disorders that caused the loss of sites are often accompanied with other health conditions as such those who are sight impaired have specific health care needs with this in mind a group of six final year Social Work students at the University of Guyana hosted a health fair of the gangue Society for the blind headquarters in Georgetown the ffred offered a broad range of services through partnership with have network with the dental school with the Ministry of Public Health and with the rehabilitation department from the Georgetown public hospital and so together we are providing you with services ranging from self-care and grooming to blood blood pressure testing glucose testing we HIV and AIDS counseling and testing and we also are trying to get an optician to come for an hour to provide some health care we will also look at hygiene and so we hope to have a very productive here day here today as we treat the members of this particular community we vent cater to the health needs of attendees however barbers and hairdressers from Kevin's reflections were on staff to cater to their beauty needs as well my reflection washing steaming trimmin I feel great you know we are using it on our best ability so I am grateful to live for this service this is the latest in a series of projects these students have executed this project is much bigger than this head fear it started with preparing a cricket patch so that people can practice blind cricket we painted the outside of the building we also have a tree planting exercise going on we had a karaoke that two Saturdays ago when John we also have a fun day that's coming up and we also do psychosocial counseling now the six of us were tasked with organizing ourselves into a non-governmental organization so that organization is casino cen o is community empowerment network operations so we are here doing the project and we're really working away with this community for headline news ester Sobers

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