UCSC Cal Teach Recruitment Video

there's really big four-year universities really easy for someone to kind of feel invisible and cal teach is definitely a place where you feel noticeably you're no longer a student ID number you are a person how each helps undergraduates lunch successful careers as math and science teachers by providing internships at local schools we also provide advising professional development opportunities a supportive community and financial support it was really nice to have somebody else in there with me with the 35 students just even helping answering questions passing out materials and organizing labs and stuff it's very nice to have someone else there my favorite thing about Cal peach I've got to say is the host teachers just because they're so passionate and inspired with their jobs despite how hard teaching is everyone actually learned from what I taught and I felt like the students enjoyed what they've learned it was a really good experience for me to like seeing like all the students being interested they were laughing along am i playing jokes they were asking questions it was really cool once a week you go to a seminar that's about two hours long and talk about your experiences in the classroom and also talk about different teaching techniques I was in math so specifically like how can we teach this problem in three different ways and it's interesting because it's obvious that all of us have only been taught one way so we kind of sit there and we solve it and then we kind of look around like all right hey what it is so everyone's always learning in the seminar our teachers are happy to have Cal teach students in their classroom we're happy to hire them it has a great reputation within our community within our teaching ranks a lot of the focus of Cal teaches to help students understand how to teach and to go into these communities a lot of the students come from these communities and that's why they're dedicated they have the opportunity to be involved in student teaching type settings and then they have the opportunity to work with experienced professional teachers what's nice about Cal teaches they gave me the opportunity to get experience really easily and they gave me the opportunity to do it through school gain units and get a scholarship at the end our graduates are distinguished by their commitment to serving in diverse high need schools and by their unusually high retention in the teaching profession didn't she get involved in cal teach not only because it gives you an opportunity for a hands-on experience in the classroom it also fulfills the PRG of alignment there's nothing better than that of getting students that are passionate about their content area math or science whatever it may be but also really passionate about students and making a difference for students so that's the part of course that draws you in hi I'm Anthony Aceves and I've done the cat1 cat2 and the summer intensive internship with Cal T my name is Deanna subtleness and I've done cat1 cat2 and the intensive internship I am Manny Choi and I was a cal teach cat one intern my name is Sarah Firestone and I have been involved in cal teach one healthy to pal teach three my name is Benita Isaac and I was a cat one and kachu entering I say definitely just do the first internship the first internship provides a lot of opportunities and it's not a commitment to where if you do this internship you're going to become a teacher it's not that it's for you to test the waters and see if you like this

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