Two Easy Carter Style Guitar Lessons!

to everyone welcome back to music with Ryan thanks for joining me in this week's video lesson we're going to take a look at an original composition I've entitled easy and intermediate car style Arrangements in the key of C so as you just saw in heard I did two Arrangements in a very common chord progression in the key of C you know one four one five and the first time through I did a very basic straight ahead car style like arrangement playing a very basic melody and then the second time through I took that same melody and begun to embellish it add some cross picking moves some consecutive eighth notes and we're really shooting for here is nice smooth connected full and rich sound on our guitar and this style plan is really great because we can play the melody while we accompany ourselves sometimes known as Carter style and it just makes for some really fun plain on your own without a ban or anybody else and that's what I did to take that basic melody and then you can start to embellish it and make it sound really smooth and you know silky smooth if you will on the guitar all right so that's what we're trying to get at in this basic arrangement intermediate-range menhir so if you'd like to access the full length lesson just click the link below and we'll shoot down to my website this lessons going to come with about 30 minutes of video downloadable PDF tabs and three speeds of audio backing tracks all right now if you really like the way I teach and approach learning learn about being a premiere member at the site for a monthly quarterly or yearly fee you can access over 350 video lessons just like this one plus all three of my courses and if you really love bluegrass and old-time and Carter style I have tons of lessons over there again just like this one so give it a look if you feel like I might be a good fit for you for now where I started making breaking down the first arrangement and bring the camera on in put the tabs on the screen thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy all right let's go ahead and start breaking down the lesson for easy and intermediate Carter style Arrangements in C and we are going to of course for this video clip dive into the easy or the first arrangement of the two so I'll get the first three measures on the screen there remember the markings below the staff are pick directions so staples are down these are up and any markings above the staff little numbers will be left hand fingerings I don't think it'll be too many here but in this arrangement cuz we're playing within the chord a lot of the time so here's what the first three sound like has a pickup on beat two and that's what the first marking on the first measure is a quarter note rest so it'd be one everything's darn near right within the cord right I'll do that again two three four one okay and you know we're the key of C and as you might notice you know I got a little bit of a different fingering in the left hand I'm not gonna do this fingering every time I play a C chord but at the beginning I will and I do in a lot of other Carter style and essentially is that I have a C chord but then I put the G in the bass and so it now it becomes sometimes known as a slash chord or C / G so C chord but then I put that G in the bass I put my third finger on the low string I put my pinky on the a string okay both in the third fret and it has a nice thick lush sound to it and I get to make some of the notes ring over top of each other so in the first passage the first phrase that all rings and that's what I'm looking for and that's what I want and so might be a little bit different fingering than you're used to but this is a very common chord shape in position and so yeah you got beat to there it's got two eighth notes on the low string third fret so third finger should be on that string and and then the a string and then open D so you do have to move this second finger off of the fret board there so the next measure I'm gonna hit the open B again and hammer back on to the second fret and then I'm going to strum two and three and zero to hammer on the D again so major – you know after I hammer on the d-string the the rest of that stuff there is you know indicating strumming on the highest sounding three strings so zero one zero you know you'll notice we'll see this all the time but it's kind of indicating some strums so if you hit more than that that's okay but I'm really trying to focus my strumming on the top three strings highest sounding there we go they go to the next measure open G strum open G again D string so let's put all that together let's go from the let's do those three measures in context nice and slow so one two three four one again two three four one okay those are the first three measures right there we're gonna see some of that stuff again so once you've learned a few the first eight bars or so we're gonna see a lot of it in the kind of the second half of the of the progression let's put the next few measures on the screen there then get over the F chord and they sound like this ready go – again ready go I've got the F chord there I'm gonna play the third fret of the D string the root note of course and then strum so let's do it to hammer on the G and it's drop and first fret B strum and the g string again and the D string just outlining the chord really kind of playing their arpeggio there then we go back to see but I'm gonna play the D string I'm gonna finger my C chord but I'm gonna play that D string and then strum two and three and then it's zero to hammer on the D Oh so let's put those three together now one two three four again just a little quicker two three four let's put all six of those measures together so from the very beginning one two three four one last time those six measures one two three four one okay there's the first six measures let's move on when you're ready

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