45 thoughts on “UFC San Antonio: Official Weigh-in”

  1. Does "cheater" mean anything to anyone nowadays? That's what jon Jones and a myriad of other people still fighting are.. pathetic cheaters. Now that steroids are allowed I think I'll join🤣

  2. Everybody in the comments hating on Vick's weigh cut. He honestly does not look that bad. I've seen much worse.

  3. I didn't know Leon was such a big dude he looks super thin to get to 170. His waist looks too small and he looks drained I think I'm going with Rda for a late submission. Maybe fight night he will look full but he should move up a weight class as well as Vick.

  4. Did Arlovski have his nose fixed? It looks much better – one could perhaps even say "straight"? Before it got broken, he looked totally different. Had like a George Michael x Gladiator look to him.

  5. I'm sorry but James Vick is no Lightweight. He's definitely a big welterweight or even middleweight. He looked worse then even McGregor there. 😭

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