U.S. Education Department Says 90% Of Campus Rapes Are Just Regretted Hookups

There’s no question that we’ve seen some truly
disgusting actions and statements from the Trump administration, both during the campaign
and since they have taken office. What happened this week, from Candice Jackson
who is the acting head of the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, what she did this
week, what she told The New York Times is by far the most disgusting thing we have seen
yet out of anyone from the Trump administration. According to Candice Jackson at the US Department
of Education, 90% of campus rape allegations can be written off as, “Well, they were both
drunk and then later on she regretted hooking up with that guy and filed phony rape charges.” That is what Candice Jackson at the US Department
of Education told The New York Times. 90% of rape allegations from colleges are
just women who, “Oops, I didn’t want to hook up with him after all. I’m going to say that he raped me.” Coming from a government agency, folks. Also, Thursday this week Betsy DeVos decided
to meet with some dudes who had been accused of rape. Get their side of the story, you know? Find out why we should believe them. Or basically, not even why we should believe
them, go ahead give them the benefit of the doubt. This administration has gone from disgusting
to outright cruel. Why is it that Republicans, and it is uniquely
a Republican problem, why is it that they are so willing to give the benefit of the
doubt to the guy, almost every single time? It’s up the woman to prove that she was raped
before anyone will even take her allegations seriously. I mean, I understand that in a court of law
the burden of proof lies on the state. The accuser has to prove it. The tests have to prove it before a conviction
can be taken. In this country, we don’t even go that far. We immediately assume, at least Republicans
do, that the woman is lying about being raped. In many cases, even if we get enough evidence
that proves she was raped, the man gets off depending of course on his family’s financial
status and his race. We have seen far too many well-to-do white
college athletes in the last two or three years literally get away with rape, be convicted
of it, but not get punished because the judges say, “Well, I don’t want to ruin his college
experience.” That was literally the argument one judge
used recently, “I didn’t want to ruin his college experience.” Meanwhile, the woman who was raped, her life
is ruined. Rape isn’t something you just shrug off and
say, “Aw man, that was awful. I’m going to move on with my life.” It’s basically like having PTSD. It’s something, it’s a memory that will come
back and haunt them, and they can’t even predict when it’ll happen. Walking down the street, lying down to go
to bed, eating a certain meal. Anything can trigger that memory. That haunting, disturbing, disgusting action. What doesn’t help it is when we don’t take
it seriously. When we have our US Department of Education
telling us that 90% of these women, right off the top they’re lying. They’re liars. These poor victimized men in this country. That’s what’s coming out of our federal government
today. After what we learned about Donald Trump during
the campaign, when that Access Hollywood tape was revealed, anyone, literally anyone could
have predicted that this would be the stance his administration would take on the issue
of rape.

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  1. Wow, I genuinely thought you were being sarcastic, with your righteous indignation. I was honestly waiting for you to break character, so we could all have a good laugh.

    Since the joke is on me, let me just say, "Thank you Secretary Devos for being willing to listen to BOTH sides of an issue. Thank you for upholding the constitution of this country, with its protection of due process."…..unlike some people

    Every Black man in this country should be terrified, that white liberals want to go back to the days when we would just "listen and believe," what a white woman said about rape.

  2. why would the Congress voted to have a woman who is not qualified to do the job. That simply means the Whitehouse occupy does not know have to select qualified people to fill cabinet positions since he is not qualified to be in his present position. so this is a lose, lose for the people of this country. this is truly sad.

  3. Ah, the ole Brock Turner bullshit. He lied 15 ways from Sunday and his dad didn't think his few minutes of getting it on in college should be held against him. He just wanted him to start feeling better about the whole thing and start enjoying steaks again. Jesus, where does trump scrape these people up from. I haven't seen gutters that full of filth in my entire life.

  4. I think these twits are all skull and bone fraternity/sorority types. At least cut from the same silver spoon clothe. As for these college and universities, they seem to create their own justice system.

  5. rapists should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. those who file false rape allegations should also be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law both have the right under the constitution of the United states of America to a fair trial. also gender is not a prerequisite for being a rapist. requirements of consent applies to both parties. men can be victims of rape too.

