Tutorial on the California School Dashboard

Welcome to the California School Dashboard. This tutorial will highlight the features
of the Dashboard and other resources available on this Web site. When you access the California School Dashboard
the first page you see is the Home Screen. This page contains a search bar and links
to resources such as the fast-start guide. You can search for a district or school by
typing the name into the search bar. Select the Search button and then select the
school or district from the resulting list. Once you have selected a school or district,
the Dashboard will be displayed on the screen. It displays basic information. There are four different reports on the Dashboard. The first report is the Equity Report which
displays the performance level on all state indicators, as well as information about how
all students are performing. The Equity Report will also display the local
indicators for districts and charter schools only. The other reports can be accessed using the
navigation tabs directly above the indicator information. The Status and Change Report shows the status
(how schools or districts performed this year) and change (how their performance changed
from last year) for all the state indicators. Selecting a state indicator will bring up
detailed information about student group performance on that indicator. The Detailed Report shows information about
performance over time, up to three years of data are available. The final report available on the Dashboard
is the Student Group Report. This report provides the performance levels
for all the state indicators across student groups. If you would like to see how all schools in
a district are performing on the state indicators, select the List of all schools in the district
at the top of the report. It is important to know that charter schools
are considered their own districts and will not be included in this list. Thank you for watching this short tutorial
on the California School Dashboard.

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