UC Davis in the Grand Canyon: Science. Education. Discovery.

'So here, we are in the Grand Canyon.' That's me, and I'm a graduate student at UC
Davis. And being a grad student, it's easy to be
consumed by books and lectures. But back here in the Grand Canyon with my
classmates from UC Davis, it is impossible to find someone who isn't experiencing science
at a personal level. And as a scientist, really, it's spiritual. Geologists are setting their eyes on the Great
Unconformity, the hydrologists are rafting over sub- and supercritical flows and hydraulic
jumps, and ecologists are reaching out to touch the rich plant biodiversity. This isn't a textbook and its not images online,
its all right in front of you. The ecogeomorphology class at UCDavis is doing
it right. Because here in the Grand Canyon we're not
just studying science, we're experiencing it. Join us on our journey through the Grand Canyon.

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