UEB Online – World’s first eLearning braille course

UEB Online is a very exciting
project. It’s a world’s first so it’s an interactive, self-paced, self
marking Braille training program As a family we needed a way of being able to
connect with Charlie by his homework to make sure educationally he was sound we couldn’t do that unless we knew Braille ourselves so UEB Online allowed us to
be able to learn Braille in a relaxed way that was free, that was completely
accessible because it was on a laptop. I decided to start using UEB Oonline
because it’s so accessible. You can use it anytime the day and no matter where
you are you can just hop online. You can use it while you’re in bed or at work, or
laying on the couch. UEB Online supports families of children with vision loss, because it provides the parents and the siblings with an
opportunity to learn Braille in their home, in their own time, and by learning
Braille they’re able to interact with their children. They can write notes,
Christmas and birthday cards in Braille, they can help their children with their
homework, they can then child can show them their work and the parents can
actually read write a little braillenote saying, “Well done.” I think it’s really
important for parents to be able to speak the same literary language as their children.

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