Udemy VS SkillShare Review | Where Should You Put Your Online Courses

hello everyone I’m Marc Guberti the teenager entrepreneur and in this video I’m gonna compare Udemy and
Skillshare both of them allow you to publish online training courses you just
do the videos put them in write the description and they provide you with a
platform that publishes those courses the attraction to both them is that
people can search for different search results and they will find your courses
if they are looking for courses within your topic so basically you get a lot of
free traffic from Udemy abd Skillshare and also a lot of promotion from both
their respective ends in order to get more revenue from your courses so
basically some of the marketing is done for you in both cases now the difference
in both of them is basically how they pay and under Udemy it’s pretty
straightforward you depending on how you make the sale you can make anywhere from
25% to 97% of the sale it all depends on whether it’s from moodini advertisements
organic traffic or if it’s one of your own promotions or an affiliate so there
are a bunch of different ways that determine how you get paid on it to me
but it’s pretty straightforward once you know the basics on Skillshare it used to
be basic where it would be like one dollar per enrollment but now they focus
more on premium minutes watched because what happened was people were creating
really short courses in order to bulk up the enrollments for each course and make
more money so now it’s like anywhere from five to ten cents per minute of
content watched so this really benefits the bigger courses on skill sure because
a course with four hours of content has more earning potential than a course
with just one hour of content so both of them do favor longer courses in that
sense but typically on Skillshare the shorter courses perform better so some
people are discussing on Skillshare like is it 40 minutes is the ideal point or
30 you can create much shorter courses on Skillshare and get started but based
on their new earning system it’s more beneficial to have longer courses
so in my opinion the winner between udemy and skill share is repurposing
your courses so even if skill shared changes their payment system again or
even if you D me changes the way they price courses again both of them are the
true winners because you can take the same exact course and put it on both
platforms so I have several courses that are on Udemy that I’ve also strategically
and very intentionally placed on Skillshare so you get to make money with
the same course and for some instruction structures who first want to Udemy them
went to scale share and vice versa this has resulted in several thousands of
extra dollars within their pockets so repurposing your training courses under
Udemy skillshare and any of the other ones will allow you to increase your
revenue maximize it multiply it based on taking literally the same exact content
same exact descriptions and add them to another platform making revenue can
really not get easier than that just taking what you already have and putting
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  1. Excellent advice.

    My question – how does one 'Re-purpose' their content? Could you give an example.

    Thank you so much

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