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Hello dear Parents, We hope all our videos are being helpful and informative to you all. In today’s video, we would be providing
useful information too. We will talk about different types of childbirth & delivery methods. Essentially there are 4 main delivery methods, Natural or Vaginal Delivery In this method of delivery, the baby is born through a birth canal, where mother’s vaginal muscles move And push the baby out. This method has lower infection rates and quicker recovery time. Also, it’s been said that the child born out of this method has the lesser rate of respiratory problems. Cesarean Section (C-section) Cesarean is the delivery of a baby through a surgical incision in the mother’s abdomen and uterus. Generally, if there is any kind of complication in the natural way of delivery & there arises any safety issue for the child, Doctors insists for C – section. Of course with the consent of both the parents. This kind of delivery might seem dangerous
but it actually is not. With today’s technology and medical advancement
C –section is safe & easy. However, the recovery time of mother might take long & she would need to take special care of her health post-cesarean. Vacuum Extraction This is a kind of operative Natural delivery method, where a vacuum pump is used to suck the baby out of the vaginal canal through air pressure, by baby’s head. Forceps Delivery Just like Vacuum extraction, this is also a type of operative natural delivery, where a specialized forceps is being used to pull the baby out of vaginal canal. Besides, there are other ways or types of
natural deliveries like, Water delivery, where the child is born in a water medium, VBAC, where the second delivery can be a natural one even if the first child has been a C – section & scheduled deliveries, where labour is artificially induced to the mother. We hope you liked this video & if you did, do share it. Also, for such informative & interesting videos,
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