Twins’ House – Safety education for the twins [The Return of Superman / 2017.01.29]

Crimes that target children are worrying parents. He lured the girl and entered the empty house. He told the children that he is their mothers’ friend. Children are easily deceived if the stranger claims that they are their parents’ friend. (The twins are in the house by themselves.) A stranger visits the twins. Don’t open the door. Seoeon, don’t open the door. (The twins face a dangerous situation.) Go away. (How will they overcome the crisis?) (An hour ago) (The twins are reading with their dad.) Come on. (However) The staff members leave the house one by one. (Only the trio are left in the house.) I forgot to bring something from the car. – What is it? / – I’ll run to the parking lot quickly. Okay? Wait for a second. Don’t fight. – Will you go alone? / – Yes. (I will read a book.) Hwijae hurriedly leaves the house. (He opens the door of an unfamiliar van.) What is he doing? Hello. (What is this van?) Children shouldn’t be left alone in the house, but we never know when accidents will occur. That’s why I continue to educate the twins. What should you do if someone rings the doorbell when Mom and Dad aren’t home? – We shouldn’t open the door. / – That’s right. We shouldn’t open the door even if it’s a friend. Don’t open the door to anyone. Children remember the lesson better when they’ve learned it through experience than through words. I will watch them with an expert to learn which area they need to be better informed in. (What will the twins do?) (A staff member is hiding in the house for safety.) (Who is it?) Who is it? (It’s a woman they haven’t seen.) We have a visitor. Would you open the door? (She wants us to open the door.) (A stranger is asking to open the door.) (What will they do?) (What should we do?) (Surprised) (The expert and Hwijae watch the situation.) (Seoeon runs to the door.) (What will he do?) What? (He can’t believe his eyes.) (Will he open the door?) (It’s open.) (He opened the door without caution.) Hello. You are Seoeon. (He opened the door to a stranger.) Seojun is home, too. – Is Seojun home, too? / – Yes. You are so cute. (The stranger entered the house easily.) – They aren’t wary at all. / – No. We should remember that children can’t tell whether people are dangerous or not. If a person looks nice and carries a toy they like, children think they can trust him or her. That’s the limit of children’s judgment. I see. Have you seen me before? – No, I haven’t. / – You haven’t? Then why did you open the door? – I don’t know. / – You don’t know. Isn’t your mom home? – She went on a vacation. / – A vacation? Are both of your parents not home, then? – Dad said he will come back soon. / – I see. Do you want to go outside with me? I have a big toy in my car. However, I can’t carry it alone because it’s heavy. I am very strong. (He falls for it right away.) The children will follow her now. This is a very dangerous situation. Shall we go to a kids’ cafe? Your dad is waiting there. Dad said he will go to a parking lot. He went to a kids’ cafe from the parking lot so that the three of us can play. They won’t follow her. Or we can go and buy a new toy. Shall we go to the supermarket? Your dad will be there, too. He said he will wait there. (Pondering) – Do you want to go? / – Yes. Let’s go, Seoeon and Seojun. My goodness, what is happening? Do you want to take it? (The twins follow the stranger.) – You should go and ask. / – Okay. You might want to criticize and berate the children. However, you should also calm your emotions and ask them why they opened the door. Although that woman is pretty and has toys, she could be a bad and dangerous person. Remind them of that fact. You should tell them not to go. (Hwijae goes to put an end to the situation.) Seojun and Seoeon, give me your hands. This is great. (This happened in under five minutes.) What is going on? (He acts for educational purposes.) We are going to a supermarket. Who is she, Seojun? I don’t know. – Seoeon, who is she? / – I don’t know. She is a stranger. Come inside, Seoeon. Come inside. But… Seoeon, hurry up. Where is she? The woman who was here earlier. That could have been bad. Take off your shoes and come inside. I was very surprised. Sit down. Should you open the door when a stranger visits? – No. / – It can be very dangerous. Even if it’s someone you know, don’t open the door when you are home alone. It can be very dangerous. Who opened the door? – He did. / – Seoeon did? Seoeon did? Why did you open the door? She was pretty. Even if she is pretty, don’t open the door. When