  6. I must say I'm disappointed with this video. Sure 90% sounds way too high but lets be real, women have done this and will continue to do this due to the fact they rarely face punishment for falsely accusing a man of rape. Mean while the mere accusation of rape will totally destroy a mans life even without any proof. So yes I'll stick with innocent till proven guilty thank you. "Disclosure" I'm in every way against rape however falsely accusing someone of rape is worse because not only are you destroying a life you are also under minding real victims.

  7. "why is it that they (republicans) are so willing to give the benefit of the doubt to the guy (who has been ACCUSED) ?"

    Oh, umm.. because they arent convicted? presumtion of innocence? cmon
    And everybody knows the colleges in US have a shitty track record of inflating rape statistics.

  8. Baldy, you are a moron. Give the benefit of the doubt every time to the guy? Are you fucking kidding me?
    These campus assault hearings are nothing more than Star Chambers where the accused are denied even basic due process, are refused to be allowed to bring in evidence and witnesses which would shed doubt on the accuser's story.
    The simple fact is, and this comes from a government study which quite clearly shows, that almost 90% of reported rapes on campus DO NOT HAPPEN. The campuses are ruled by feminist advocacy groups who take great delight in teaching women that they do not have to take responsibility for their actions, that they can blame men and they will automatically be believed, and so the Colleges assume these men are guilty and then are given virtually no chance to attempt to prove their innocence.
    Only a heartless fascist would agree with this egregious abuse of power and stomping on the rights of innocent men.
    Fuck you.

  9. You need to cite your sources. I would like to know where this information comes from so I can look into it for myself. Just because the Education Dept says 90% of rapes are regretted hook up's doesn't mean they are assuming that stance before hand. Perhaps they came to that conclusion after a thorough investigation. That point isn't mentioned. Neither are any sources.

  10. Disgusting and reprehensible are what I have to call this ridiculous set of words coming from a federal government official. Sickening!!!!!

  11. Actual false rape report numbers are dark numbers. We will never have an accurate assessment of the percentage of rape accusations that are false. Anyone who says they know is lying, but some percentage of rape accusations are false for whatever reason. That is why we can't do what modern feminists want and automatically convict people who are accused of rape.

  12. It's really strange to watch this video from the european angle.
    In my country it is legally the same case. The woman has to prove that she was raped, but in general the trust also lies with her. And this can also be a problem as even if the guy is then proven innocent, it doesn't really help as generally the life of the guy is ruined in the months leading up to the trial. Some people loose their job, their home and their familoy just because of an allegations and the rumors never really go away.

    It's really crazy in America how a semi-famous person can just get away with rape, but the other extreme is also quite horrifying.

  13. We have to trust the man slightly more because otherwise the woman can just accuse anybody and ruin their lives. It is a very hard issue to deal with.

  14. This is disgusting. For anyone to state something so idiotic and asinine. How, how can anyone believe something like this?

  15. Devos? No, its right wing brain templates. They all think this way. Their websites have antiwoman anti feminist columns & they tell us they don't have a war on women

  16. Betsy Devos is the type of person who will quietly approach a girl who was raped by some sick spoil rich kid from a wealthy family and say, "I suggest you keep quiet and move on, if you know what's best for you. Just remember I can destroy any chance you got for a college education. So just remember to just smile and keep quiet…" then DeVos smiled her trademark evil smile at the girl, the same smile she has during her cabinet hearing when Democratic Senators drills her with simple questions but she just smiles back instead…

  17. Love it, how they find these "women" to their patriarchal dirty work… they need to begin naming these female "sell outs".

  18. This is the sort of thing people who voted for Trump wanted. More rapes. They think rape is normal. No wonder the world is laughing at America.

  19. actually 90% of rape survivors have actual ptsd…….and never report their rapes because they know they will not be believed. so every 1 out of 2 women/girls alive today have been raped………and that for all of you that pee standing up is REALITY so why do you hide/protect your rapist fathers/brothers/grandfathers/sons/neighbors/co workers?????? just why???? It makes you a party to the crime of rape….

  20. People can get drunk and still get raped. In fact, if you're drunk, you're much more vulnerable than if you're sobre.

  21. Both rapists and people who make false allegations should be prosecuted. But the point is that government ministers shouldn't be making overt public statements blaming rape victims. Let due process take its course.

