UBC Okanagan Celebrates Excellence & Innovation in Teaching

I'm Leyton Schnellert from the Faculty of Education. My name is Yang Cao. I'm a senior instructor at the School of Engineering. My name is Stephen McNeil, I'm a professor in the Department of Chemistry in the Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences. When I teach and when I research it's with the community, in the community so that we're learning in context from local opportunities and issues and making sense together in those contexts. I strive to create a positive and flexible learning environment both in and outside the classroom with needs of a student in my mind constantly. In my classes I'm trying to bring forward affective learning outcomes by taking the material in my course and framing it in meaningful context that my students are going to find really engaging. UBC Okanagan has being extremely supportive in providing opportunity for professional development and scholarship for teaching and learning. I've been very fortunate to be here at UBCO. One of the things that has been so beneficial is our interdisciplinary nature of our campus and so I've been able to find other critical pedagogues and other faculties, and we've been able to work to see the synergies that bridge education to other ways of being in the world and to the communities. UBC Okanagan has always developed great opportunities for undergraduates to take part. In my department that can be teaching assistants, supplemental learning leaders and in my research, educational research, I use my classroom as my laboratory. So bringing students on board in that endeavour is just a natural extension. I am grateful and proud to be part of the community, the values, teaching for excellence.

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