Mom and Dad aren’t home, don’t open the door even if Seunghun’s mom comes. Seunghun’s mom likes us. Don’t open the door even if Seunghun comes. Okay? Seunghun likes to pull a prank just like us. Still, no one comes in when you are alone. It’s not just Seoeon and Seojun. Most children don’t even say “Hello” when the doorbell rings. About 70 to 80 percent of them open the door. Parents need to teach them that even a parent’s friend can be a dangerous person. Parents need to drill this into them repeatedly. – Don’t open the door to strangers. / – Okay. I’m going to the parking lot for a second. (Hwijae heads to the van again.) (They quietly watch TV.) (Who is it?) (It’s a man they haven’t seen before.) Don’t open the door. (He holds Seoeon.) (Dad told us not to open the door.) Hello, is this Seoeon and Seojun’s house? You dad asked me to play with you. Would you open the door? (Hwijae’s mouth is dry.) Are Seoeon and Seojun not home? Seoeon, don’t open the door. (Don’t open the door!) – “Don’t open the door.” / – Seojun said that. (What should I do?) Seoeon, don’t open the door. (Seoeon listens to Seojun and comes back.) (They averted the crisis.) (The man rings the doorbell again.) Go away. (He is in a state of defense.) Pretending that no one is home is the wisest move. They feel like they have to answer because he keeps ringing the doorbell. (I will check if he left.) (The doorbell rings again.) Who is it? I’m your dad’s close friend. Would you open the door? – Are you Dad’s friend? / – Yes, I am. I’m your dad’s friend. Please open the door. (I have never seen him before. Is he Dad’s friend?) (He continues to lure the twins.) Really? – May I come in for a second? / – Okay. He is Dad’s friend. My goodness. He was doing so well. He is Dad’s friend. He is Dad’s friend. – Hello. / – Hello. (He opens the door.) Hello. (This is why repeating the lesson is important.) – Are you Dad’s friend? / – Yes, I am. – Our dad? / – Yes. Do I seem like a good man or a bad man? – A good man. / – A good man? – What do you think, Seojun? / – A good man. A good man? Why do you think that? – You are Dad’s friend. / – I see. You think I’m a good man because I’m Dad’s friend. Do you want to go outside and play? – Dad said he will be back. / – We must call first. We should call your dad? I will give him a call. (He pretends to call.) Hello. Yes. Okay. – He asked us to come out. Shall we go? / – Yes. I will go with you. Where is he? He is waiting in the parking lot. Shall we go? Let’s go. (I should repeat the lesson.) This way. – Where are your shoes? / – I want to put these on. Really? I will put them on for you. – Let’s put your shoes on. / – Okay. (Let’s go.) (Hwijae is waiting in front of the door.) (He hasn’t seen Hwijae yet.) Let’s put your shoes on. (Laughing) Dad. (It’s Dad.) – Who is he? / – Your friend. I told you not to open the door to anyone. (The man who pretended to be Hwijae’s friend leaves.) He said he’s your friend. – Did he say he’s my friend? / – Yes. Come inside. Seoeon, too. – I was going to go with him. / – With who? I told you not to open to door even for Seunghun. – Seojun, did you ask him who he is? / – I asked. He said he is your friend. Not my friends or Mom’s friends are allowed. Not even Grandma’s friends are allowed. Why not? You don’t open the door because they could be bad. You opened the door to a stranger. Don’t let him know that you are home. He could have been a bad person. At first, Seoeon said, “Go away.” I said, “Don’t come.” Seoeon said that. Really? Don’t do that. Be quiet. Act like no one is home. Watch me. Let’s say someone rang the doorbell. (He gives a demonstration.) It’s someone you don’t know. Even if it’s someone you know… (Don’t open the door.) – Okay? / – Okay. Act like no one is home. (Stay quiet.) (When they are home alone, they will stay quiet.) Seojun, you too. We aren’t home. Okay? Your mom and I won’t leave you alone in the house. However, don’t ever open the door or follow a stranger. – Okay. / – Okay. – Promise me, okay? / – Okay. Teach your children not to open the door to anyone but Mom, Dad, Grandma and such. Make sure children don’t respond to a stranger. If possible, they should contact the parents. Teach them to call 112 when in danger. Have parcels delivered to the security office. Tell the children not to open the door since parcels won’t come up to the house. When children are entering the house alone, teach them to say hello as if someone is home. It’s important not to leave children alone. Parent’s interest and repeated lessons on children’s safety are much needed. Meanwhile, Soeul and Daeul are off