  22. To the host; i hate to tell you this, WOMAN LIE! I know I never believed woman lie either, until i started seeing all these youtube videos that i could no longer deny. Many men see woman lie all day long and still deny it, makes excuses for it. I did it for many years, i never suspected my wife could lie to me, hahaahh. Damn i was stupid!. Thats how we as men in society are condition to be. Women are emotional creatures. They will lie like its normal behavior because its an emotion response, woman are not able to fight like men, so the next best way to get the same results as men (wining a fight, wining a challenge, winning in court, ect.) is to deceive your way to that victory. Women have evolved this way. I know you are not suppose to say it out loud, but this is what i observed in this increasingly technological world where you have better tools (cell phone videos) to capture these lies. MGTOW for life!

  23. I suspect most rapes occur among family members or extended family members or friend of friend. Not among strangers.

  24. Ironic that women who have been raped in Islamic countries are treated as the criminals as well. Fundamentalism is a mental disorder.

  25. I also heard a story a while back where a guy was suspended or had something done to him from campus, just because a woman reported him for resembling her rapist and it scares her.

  26. drumpf's new approach 2 expand his base. i'm assuming that his potential supporters are:privileged white males with high school cert. & college diplomat. enter… (Dr.)de vos?

  27. I am so angry. Way to look after students. These two sound like rich white men from the…50s? 20s? 90s? NOW? This is RAPE, ladies. Have at least a modicum of compassion, let there be an actual investigation, and do more than smile warmly and pat the offender's hand, saying, "No, no!" if it happened. Did these people running the department of education GO to school? I'm sick. Shame on them, shame on whoever brought them up to think this way, and shame on Mr. Trump for appointing De Vos. If she doesn't believe in public education, how can we expect her to believe in students?
    Alright, I'll stop.

  28. O'boy! seems Ms DeVos's, geared out of touch w realities are bound to only bind and rape our innocent students futures.☻👻🙌🙅

  29. Betsy DeVos is a really evil woman and does not belong working anywhere in the U.S. Government! What an awful person!

  30. The systemic stupidity of the GOP has become so commonplace that I’m hardly the least bit shocked.

  31. It's foolish to conflate the question of rape statistics (and their certain inflation by feminists) with political partisanship, as if no Democrat would ever stop to point out the feminist claims make no real-world sense. Nobody has produced evidence to support the feminist claims of "rape culture" or the statistics they like to brandish, and as shocking as the genuine cases may be (and deserving of support for the women involved), almost all the cases that have been investigated have turned out to be false accusations, either from anger or regret. You can be indignant about the women not being believed, but it's noticeable there's no indignation on behalf of the men who aren't believed, and whose lives are as ruined by such claims as the few women are by genuine rape. Women have demonstrated they're happy to throw false claims around as a revenge tactic, so getting angry with men over this is misdirected.

  32. I would like to point out that rape is rape yes!!!!! But if TWO individuals are drunk and have sex and one of them says rape because they regret it then no that's not rape! That's called both of you being drunk.

    One of them drunk other not then no you shouldn't but still I don't think it's rape.

    I've been way to drunk before and don't remember the next day, I don't shout rape…..

    This will clearly trigger a lot of people but I'm British this is how we see it over here.

    Men and or woman or two men or two woman shouldn't drink too much

    Yes ofcource rape is very real and those should be punished to the full extent of the law, but if a man or woman is being all flirty to someone cause their drinking (I HAVE DONE THIS) and sleeps with someone and YES I regret it the next day I don't say oh it was rape cause I was drinking.

    So their we go trigger angry comments.

    I truly feel we have gone from extreme prejudice to extreme correctness. I think we need to come back to somewhere in the middle.

    If someone forces themselves on you that's rape ! Prison for the raper!

    If your half cut (half drunk tipsy whatever) and your consensual that's NOT rape.

    If your black out drunk unconscious thats rape

  33. Her husband called this call-in show:
    (Just kidding. Not really her husband. Don't reply to correct me.)

  34. I despise these Trump people, but they may have a point about this one. Some women are crazy, and they will use rape as a way to get even with a guy. Some women can be very evil if they feel slighted. Hell hath no furry etc etc.

  35. That is one busy woman! How in the world has she been able to be present at college rapes in order to determine this? And how did she know when and where those rapes would occur in order to arrange her schedule to be there?

    Truly amazing!!

  36. It's a good thing that I don't have a daughter that was raped in college and I heard this cunt say this shit. I would hunt the cunt down a chock her ass out and say oops we just hooked up wrong !

