UGC NET December 2019 Notes | Teaching Aptitude | Learning Level | #01

Namaskar dastan mad dr. Roberta Atiyah off cervical order and cigarettes YouTube channel my swagger thevenin than Yellowstone Abner are trapped adage a life class this is college a signet December to Hazara Misskelley us happening to her first daylight class Lea fasting or from Nevada quatrain came up to our chopper haha whose car nor to plug the rod indeed to ia up north Pinellas coach oh man December those are miss Kelly a most important and penny path to a key up a key chair – huzzah Rooney's CAI ques Linga Suba Polly kawaii or hum happened the king of first paper catch over a question to chata busca una asked Joe had discuss some car to pay her life classmate who Seco home to her for a detail bitanga take care question number 4 – chariot ah DJ DJ they get those set of me said first bloom ket da Mousa adhigam que viven a sturdy aha Jackie said yeah adhigam Kostabi aware sent a may or said to me with R&D awara – up go to have Mitch Carnahan – yabba is millet Easter Jana ki aapke where remember remember remember Labor taken his career available kata had discussed some monkey say hi to yes Samantha is saying yes to China a looser Encarna tikka yet Thoris ahead Tigger yes sir say ha yeah our both are both understanding Levin yep eyelid idea to Suraj who have understanding taken understanding here understanding level jaha learning level vote AHA to here understanding leper custom of the jaha is kiss up man yay one kiss at maja tikka one kisses Samantha of savage octave on a lake in her maker did you charge it idea why are you Joe the R&D of aha chica Harper hoo-ha yep respect kaha saputo yatta subtype anybody Johnny Kiko sister Himalaya two millimeter ha see Iike happen or savvy kisi Kitab million or three him illegal north kappa right here john kerry Qaradawi hi it may be books hey boycome Kunia roderick not to market while a book about make our own market walla boo book many Belasco guide Bhutan he guided a guide ticket to say up four years of the same Emily got a silly homeless which are key kornilova Petrova who plugged Oh Cara DJ yes mr. Otto rope abode Easter mr. Issa mr. ostrich ah mr. sharp Rock Arcadia where to hunt the king gave each our oprah card over yahwah the king apart yeah milega you question cuchara ha yeah Bloom's taxonomy of learning domains the question couch on the head yeah hacia question Acharya a toast on tickets Bloom's taxonomy up learning domains in question couch again yaha say took paper center hat yeah yeah Haase question to Chavo to hablo poca savasana table jack on to help cassavas me either it was submerged Minnehaha to stone TK tohe hopper from the king II he catches the avada yep regard of a bath together yep regatta hosted octo a creatine they can hamper creating MATLAB citizens region religion he can citizen or is the app manages the king gave creating cabaret media why after question man yeah per decade silly janista yellow hungry degra haha after high school technology yes region Easter yeah Nikki creating labor a question puja the key question pooch AHA or same to same mill jaga discuss among to her dicus among to her second say his custom month ii say series an estimate on a bitch Poorna karna – aquifer is brewed member tyga he blues creating yappers reason at Makoto evil 18 million can mr. Fattah ha take an alien canister will anchor analyze business not my business Arista or a be heavy question cuchara catch our question Pechanga yeah question pooja gotta analyze in question pooja gotta Orientis rapoo Tata Aria totaku chata remembering mata mata ha happy discotheque in remembering capital of jihad had been remembering kebab yamaha subsidized multi star he remembering TK is mil Teesta yeh business at magista our wrote Easter or syriza mister the year question Joe had to cha yaha see those two are PD is copper heritage you have are applying understanding torches offered through the Agatha yet evaluating coach for the Agatha or applying good for the against Tony Scott caliber same to same sentence upcoming jaga yeah Bloom's taxonomy yay after learning domain hat John mr. Chopin man is go to have protopathic Agatha yay Benjamin blooms in order to promote higher education higher education major learning system ax whose could develop chemical age where is Costa pikia table the key is milites that is multi starrer Yabba respond blow to Isis militant stark attain its purity mr. or its military stir me up son Joe which is at the iboga recall recall retry previous learned information yay Joe had a question in charaka apiece pooja done said the king gave Jay he questioned to help or to check out recall retried recall retried previous learned information together two years Kazu Asahi observe who God of Kabir birthday : yes Melissa remembering major fortune – Tata Austin pajota is mr. Castleman Casilla to China Alou is Maracana recall karna recall karna is commander Abu Taha two years open eyes Beauty Stark a question yeah Harper puja guitar okay to up go to high school sahaja yoga pill to try starchitect a lose register camera past medical yeah upper understanding understanding to her you happen to our hair thicker our both our bodies that you had comprehending the meaning translation interpolation interpretation is trucks on and problems a straight a problem in ounce words yeah but is co-opted ease food diddling it and say to aqua pura sahaja yoga yeah yeah questions you have Mucha gotta EDR pisco / here occipital a bar to observe and Jetta – yaja Priestley hunker ahead did you understanding method had just one block are ahead or way questions you have to chug ahead understanding comma Club gas earth and wat up approach chef near this a mercy Aki be up chatter novel time maybe questions worth understanding label me Agatha ie or they take once a method and miss Cooper or no terminology uploads over applying here question he couch again I