37 thoughts on “UFC San Antonio: Greg Hardy Octagon Interview”

  1. I dunno, he wasn't hurting the guy – he was tapping him on the head and his head was covdfed up I dunno. Early stoppage for me.

  2. BITCH ASS referee Dan Margliota showing his bias once again openly shaking his head at 0:14 like he’s so disgusted Hardy won. You’re a fucking ref buddy do you job leave your personal feelings at home. Look back at how he shoved Hardy away from Crowder and screamed in his face like Hardy owned him money. In this one he let Juan Adams eat 31 unanswered shots hoping Adams could get back up so Hardy doesn’t win. He’s clearly unfit to ref a Hardy fight UFC take notice before this unprofessional idiot causes someone to get seriously hurt.

  3. He is like the UFC version of tyler1, cringy af. Woman beater deserves no success nor spotlights. Give him any top 5 and end his hype already

  4. Who cares if he beat his wife people make mistakes and I like his attitude you can tell he regrets what he done

  5. Can't wait to see this guys face all over the canvas.
    Everyone know ufc just building him up for the gambling upsets.

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