UK Driving Test 2019: What To Expect On The Day – Learning To Drive

** You can turn off the subtitles in settings ** Hello I’m Chris. You’ve been learning to
drive and it might have taken you weeks months or even years to be ready, but the day of your driving test has finally come around. In this video we’re going to have
a look at what you could expect on the day. Hopefully after watching this video,
you’ll feel a little less anxious about the test. Firstly make sure that you’ve
got the right date and time. It’s well worth double-checking the email
confirmation that you should have received. Sometimes the DVSA have to reschedule
tests, so keep up to date with your emails. It’s also worth looking in your spam
folder from time to time just in case you have an important email from them.
Your driving test won’t go ahead if there’s bad weather such as flooding,
thick fog, high winds or when the roads are icy. Call your local test center on the
day if there are any of these conditions. You can find the phone number on your
booking confirmation email. If you’re going for the test with your driving
instructor then you’ll probably do a one hour driving lesson before. Get your
documents ready to take with you. You need to take your theory test
certificate and provisional licence. if you don’t have a photo card licence but
the old-style paper licence then you’ll also need to bring a valid passport. The drive before your test will hopefully calm you down a little.
Try not to do too much before your test as you’ll want to be at your best and
not tired of driving. Make sure that you arrive for the test on time. If you’re later
than five minutes then there’s a good chance that your test won’t go ahead.
Arriving too early could also be a problem as you might get in the way of
other learner drivers returning from their driving test. Try to arrive at a
test centre roughly ten minutes early. Some test centres are situated within a
business park, if it is look out for signs directing you where to go and
where to park. There might also be a lower speed limit. If the test centre has
a car park then it might be a good idea to reverse into the bay, that way you’re ready to easily drive forward at the start of the test. Not all test centres have a car park. If
the one you’re going to doesn’t, make sure that you park reasonably close to the
test centre. Park somewhere that’s easy to move off from and don’t forget where
you’ve parked. Also, bear in mind that not all test centres have a toilet. And don’t forget to switch off your mobile phone. It’s now time to try and relax in the
waiting room. There will be other candidates also waiting here for the
same test time as you. Out of the whole test this is probably the part where
you’ll feel the most tense. Take a seat and try and chat with your instructor or
whoever’s with you to try and stay calm. It’s a good idea at this point to get
your licence out and ready to show the examiner. At the time of your test, a few
examiners will enter the waiting room and one of them will call your name and
ask to see your provisional licence. As the examiner checks your licence they’ll
ask you to read and sign the insurance and residency declaration. Sign your
usual signature, the same as on your licence. The examiner will then ask you
if you want your instructor or person who accompanied you to go with you on
the test, this is totally your choice but they wouldn’t be allowed to help or
interfere with your driving in any way or the test would be terminated. If you
decide that you want them to come along then they should sit behind you. The
examiner will also ask you if you’d like your instructor or accompanying driver
to be there for the result and end of test feedback. Again this is your choice
but it can be very useful for your instructor to listen to, especially if
you failed as they’ll be able to help you improve. The examiner will then ask
you to lead the way to your car. They’ll introduce themselves and ask you what
name you’d prefer to be called. Sometimes the examiners supervisor also goes out
on tests for quality control. They will sit behind and make sure that the test is
carried out correctly and to maintain standards. But don’t worry, it doesn’t
mean that you’d have two examiners marking you. Once outside, the examiner
will ask you which car you’re using and then you’ll be asked to read a number
plate of a random vehicle but not of the car that you’ve been
driving. Remember to wear glasses or contact lenses if you need them. If it’s
a new style number plate then it’ll be from a distance of 20 metres or an old
style number plate from 20 and a half metres. If you can’t read it then you’ll
be given another chance to with a different plate if you can’t read that,
the examiner will measure the exact distance from another plate and if you
can’t read it again then unfortunately it will be a test fail. Once you’ve read
the number plate you’ll walk to your car. During the walk or in the car the
examiner will ask you if you’d like them to explain a little bit about the test
before starting. If you agree they’ll say, “The test will last about 38
to 40 minutes and will include about 20 minutes of independent driving and
various roads and traffic conditions. I will ask you to complete one maneuver
and we may carry out an emergency stop the sort of things you’ve been
practicing with your instructor or accompanying driver.” Believe it or not
the driving examiner is just a normal person doing their job. They’re friendly
and sometimes chatty. Don’t be afraid to ask them any questions regarding the
driving test or things in general. Once you’re at the car, they’ll ask you one
‘tell me’ question also known as the vehicle safety questions or the ‘show me tell
me’ questions. This might be asked when you’re outside the car or once you’re
inside. An example of a ‘tell me’ question would be, open the bonnet and tell me how
you’d check that the engine has sufficient engine coolant. You’d have to open up the bonnet. Identify the coolant reservoir and explain how you’d check.
One ‘show me’ question will be asked later whilst you’re driving. That’s where you’d
actually have to demonstrate how you’d use a control. For example, when it’s safe
to do so, can you show me how you’d switch on your dipped headlights. Only
demonstrate it when it’s safe and there’s not much going on. Getting one or
both questions wrong is a driving fault or a minor as they’re commonly called.