  37. This administration is like a parallel world of absurdity. They just don't stop. One thing after another. This is becoming exhausting keeping up with all the bullshit from trump and his people.

  38. wish Jesus was around today as he would have put the entire trump administration into the burning heels of hady starting with orange man himself.

  39. Why is it that these MEN get the benefit of the doubt??? Because suspects are SUPPOSED to get the benefit of the doubt. That is how a good justice system works.

  40. thats absolutely crazy!here its a pedophile,raping during 6 years his daughter,just 18 month and nothing if he isnt caught a second time!!!!

  41. DeVos sounds like she has raised quite a few rapists & doesn't want to take responsibility for her failed parenting.

    She's a typical Republican! It's always someone else's fault.

  42. this DeVos bitch likes rapists, so give her a taste of her own medicine, may she be gang raped by bisexual active men!

  43. … Not every VICTIM is actually a victim… its nothing wrong with pointing that out… a lot of these so called raps ARE just two drunken assholes doing something stupid and some are not. I am a liberal and I don't think it makes sense to assume guilt against men in the situation just like its stupid to assume the "victim" is lying. as you say the right assume that the woman lies but the left assumes the man's guilt… A women's life can be ruined by rape, but a falsely accused man's life is just as easily ruined, if not more likely to be ruined. The 90% claim seems unreal sure. but its no different than the clearly bullshit 1 in 4 statistic.

  44. No way 90% of all rape cases are false accusations, but the number of false accusations is indeed high. Probably about 50% or a little bit higher if you account for all cases where it's ambiguous if it was or wasn't unwated.

    Rape does happen and that's awful. But a lot of women do falsify statements after they made bad decisions. Saying only 10% of all cases are valid is bullshit though.

  45. DeVos is a Mercer Minion. What are her sources for these "claims"? More alternate facts from her microwave!!! You do not have to be "pretty" to be sexually assaulted/toed. But if you are raped, the justice system is ready willing and able to rape you again…over and over. The flashbacks that come with the PTSD are horrifying. Justice for all does not exist.

  46. When are we going to stop referring to government as "the trump administration" and start saying what it actually is, The Trump REGIME!!

  47. Rape, It's basically like having PTSD. It's something, it's a memory that will come back and haunt them, and they can't even predict when it'll happen.  (Farron Cousins…(thank you))

  48. So we have a President that has committed multiple sexual assaults and most likely the rape of a 13 year old. It should not be surprising that we have a Sec of Education that actually supports rape on college campuses. She wants to take us back to the time when rape was considered a victimless crime. She is not a Christian.

  49. Hey dipsh*t, NOTHING is being restricted. She's saying the standard for campus sexual assault should be the same as it is in court cases. Innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. As opposed to the preponderance of evidence. No wonder you have so many up votes, you're completely misrepresenting the issue, you lying sack of sh*t. I urge everyone here to watch some other videos on this to get the real picture.

  50. I can't believe this! I had friend who had been raped and she could't go to a movie that had a certain actor in it. Couldn't eat ribs and couldn't even sleep in her own bedroom because it was on the bottom floor. It got so bad her family had to move out of state. And from what I heard she stills sleeps with a bat and always has a large dog (usually German Shepard) near her. She is now 44 she was raped when she was 16 at a school party when an uninvited guest came. She wasn't drunk and neither was the guy just a pervert like Betsy DeVos's boss.

  51. Wow! DeVos has sunk to a new low. Who knew that was even possible. She should give away some of her wealth is exchange for a little wisdom.

  52. Why would there be a conviction without proof? Both false accusers and rapists should go to jail. But first prove they're a rapist or a false accuser. And such accusations should always be passed onto the police for investigation – not some ideologue who thinks all heterosexual sex is rape or all men are rapists.

  53. Why is there no middle ground. Why is it women are always to be believed? A man can be destroyed these days just for the accusation, and many women know this. There has to be balance. Is there proof a crime was committed? Then contact the authorities and go through the process. Why is this so difficult?

