get consensus this will run on and on just like Brexit, a circle with no end and no agreement. Does anyone really want this?!.
    Just to end, there's a quote from a book about reincarnation I was reading which again I think feeds into the agendas of both sides. Lack of teaching about the "circle of life" and past lifetimes in male/female bodies and coming back (can you hear Elton John in the background?!)…anyway to quote: "Your ideal half lives within you, it is the inner/ideal male or female to your outer self and the key to true balance and spirituality. Try to harmonize and unite both aspects to create new life for ourselves and those we touch". Instead of physically dividing the sexes and the aspects we have, we should work on harmony both inwardly and spiritually but both sides of the argument will not even LOOK at reincarnation as a third way or answer. As Dante Gabriel Rossetti said "I have been here before, but when or how I cannot tell"…
    Oh and by the way Polly…I love the boots..they look cool on you…

  17. Teaching kids having sex with the same sex is fine .Showing 2 male making out NOT FINE. Am not saying don't be gay I don't hate them

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