will talk to her applying to her question male pooja got a huge a concept in a new situation yeah / ug concept if if Jun a situation had who's make is a concept computer now at I'm applying jihad aquahama Sathya Magna playing a huge concept in a new Janicki Ketcham hoc kata a per decade yeah Barracuda khengi apply cannot apply what was learned in the classroom into novel situations in the workplace Johanna catch'em AC kata who say lagu karna Samiha code arnica pubic are not applying karma Taliban a bitch okay if label a lot ahead of stone idea or texture kaha together applying Gogia a blankie Bosma the upper deck a analyzing analyzing yamaraja separate materials our concept into component parts so that each organizational structure may be understood thickness distinguish between fact and interference yah what is co-op choreographer had a most important her in a lighting which of her analyzing me to Hera has some agrea out on aku a greater Bravo me praetor kappa hi taki is kiss angle at maximum China put some judges sake the Torah on Monica beach intercourse on ja ja ja easily to her escape under COBIT who some jajaja yeah verdict a analyzing make a question to Chaka analyzing me yeah / – analyzing business ah mr. Issa mr. secret oho Taha suit erotic I become a critic run the Chiappa the question cancer question putana hey the guy scoffs incurable is not mcmahon business Astrid Makara kiss to tanaka que hago me pretty crammed yeska samantha is say hi Yonny ki soo Tecate Baja med pratikaram or hum capita up local separation simply simcha Bahraini he better hang up at the key the upper separates separate acronym the Opera squab the King gave to up coast sahaja yoga copper sama deshita his separate materials are concerned here the key same to same with RBI same to same time they're Jewish for para haha whooping asaf jahi artists Umberto Foggia Misskelley Abraham Patoka he sakuya karna hai evil 80 million career question name Mucha gotta mail judgment about value up ideas are materials his is Kim sacrilegious or his Co to have our children separate pitch ro some agree ok Mullica bar Lena Napper Ito idea aside which are her or Jovi material say some agree together Joby sama Korea which are her k multiple they knew up ideas kibarim and elena k bar ma noon Ellen aqua home Catherine the stone a police force up as a national ticket here vignetting level you have learning level lot aha busca Batman or behave happy discotheque in game creating creating math lab series internal questions of cachaça has build a structure our pattern from diverse elements put part together to prom evolve with emphasis on creating a new meaning new meaning our structure each new meaning her new earth now Arthur now Arthur silly Gymkhana is coke lifting Balu – creating level kurumi-san Agathe high table a birthday cake yahuwah a question yeah / Silesia mr. sirisha mr. Cuyahoga kuraha nebajoth / Makana yeah / – hi syriza mr. Castleman Java is say her name bitch our new meaning new thought Joey isn't made the avatar RPGs could they can get to up kasama Jahjaga they can approach African capital yeah yeah up was correct Elena hi his co-host gonadal Carnahan his missing two charges aha cognitive domain cognitive domain to her involved knowledge the upper the ki-yay a Peace Corps at Lima he blooms kahin theory here yes you have cognitive domain hat cognitive domain may casa milà trata hat knowledge Rasta ha or development of intellectual scheme bordick Joe hamara Joe kill her whose could because cornica the Aniki knowledge or intellectually skillful tell up karma into her cognitive domain Coolatta because recall or laparoscope or apology you both competitor is cooker out le jia yapper this includes CAC inclusive recall recognized up a specific product procedural pattern yes yes it is okay is melted as some illiterate aha is Kobe up look to head north banal a TK i addicted whiskey Batman yeah dick me cognitive jo aapke to concept I who skander got Katia PI coverage knowledge comprehension application analysis the upper synthesis he will listen knowledge capital Abu Taha yeah / counselor Beyonce comprehension below her Samar say understanding say summer to say the upper application but love cuticle lagu Carnesecca yeah Mickey steam I'll say is the Malcolm nobuta analyzed capital a bow tie up our business on karna hi miss riesen karna hai our sympathies Matamata ha socialism Colonel sons Lisa saturation Carnahan or even a think about Abu Taha julianka hej Joker up co2 has so much engaged jabya company to Johar I still had my third hat is co-op could wear three three six years six about Morocco summers in her hair the beads occurred to her akka yes syllabus clear cause I got or is he may say he questioned whether to charge I got if they came original domain or new domain or is not domain or new domain to hire the upper is cow original domain hat or a skull to a new domain channel again cognitive domain the same Nakata even listen even listen Eva letting go get Eva letting movie aha or synthesis Koch okay creating bogus synthesis socialism create recover the Salazar analysis analyzing her application to applying okay a hat comprehension month of Understanding MoU gas or knowledge comical whatever made me Ringo Ryan here – Tara Carter to the alwah hand yeah what is in Ali's room an original is rook my hair or article dome new domain where is Ruth Mahan Janicki yeah here what is null domain hat or here new domain hand or you see mr. Heep brush knob puja gotta ticket yet donno photo her up is called North Van Allen gift to our kin the best araga polka top cognitive Rodney Moochie for abyss Raza a Norse up watch Allah Allah I tell a guy to do like a Disney hepatits alpha k ah boom I see him video – yeah – hum he sees as you have the protector question being featured Maybin adding me I'm dr. bill I'll attend Thank You namaskar vanilla

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