TSPSC:Women Development Child Welfare & Disabled Welfare Department||GOVT JOBS||Ttube Telugu

subscribe so monkey government over notification to the human development child welfare and disabled where 30 partment launched the front a notification medically the official website the link to my video description below your desire give me so you could activists not let a minute with me both in someone is not want a PDF download or something here I'm gonna know you post some money China notification to someone into the fourth is samachar Amon entails Cunha so a club extension office's grade one supervisor post or even I'm sorry give me so online applications money it won't be third December 2017 when she 24th January 2018 murky one of my online la pledges go to diploma no coupon month time each other think a pledges currently has everything go Arctic's all tickets under the download chase Gordon key a to Rose no mundo egg examination time he wrote a skull show David in the examinee be my key 2008 to mass Roseannadanna – I will not take revenge a really a pleasure schooner 20 upward to the sunken over P the computer-based exam on LI the om are placed exam and IV Nike you may trade him directly so across his monkey 79 vacancies on I sew I yo JC 18 – mm so de Janerio 18 to 44 years methalone or mathema Fletcher's culture scale still of poj see Monica salary twenty four thousand four hundred and forty rupees which a seventy one thousand final ten rupees or zero to the service madam row and then vananga educational qualifications coaches okay so if post Libya pledges who know I mentioned gesture 2011 education cooperation law either over Timothy revolt even our look qualify and although each archaea pledges foreign key are floater omit screen furniture oho when I came in course each other and any molested 11 ports is mentioned here and there we give thee till a14 so slow even amico me Wade another limit pulpit a job skia pledges photon K are true so my screen panel to see what nemiro me someone is no force think long though they were just gonna play just going so again we thank God AJ said he 18 to 44 years and Mahabharat victims Poonam so then he came picric shadow 1 7 1999 terawatt opportunity 11 anger to 7 1973 mundo putting aluminum in the places go through 11 job someone is not medicating anybody cast with someone eg me good in low relaxation good injury be age to age is someone with you so you cut additional today SC ST and PC you are the key five years for Co is relaxation around the evening so physically handicapped persons kept a 10 years work a is relaxation injuries other than a ex-servicemen p three years till an adornment dollar ponzi save a liquefied reassess relaxation even jelly be like a freeze payment which is a taking me to an 80s pi/6 among internal jobs mannequin a he could have order 200 rupees and IP application pc agricultural today rather than a 80 rupees examine it should be is the page absolutely okay BCS CST category speech engine on a Waldo so II examination fees IP rupee specials now someday though so honey 200 rupees math will come back set up a chair and they oversee and the open category although 200 rupees plus 80 rupees total to 80 rupees page absolutely so we see a CSTR like 80 rupees and maybe page a nowadays only 200 of this page unemployed unemployed certificate many ground offensive all the could I give you personally pigeons now something so more of payment gender long life payment and every Charlie easy method so are the preference freedom greater details could have just no play fake club Adams everyday so if I'm lucky a cat I give it in the post on I and I go directly mentioned Gary J children living in their own ways yeah so I'm gonna tell dangle or 50160 John wise the districts than any divert you divert a balloon I have everything up can take anyways I'm gonna go eh on low-end II poster nine-inch FSA chronic oh yeah your hands are yummy so they need to see me don't block me from them below many post a colleague of mine if you choose kosher so echo exam pattern over there in the scheme of examination examine a way any papers with Monica two papers even Jeremy paper one am living in the paper too so a paper one an IV general studies and general ability some money don't only 150 bucks 150 questions will die 150 minutes your in Jerusalem are 50 marks will tally other than the paper to which is a key me Pol equation but it can someone in typically level the questions order observable to me so common to also make you a paper buddha commander and then keep same paper room to me so that no bottom one of the 150 question so time so 150 minutes time yourself 150 box with a total amount of paper run paper to 3300 marks won't die so you could have genderless today's paper one which is Monica piling value ordinary not a position paper on having English are evident at 3400 language loan there's a paper to put a Monaco beverage that is not a English were you go new language loco DeMarco question paper and I keep paper and the example thumb good of paper on paper to Martin Buddha Monaco they live alone Tony mr. Buddha so doing some magnet in general statistic every dick some manage not twenty service pramana crayons are evening which was for shoe screen by now nothing a paper paper – who has not managed a service for America screen painting programs our game so if we details may be lambda doubts una boda in video Kim tomato comment ending in the community and origami conscious tell agenda do 2011 in German if you'd only like shiny Shh and me J mm in French Brazil's funny laugh defunded and Geraldton e as evidence Annika government job someone is not 20 and me we shall put a man away my T to 30 below Vida cherem Jerusalem that someone in the information Miko went in a novel antimony Charlie subscriptions for me thanks for watching

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  1. lakshmi
    my qualification is Bsc{Bzc}.botany,,zoolozy,,chemistry,,chadivanu.nenu apply chesukovacha.please please please reply ivvandi reply lo naa peru mention cheyyandi.

  2. I have completed bachelor of pharmacy , we have chemistry subject, can I apply for this post please give information

  3. sir nenu already anganwaditeacher ga job chesthunnanu bsc bzc finalyear chemistry fail ayyanu hallticket petti apply cheyavacha and Hindi vedvan booshan .hpt kuda complete ayyendi apply cheyavacha plzzz sir tell me

  4. thank you brother I am residing in medchel district malkajgiri village now kindly tell me am I belongings to zone fifth or zone sixth

  5. Sir nadi BA english literature. andulo sociology oka subject ga undi nenu e post ki eligible or not.ple reply sir.

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