Two witches teach me to skate

whoa it's bouncing double readies bro just found two readies that's cool about to go skate hit the skate spot we got some two pro athletes sponsored by Red Bull that are gonna teach me how to skate they're outside skating right now gonna given names away yeah it's Jack and Finn right yeah did a good thing about having two Red Bulls you go have you been down you can hear this one basically this is the barracks they fill me this is the barracks and the thing about what was your first oppression when you walked in here a lot of video all right so I'm here with Jack he's like one of the best skaters I know I'm here with thin as well and they're gonna teach me how to skate today yeah just teach me once you get kicked I got kick flips round one I can barely stand on the board cuz you guys got it all wrong he's rough around the edges he's like a cucumber till yeah we're the right cookie success he's mutating ne6 shaking so we thought we're gonna come here to film a video to teach you how to skate and Jack so it's doing that and now we're just kind of waiting on them you gotta bend your knees legs are straight isn't even know like just straight this board thing just make sure that Ben your needs to start with make sure that your knees yeah they're now just wrong my coaching and my and my perseverance in my discipline 360 inward healed first try every try I'm getting a lot of practice in huh I think we should get you know Eddy I feel good I feel like I can master this today there it is no that's the Brits great position I swear to god you're close we just kind of a prodigy at everything I try [Applause] [Applause] drew it's time to Train I got copyrighted and I'm sick so now we're gonna sing it [Applause] yeah I don't know what this is

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  1. I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like being friends with a main character from one of the most famous shows in history? Like I just wanna know how these people live their lives without being tackled by fans all the time

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