You won’t fail your test unless you lose control of your car when answering the
‘show me’ question. There’s a total of 21 questions and some of them are specific
to the car you’re driving so it’s well worth going through these. The driving
examiner will have a quick check around the car and if you’re not already in the
car ask you to get in and make yourself comfortable. The examiner will then get
in the car and they might place a sat nav on the
dashboard. We’ll talk about the sat nav a bit more later. If you’re in your
instructors car, the examiner will write down your instructors details.
Before you drive off they’ll say “Throughout the drive, continue ahead
unless traffic signs direct you otherwise. When I want you to turn left
or right I’ll tell you in plenty of time. Move off when you’re ready please.” Normally during the test, the examiner won’t talk very much not because they’re
in a bad mood and dislike you they just want you to fully concentrate and not
put you off. You’re allowed up to 15 driving faults
during the test often called minor faults. A driving fault is not potentially
dangerous but if you keep making the same fault then it could become a serious
fault. A serious or dangerous fault would be a test fail. A serious fault is
something that could potentially be dangerous and a dangerous fault involves
actual danger to you, the examiner the public or property. During the test, you’ll have to drive
independently for about 20 minutes. The examiner will ask you to pull up on the
left and either ask you to follow directions from a sat nav or follow
traffic signs. They’ll let you know when the
independent driving is finished and then direct you as normal. If you have to
follow directions from a sat nav, the examiner will set it up for you as you
won’t be allowed to touch it or use your own. The sat nav will talk to you and on
the screen you’ll be able to see how far away the next direction is. Only have a
quick glance at it though, don’t stare at it or let it distract you from your
driving. One in five tests don’t involve a sat nav at all, instead you’ll have to
follow traffic signs. If the sign is hard to read as it’s blocked by an
overgrown tree for example then the examiner will help and give you directions until
you can see the next sign. If you’re unsure or forget what the next direction
is you can just ask for the instructions to be repeated you won’t get penalized
for it and you won’t get any faults if you miss a turn or take the wrong road
as long as you’re driving safely and correctly. The examiner or sat nav will
just direct you back on route. During your drive, you’ll be asked to pull up
on the left behind another vehicle to see how you move off from a tighter
space. You could also expect a hill start. You’ll
be asked to carry out one reversing maneuver during the test, which could be
during the independent drive. This could be pulling up on the right-hand side of
the road and then reversing two car lengths and then rejoin traffic. Parallel parking. Driving forward into a bay and reversing
out. Or if the test centre has a car park, reversing into a bay and driving forward
out. Along with one of those maneuvers, the examiner might also ask you to carry
out an emergency stop. During the test, don’t think you’ve failed or dwell on
any mistakes staying focused and positive is really important. Don’t be
distracted by looking at what the examiners writing. They do write things
other than mistakes so just keep calm and concentrate on what you need to do. At the end of the test, the examiner will
ask you to pull up and switch off the engine. They’ll then take a moment to
finish their report. You will then be asked if you want your instructor to
listen to the result and feedback. If you do and if they’re not already in the car
then an examiner will call them over and tell you that you’ve either passed or
failed. If you failed, the examiner will say, “That’s the end of the test, I’m sorry
but you haven’t passed. Would you like me to explain why?” It’s a good idea to say
yes but you don’t have to. If you’d like an explanation then listen carefully and make
sure that you understand why you failed. You’ll also be given a copy of the
driving test report which will show the faults you’ve made. Although you might be
tempted to screw this up, burn it or shred it, don’t. This test report will
help you remember what went wrong, learn from the faults, improve, come back for
another test and hopefully pass. When you book another test, you’ll have
to pick a date at least 10 working days away. If you passed, then it will be very
easy to get excited and just stop listening to the examiner but you’ll
need to try and keep listening. The examiner will briefly go over any faults
and ask to see your licence again and if you want your full license to be sent to
you automatically. If you do, the examiner will take away your provisional licence.
If you don’t want to receive your licence automatically because you need
to tell the DVLA that you’ve changed your address for example, then you must
apply for your full driving licence within two years of passing your test.
The examiner will ask you to read a health declaration and sign your name.
They will then give you a lovely pass certificate. You’re now allowed to drive
on your own. Keep this safe though in case you ever need to prove that you
passed your test. You should receive your new licence within about 20 working days.
Whether you pass or fail, your instructor will probably drive you home as you’ll
either be too happy or sad to drive. Well that’s the end of our video.
So don’t forget, it’s normal to feel nervous on the day of your driving test.
You’ve practiced everything the examiner will ask you to do, there won’t be any
horrible surprises. Try not to doubt yourself, after all you must be ready for
the test otherwise your instructor wouldn’t be taking you.
Do your best to keep calm, but if you feel really nervous then try to imagine
that you’re just going for another driving lesson with a different
instructor. Really hope this video has helped. Good luck if you have a driving
test coming up soon and let us all know in the comments below if you passed or
failed. As always, thanks very much for watching and if you haven’t subscribed then
please do as it helps us to make more videos. Have a look at the show me tell
me questions on our website if you’re unsure and see you on the next video!

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