UIC Chemical Engineering Education

Welcome to the department of Chemical Engineering at UIC where students get the learning environment and the resources to become leading engineers in the areas of Chemical technology, Pharmaceutical technology, Environment, Nanotechnology, Energy and Biomedical Engineering. This video showcases some of the diverse activities that undergraduate students perform here at UIC. Welcome! I’m currently standing in the chemical engineering Unit Operations Lab. This is the distillation column that we do separation of fluids. Distillation is a necessary chemical engineering process for multiple industries including refineries, breweries, etc. It’s really important for us to actually perform these experiments in these small scale labs so that we have a good understanding of how these work in the field. We also have to perform calculations in order to understand exactly whats going on in each process. The chemical engineering curriculum provides both depth and breath in its coverage of engineering principels and applications. We introduce sophomores to basic ChemE ideas and transition from a pure sciences mind set through three courses: The junior year core of six ChemE courses unpack all the process units you will find in a chemical plant and cover: The same concepts also apply to Nanotechnology and emerging fields. In their senior year our students get very practical hands on experience in the Units Operations Laboratory and they also work in teams with our group of highly experienced industrial mentors on capstone senior design projects. Chemical engineering students can also apply for a number of scholarships. Currently the department has several students with scholarships from these sources: The Chemical program here at UIC allows you to develop a va riety of skills and problem solving abilities that are very useful in the world and most other engineering professions view as witchcraft. And most other professions in general view as witchcraft as well. So it’s really cool! In chemical engineering we organize mentor professional development program for future chemical engineers. This program is organized as a focused activity every summer and involves focus on developing “soft skills”. Which include, things like how to write better, present better, interview better. And involves a host of activities to improve communication skills of the students. I have enjoyed my education at UIC. I’ve made a lot of friends here and I’ve got a lot of experience working in teams. I’ve also been in able to do a lot of research here. I’ve been in approximately three labs here. I’ve worked in Fuel Cells, Solar Energy, and in Cancer Detection. And in each of those different research projects were very interesting and something that really required the chemical engineering knowledge that I learned in the classroom. Undergraduates in the department of chemical engineering are involved in research with our faculty in a wide range of areas, including: Our undergraduate students work with faculty and graduate students on on current projects involving experimental work, developing new models or running simulations. It’s a great opportunity and who knows what you might discover. My dream job would be probably NASA. But, I would say probably after that would be DOW Chemical… …would be my dream job. They’re in a wide variety of industries and I’ll get to do a wide variety of things in my career and not just focus on one thing and get to use the full extent the abilities that I learned here at UIC. Faculty and staff are heavily involved in career development and mentoring. Our students have obtained internships and jobs at companies such as: And smaller applied applied engineering firms. Further through the National Science Foundation, REU, Research Experiences for Undergraduate Program, They have interned at universities such as University of California at Berkeley and University of IOWA. I think when it comes to chemical engineering even though it’s a really hard subject. You have to stay determined and always try new things. You can’t just give up when it comes to these. Because this is a very important field and what you do is going to have a large impact. Potentially on both current and future generations. So don’t be afraid to try new things. And to really get into problems where you at least at first can’t figure out. Because what you learn here is going to have a lasting impact. As you can see Chemical Engineering at UIC can be a great career option. Which can enrich your life with a lot of opportunities and open doors to a lot of industries. We invite you to take this ride with us and enrich your life. Thank you.

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