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(upbeat music) – I graduated from UHV in December of 2015, and I graduated with the
Clinical Mental Health degree. I was born in Ciudad de Valles
en San Luis Potosi in Mexico and I came to the United States when I was approximately two years old with my mom and my sister. However, my mom really sacrificed a lot to be able to instill the
importance of an education. I am the first person in my family to obtain a college degree and a masters as well. I always really understood that this was a blessing and an opportunity, not just to obtain a salary, but to really impact the
community that I live in. – The School of Education has realized that we need to have some opportunity for teachers that are in the field to be able to get the continuing professional education hours. The Victoria Crossroads Council
of Mathematics Educators is a group that we have
two conferences a year, one in the spring, one in the fall. The math conference is probably a dream I’ve had for many many years. A year so ago, I was able to get a small
grant and start this. We had good reception. The presentations that we
have at this conference are basically on how to teach. Professional development
doesn’t have to be dreaded. We’re trying to make it fun, let them learn and enjoy it. (audience clapping) – Good evening everyone.
Thank you for being here. The first part of that video was some video of the
new building in Katy, so that’s what it looks like. Beautiful facility. We’re
very fortunate to have that. I guess I have somewhat the same story for our school as the other
two deans did for theirs. We have grown both in
number, both in quantity, at the undergrad and graduate level. It will also grown in quality. Now I’ll share couple of
those things with you. Unlike the other deans, we get a lot of recognition
that our schools do and again, marketing does
that fabulous job for us. Often times if you read the news releases, you’ll see my picture. And just as you might see
the other deans’ picture on stories that things
that go on in their school, I was wondering if anybody ever saw those. I was in Chik-fil-A the other day and I made my order and
the lady looked up at me. She said, “Aren’t you somebody?” (audience laughs) I thought about it for a minute. I said, yes I am. I am somebody. And she said, “I’ve seen
your picture in the papers.” So I guess it’s out there. The news stories get read
so I’m happy for that, but I was reminded of
that American philosopher, Lily Tomlin, who said, “I knew all my life I wanted to grow up and to be somebody. Now that I’m grown up, I’m
having second thoughts. (audience laughs) I should have been more specific about who the somebody was that I wanted to be.” But anyway, I have nothing but good news to share. One of the fortunate things that our school has been engaged in, is the seeking external grant to do some of the things that we might not ordinarily do. But we got funded last year for a $2.5 million grant to produce more students from
under-represented populations. When I saw the award
letter come across my desk, I thought, this is wonderful. I saw the figure, 890,000. I thought, boy that’s great. Over four years. Now that was for one year. So we got the 2.5 over two years and we’re very delighted. It came from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. We had another grant from
the Texas at Higher Education coordinating board, over
$300,000 to help us recruit more undergraduate college students in this certain specific
programs in our school. And we also had a tremendous local contribution by INVISTA corporation and they provided funding to develop a math app and pilot study in conjunction with one of our schools, Bloomington elementary school, to help students increase
their math ability. And the writer of that grant is over here, Dr. Patton. Wave at us.
You’re on the video. (audience claps) Part of our primary mission is to provide certificated personnel for the school systems of the area and that’s what we’re working on. But I just gotta tell you, we’re very blessed and
fortunate to have companies like INVISTA in our area who have invested in UHV and who’ve also invested in the children of this area because they’re our future and we need to pay attention
to what their needs might be. So, INVISTA, thank you so much, and David Johnson, thank you. (audience claps) We also got nationally accredited one of the gold standards for evaluating the training
of future counselors and that is the CACREP,
Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs, so our M.Ed and school counseling
was nationally accredited and it’s not easy to
receive that designation. The last two years, we had a pass rate of our Educated Preparation Exams, say that Texas imposes on our students. We had a 95% pass rate. A 95 is pretty good, and I thought, we have arrived. I
probably need to retire. (audience laughs) We can’t do any better than that. Guess what folks? This past year we had a 97% pass rate. (audience claps) That’s a tribute to the faculty and the quality of faculty that we have in preparing educators to go out. You know, we prepare educators
in 18 different areas. Last year, they tested
in 15 of those 18 areas. 10 out of the 15 had 100% pass rate. That’s pretty darn damn
good for anybody in Texas. Like the other schools, we also had some of
our programs recognized for equality and affordability. UHV’s Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, which is only two years old, was named to the National
Strength and Conditioning Association Education Recognition Program. University had just won a five in Texas, accredited in this area. In addition, our masters
program of Special Ed. was ranked 11th in 2016 top 25 most affordable online masters degree
programs in Special Ed. And out of 146 universities that offer masters degrees in
Curriculum and Instruction, UHV’s degree program was
ranked 21st in the nation. So, I think a round of applause is due to our faculty and administrators here, (audience claps) who are providing future quality
educators for our region. (audience claps)

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