Two Nation Destination: City of Windsor Community Videos 2015

Windsor and Metropolitan Detroit meet along
the banks of the Detroit River. The enduring friendship of Canada and the United States
is reflected in the close ties of the two cities. Our communities are linked by a quick
trip over the Ambassador Bridge or through the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel by car, or by bus
via the Windsor International Transit Terminal. Thousands cross the border every year to see
the fabulous sights and sounds of the two Motor Cities. Summertime and the close birthdays
of both countries bring the International Fireworks, one of the largest displays of
its kind, and the annual festivals to our riverfront, along with its legendary carnival
and marquee live entertainment. Just a few minutes across the border you can
enjoy professional sporting events from the NHL’s Red Wings, Major League Baseball’s Tigers
or the NFL’s Lions. Big-ticket events often come to the area as well, providing a host
of exciting activities on both sides of the river. World renown artist always make a stop
in Detroit and you can find them at the historic Fox theatre or Detroit Opera house. With all that, the opportunities of the two-nation
vacation are endless.

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