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  1. I always open the door but I'm older so I understand but this never happens only when it's a family member or some business thing my parents have to deal with or delivery I'm so lonely I have nu friends besides kpop

  2. Watching RoS makes me realise that children are easily kidnapped as they are way too trusting.

    There were at least 3 families in RoS that almost got kidnapped despite continously being told by their parents.

  3. Children don't know as much as older people know if they are being kidnapped they would not be able to process that they are being taken away they are quite unknowledgeable. Most toddlers and kids are very nice but unknowledgeable which is bad. Try to teach them that lesson please.

  4. for me when I was a kid I was scared of strangers so when I heard a knock on the door I'd get scared and hide in my closet and bury myself with clothes and if it was my dad when he entered the house I'd still be hiding cause I thought it was a burgaler then my dad would have to find me

  5. i was so scared for them. especially the first one with the woman. There are so many crazy people out there obsessed with kids. Even if that woman looked good, i was horrified when Seoen opened the door for her without question.

    i remember Ilkook teaching the triplets and it sunk in to them when he said "If you go with them you'll never see me or mom again, do you want that?" And kids never want that so Manse understood that he shouldn't go with strangers.

  6. I find this lesson to be very important for children to learn at an early age…I also think that it's especially important for the children that are on this show because as a viewer myself I have grown somewhat of an attachment to these twins just because I've watched them since they started on the show and it's almost as if I've watched them grow up before my eyes therefore I do have some kind of an emotional attachment to them but it's not one that I take too far it's almost like how I have an emotional attachment to Girls Generation but I do not feel entitled to their lives or to be a hundred percent in their business….but I think that there's people out there who are hard-core viewers like myself and may take that attachment that they feel to these children a little too far…almost how like certain crazy K-pop fans take their love for a boy group members too far to the extent where they feel as if they are going to marry that person or they have a right into that person's life…I feel like there is definitely viewers that may also feel that way and because they are fairly well known in South Korea and in other Asian countries even here in North America it may be very dangerous for these kids on the show because I do feel like there definitely is a possibility that someone may take this attachment that they feel to these children a little too far and try to take these children I mean the person's intentions may not be terrible they may just be buying that child an ice cream taking them out for a shopping day and returning the child back but even then it's still not okay because you should not be kidnapping a child or taking a child without their parents permission and without their parents knowing about their whereabouts so I find that what the twins father did is a very good lesson because this experience will definitely stick with the twins

  7. Seoeon is so naive but in a innocent way😢 I was so scared for him, the whole time he opened the door I got so much aniexty.

  8. Dad: What would i do if i lost you two! How would your mother feel?

    Me: hey its Moe Bradberry we set up you child to see how dangerous the world for children can be

  9. You should try to teach them emergency drills like what to do on fires and earthquakes. You should also tell then where to hide in case there is an armed robbery

  10. If I was them I probably would have cried and screamed at the top of my lungs, "I AM PERFECTLY CAPABLE OF PLAYING MY MYSELF"

  11. If I saw a burglar in my house I would get my nerf gun and say PUT YOUR HANDS UP MY MAN. or I would jump out the window and go to the police station

  12. I remembered when i was like 6 yrs old, my mom went to groceries and she left me alone at home (bcs i insisted on staying home, i dont want to go outside at that time). She told me not to open the door for anyone. She repeated it like 1000 times before she went out. I dont know why but suddenly there is a strange man knocked the door. He looks fine and nice. He said he want to meet my parents. My stupid self opened the door and things could hv gone worst. Luckily my mom was there, she hadnt left to groceries yet. She was in the car when she suddenly saw a man came to the door. When she saw me open the door, she quickly ran to save me. After that, mom brought me to the store. I was scolded a lot. That was my scary experience. I am grateful that my mom was still there when the guy came. If not,,,, i cant think what could happen to me.

  13. if that happened and i see my two brothers opening the door i would start screaming and running to the door and smash the door close, lock it and ill tell to be quiet, dont look out the window, and ill call the police even though I have older no matter what i would be with my whole life even though i hate them

  14. Seojun is smart and held his brother back. Seoeon, after realizing what’s going on, acted bravely but it’s better to be quiet and act like they’re not home. The twins would have learned the lesson better if the people that came inside the house actually acted “dangerous” and mean so that they know to not open the door for strangers again.

  15. So this why Seo jun ignored jung yongwa when they met at the store. And as soon as jung showed the pic and called hwijae that's when he believed jung and agreed to walk them home.

