32 thoughts on “UFC San Antonio: Greg Hardy – "I'm the New Breed"”

  1. Fuck it say what you want but hardy's done nothing but show out so far, fuck wifebeaters tho thats pussy shit

  2. gets hit 30-31 times straight without punching back

    Juan Adams: I already told you Ref you have to let him fuck me up until I DIE.

  3. Hey Hardy, Nick Diaz just said on twitter, "I'm out in the parking lot homie" , "I Slap bitches that hit Women". "Don't be scared homie". I think twitter is leavin that shit up too homie.

  4. Most these comments hating on hardy still . the man changed his life around obviously and for everyone saying he keeps fighting nobody's he doesn't pick his own fights the ufc picked this guy for him

  5. Greg hardy looks so happy . I’m happy for him man really turning himself around ALL AROUND and has so much potential I been saying watch when he beats his first top 10 opponent can nobody say nothing . His bjj and grappling is only goin to get better and his hands are deadly

  6. People are such haters. He's doing well. Staying out of trouble and winning fights big. Good for you Greg.

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