  54. Sounds like we will be dealing with rape like they do in the military for decades on in. Another step back for the poor and women

  55. I disagree i'm gonna use some special logic Aka feminist logic here but if women 90% of time win child custody then it's fair to give supposed rape offenders a doubt

  56. With little notice, President Donald Trump recently signed an executive order that advocates say rolls back hard-fought victories for women in the workplace. Tuesday's "Equal Pay Day" — which highlights the wage disparity between men and women — is the perfect time to draw more attention to the president's action, activists say. On March 27, Trump revoked the 2014 Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces order then-President Barack Obama put in place to ensure that companies with federal contracts comply with 14 labor and civil rights laws. The Fair Pay order was put in place after a 2010 Government Accountability Office investigation showed that companies with rampant violations were being awarded millions in federal contracts. In an attempt to keep the worst violators from receiving taxpayer dollars, the Fair Pay order included two rules that impacted women workers: paycheck transparency and a ban on forced arbitration clauses for sexual harassment, sexual assault or discrimination claims. Noreen Farrell, director of the anti-sex discrimination law firm Equal Rights Advocates, said Trump went "on the attack against workers and taxpayers." "We have an executive order that essentially forces women to pay to keep companies in business that discrimination against them, with their own tax dollars," said Farrell. "It's an outrage." Out of the 50 worst wage theft violators that GAO examined between 2005-2009, 60 percent had been awarded federal contracts after being penalized by the Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division. Similar violation rates were tracked through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Labor Relations Board. Now isn't that order very consistent with the sexual criminal confessions we all heard not once. but on two separate occasions during the Axis Hollywood bus. previous to that during his interview with Howard Stern. Former prosecutor Gov. FBI director Giuliani. Said those audiotaped criminal confessions were nothing more than locker room talk. Not according to criminal psychologist brain specialist those audiotaped criminal confessions were much more consistent with a jailhouse confession from one inmate to another. Or a prison reminiscence from one convict to another who are living out there sentencing in protective custody, for sexual crimes are classified as the weakest form of criminal conduct. Not to mention any other prosecutor in the country would take two audiotaped criminal confessions as enough evidence to prosecute. And then when you have 14 witnesses come forward and validate everything that was on those audiotaped criminal confessions.Would be enough evidence to convince any judge of a conviction. Well any judge except for that desperate week insecure impulsive poor specimen of a female judge that goes on and on about how great it is being a submissive trumpet blower. And you wonder why America has the highest violent crime rate in the world. You wonder why America has the highest drug addiction alcohol dependency in the world. And you wonder why America has the most overfed undernourished people in existence. is not all gloom and doom. We can deal with this situation. As a people as physically fit mentally sound and spiritually balanced Americans. At the same time we are dealing with the situation in life. Subconsciously spiritually there souls and spirits are being implemented with, all the pain suffering disease sickness illness torment and hunger that has been allowed to occur over the years manifesting into what it is today. Thanks to incompetent lazy ignorant reckless negligent vindictive criminal leaders supporters employees employers. And now going to get far worse if Donald Trump his submissive trumpet blowers desperately impulsive employees have their way. Now let us thank our heavenly father for allowing Ronald Reagan Donald Trump supporters followers employees like-minded people for subconsciously: coherently apparently volunteering their soul and spirit to function similar to an air purifier water filtration system steam cleaner rubber gloves sponge shield bedpan urinal ass wipes blowup doll. But plug tampon maxi pad diaper jump rope ankle weights wrist weights weighted vest punching bag so forth and so on. Etc. etc. and that is the short list of how their souls and spirits are being treated. Before we get into how their souls and spirits are going to be implemented with all the pain suffering disease sickness illness torment and hunger that has occurred over the years manifesting into what it is today. Keep in mind my submissive trumpet blowers the soul and spirit can endour one up to billions of years worth of pain suffering disease sickness illness torment and hunger .that is just a sample Of the miraculous power of spirituality eternal authority that exist beyond your comprehension for your life cannot commonly comprehend things past your life's expectancy. Now I wish and pray for my soul and spirit to be held spiritually accountable to the statements I proclaim. I guarantee you will never hear another body leader person of legal authority ever validate the statements they proclaim with that level of certainty. If the sun the father the Holy Spirit God the devil Lord Jesus or anyone else with true eternal power and authority over life and death. Felt differently about the statements on proclaiming the had four separate opportunities to keep me dead and silent. The bottom line is you're either part of the problem are part of the solution when it comes to equality between a man and a woman as well as respecting another persons physical