  16. They can't Do that because there just young and with no one in the house But they will just go for the pretty girls
    Because they like pretty girls but even if it's a pretty girl don't open it because it's a Stranger plus the same as boys

  17. When I was little there was a stranger knocking on my door and they said they were my moms friend and I yelled “my mums dead”

  18. Idk i think they should have added a real fear element to this. The people came in and gave them toys and chocolate and nothing bad happen so even if the situation happen they have no sense of danger and fear they should have added some type of consequence so it stook or something

  19. Before my Mum leaves the house, she tells me, ''Don't open the door, unless it's your brother and sister (they do dance), or it's your dad.'' (he lives in a different house). If it's my mum's friend and she knows that they'll be coming over, I just tell them that mum isn't home yet, and if they even try to get in, I'll tell them that mum said not to open the door. If my dad comes over (I know because he has a white van and I can see through the van window), I'll let him in because, he either wants to speak to my brother and sister, or he needs to fix something.

    If someone that I don't know knocks on the door, I pretend that no one is home.

  20. This scary when i was5 my brother is 4 somebody knock on the dorr my parents they be back in 8min but it onyl was 5min my brother open the door iran to the door grab my brother hands then i shut it quikly my brother learn the lesson so am 8 and my brother is 7

  21. I feel sad when I watched this EP but i think it’s because they are always play with the staffs, fanclub & his dad is quite friendly

  22. Good lesson to learn! My son is a teen now but i still don’t let him open the door when he’s alone! A lot of people are saying it’s an expected reaction because the twins meet a lot of people but there is a difference between meeting when your parents are there and when they are not. Even though my son met a lot of my friends and our family (which is huge by the way), i always stressed when he’s home alone to just ignore any knocks and not to even bother checking who’s at the door so he doesn’t feel the need to respond. I am glad to say, he never opened the door, but the reality is not many kids can easily understand a situation like this. So sad to think about it n this video of the twins really shows just how much they don’t grasp the consequences of opening your home to strangers!

  23. If it was a Mexican Household they wouldn’t scold us they would take the chancla and well hit us until we do t do it anymore but it’s better how he talks to them then spank them

  24. I was so scared while watching this video. Unfortunately, this happened to me when I'm still middle school student. There are two very big mans that keep knocking on the door and I just opened it to them. Fortunately, I'm not hurt but they took so many things from my home. Since then, I have a trauma. I can't trust strangers at all, if stranger beside me I'll turn my body to avoid them.

  25. Seojun acts like the oldest to me, even in other episodes he knows what to do after he is told. Actually both of them do what they are told but I think Seojun take things in his mind faster. I’m not saying one is unintelligent, I’m just saying he learns kinda faster.

    Like in school other people know how the work is don’t and some just doesn’t know what to do..

    I’m not trying to be mean at all
    If I’m offending someone please forgive me!.

  26. This is super hard for them bc they are basically celebrities so their use to have good caring strangers look after them

  27. Me when somebody knocks on the door and I’m home alone

    knock knock

    Me: omg omg I gOttA hIdE

    Ps I’m scared of Staying home alone so yeah ;-;

  28. There was this man sitting at our porch at night saying he's getting his packages but then we realized those packages were ours my mom and dad thinks it was a dude fro, our apartment but why were our packages opened

  29. I was always scared of strangers and still am. I would be shaking and terrified if someone came to our house😂🙁💞

  30. 12:37 that face was seoneon when just had move and they were playing in a tent and then Seojun pulled his shirt 😂

  31. I'm no longer a kid (i guess) , but every time I'm alone and a visitor comes, i really don't open the door. XD

  32. A good tip for when your kids are home alone or when a stranger approaches them saying “I’m your parents friend” the kid should ask a personal question about the parent like “when’s my dad or mom’s birthday” or you should have a secret word.

  33. I'm an adult and still become silent when it's a stranger. Also, if you don't inform me and I say it's okay to stop by. I still will not answer.

  34. Once my siblings got ember alerts and I was the youngest so I didn’t get one(it only happens when you have phones) and in the car my sister said that there’s this man named Shawn and he kidnaps children and I’m a child so it’s really scary for me I always think of it

  35. When I was a kid one man rang my house doorbell and asked me to go down alone, he said he'll be waiting for me there and he'll give me sweets, and he kept emphasising i must go down ALONE. I said okay I'll go, he went down to wait for me, then i closed the wooden door and locked it. I wonder how long he waited.

  36. My mom and dad teaches us not to open doors even tho its my mom's friend or dad's my brothers and i are scared to get kidnapped there are so many kidnapper on our city, we could'nt get out of the house and…, my friends dog got dognapped! Im so scared so dont open ur doors when ur mom and dad is not in the house and dont get your dogs out they might get dognapped..:(

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