Hi, guys!
Welcome back! My name is Vojta,
this is the UHK guide and you’re about to watch
an episode about summer schools at the University of Hradec Králové. I’m not going to spend much time in it,
cause I’m just leaving for a vacation. But if you wanna spend your summer
a bit more productively, you came to the right spot. My friends Eva end Pepe will guide you
through the offer of the UHK summer schools. So, enjoy and see you! You probably already know that
there are four faculties at the UHK. Each faculty has it’s own summer
school, so you can choose based on what you’re interested in. Faculty of Informatics and Management
organizes CZECH IT OUT summer school usually throughout July
till the start of August. At CZECH IT OUT summer school students
get to choose between two main streams, which is Modern Information Technologies
and Business and Intercultural Studies. They can also choose
to study languages, like English, Czech or German. Our students get to visit
local industrial companies, like Petrof or Škoda Auto. We also offer wide range of social activities,
like sightseeing tours in Prague and Hradec or Valdštejn Castle. We also go to an observatory
in Hradec Králové. Right now we’re at
a brewery called Beránek, which means little lamb. Faculty of Education runs the intensive course
of Czech language from August till September And the Faculty of Science
has two summer schools: of geometry and topology,
and of toxicology. Both fit into August. Philosophical Faculty holds its summer school
from mid-August till the end of September. The summer school
at the Philosophical Faculty is for those who wish to continue studying here. That means that our lectures will give you
basics of Czech history, culture, society and most importantly,
the Czech language. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll
spend all your time in the classroom. We’re also preparing
a free-time programme for our students and Friday trips,
just as this one… We are at th baroque-style hospital Kuks
with its beautiful gardens. That’s right, thanks guys,
you’re the best! I hope we tempted you to come to the Czech
Republic at least for a summer school. If you’re interested,
just check out our website. You’ll find all the links
in the description. Don’t forget to give us like
and comment as always, thank you for watching
and see you next time. That’s my drink, dude! People here are very welcoming. Maybee some of them
don’t really speak English, but they will use their hand language
and just talk to you. The things I like the most
are the buildings, and their culture and
their food and pivo. I’m not a huge fan of beer,
but I think the beer here tastes better then
the beer in any other places. Well, actually, I learned German language.

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