freedom. See a dominant gentleman knows how to intelligently persuade passionately convincing a woman to have the desire to willingly want to share themselves romantically. your part of the problem are solution. Either way your being held spiritually accountable. One way comes with a pleasant form of rehabilitation physically mentally spiritually. And the other way is the opposite of the first way. Again I wish and pray for my soul and spirit to be held spiritually accountable to the statements I proclaim. I guarantee you will never hear another body leader person of legal authority ever validate the statements they proclaim with that level of certainty. One reason they don't know themselves therefore they have NO respect for themselves and can't respect others. Secondly is because they are not willing to hold themselves accountable to the way they live their life to the laws the put in place. For the laws they put in place will greatly influence whether you live and die Feeling accomplished being at peace. The bottom line is Donald Trump has been clinically diagnosed by scientists criminal psychologist brain specialist! Leading physicians As being physically and mentally submissive! To fill that massive void a weakness) His plan to stay on the top! Is by keeping the bottom sick week desperate hungry and malnourished and poor by recirculating dirty low-paying jobs that come from outdated power sources inferior materials and toxic substances. That have lived out there usefulness for they have been classified scientifically as petrified death! More commonly known as coal oil and gas dirtiest of all sand oil. Along with other toxic pesticides! Chemicals that never changed their killing composition. You cannot promote life by using a substance that diminishes the quality of our air water food and landscapes. Dirty low-paying jobs very few at that however will have a negative effect on hundreds of millions for only God knows how many generations dirty low-paying jobs that diminish the quality of our air water food and landscapes with the potential of causing environmental collapse there is no profit to be made in the demise of the planet businessman my ass! Just look at the BP oil spill. The man-made water crisis situation in Flint Michigan. The man-made water crisis situation at the military base known as Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. The fly ash spill that occurred from Duke Power in North Carolina. Those are a few examples. . . Of the irreversible damage that comes from working with outdated power sources inferior materials toxic substances. That have been scientifically classified spiritually validated as being physically mentally useless therefore have no true value spiritually. Now a dominant gentleman or lady that knows how to demonstrate high-class sophistication which is femininity at its finest!! for it is raw wild naturally hard-core organically appealing truly captivating absolutely internal eternally spiritually sought after by the gods and goddesses of the ancient royalty, warrior elite…… knows the best way to stay on the top is by keeping the bottom confidently rising in the most efficient way that is humanly possible, allowing each generation to become stronger smarter healthier happier financially better off. For that possibility of a reality to come full circle. The people must have clean high-paying jobs that used new technology. Allowing the people to fully utilize on advanced self sustainable renewable power sources. New Age top notch materials resources, that you could use this much is you would like or need without leaving any excess toxic waste behind. equally as amazing our products can be) Manufactured mass-produced in state of the art facility's I am talking about clean high-paying jobs from coast-to-coast globally. That improve the quality of life by enhancing maintaining the quality of our air water food and landscapes! Products Imports exports personally professionally To the highest degree of standards. Clean high-paying jobs that will be available every day of the week every week of the month every month of the year. Throughout their life allowing them to have a retirement that they will be healthy and wealthy enough to enjoy. xox XXL=00
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  57. Cousins? Why would you be against DeVos getting the accused's side of the story–if they are ONLY accused. You mention these athletes who've been convicted but how does that translate that ANY man accused is therefore guilty? I've watched and liked your videos for the last few years and I've never seen you sound like such a feminist before. Could you be… not wanting to 'anger' feminists? For some weird reason? Fair is fair and I consider myself a liberal but the way you condescend to 'the man' as always the aggressor just doesn't sit right. If you check out "A Voice For Men" or any Men's Rights Activists (don't tell me you're against them just on the face value aspect–like most feminists are), you'd see that very, very often these young women really regret their decision and see accusing her date of rape as the only way out from angering her parents over her poor choices. I'm just surprised to see such a crack in the veneer coming from a fellow man. One who looks like he has to suck up to the women's movement or he'll have to sleep on the sofa.

  58. This is not surprising to me. 2 years ago, the US Department of Education OCR, which consists of imbecile employees, refused to hold Rutgers University New Brunswick accountable for disability discriminating, and preventing me from graduating with a graduate degree. Furthermore, it turned the other way when I presented evidence of it resorting to blackmail, intimidation, and character assassination.

    The US Department of Education as a whole is so corrupt that no disabled person and woman is safe.

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