TSP’s Rabish Ki Report | School Ki Parent-Teacher Meeting

I swear one meeting is necessary
for me to go on living, my darling. But you and I could not
meet during the election period.. ..because I went missing like the
real points did from the elections. Anyway, some meetings take place
to humiliate and to get humiliated. In our country's educational
system these meetings are called PTM.. ..that is to say
Parent Teacher Meetings. So I have come here today to
watch some students get humiliated.. .. at Study if you want to or
else just pay the fees public school.. ..where sweets will be distributed
because a student has topped.. ..while another student's
father will beat him up.. ..in the Principal's office.
That's right. Beaten up. So, the one who has been beaten
at every Parent Teacher Meeting.. ..and scored only
four marks in English. Hello. I am Raja Rabish Kumar. Before I went into those
by lanes that led to school.. ..I spotted a student at the door.. ..who seemed to be bargaining with
the auto driver for grace marks. Are you imposing NDA's majority
under the guise of auto rates? – Mr. Raja.
– Have you fiddled with the meter? Brother. Listen to me. You drove him away.
You drove him away. With great difficulty one auto
driver was willing to be my father. I was going to take him
to the PTM and you drove him away. No problem. Take the father
of the nation to the PTM. It has been a long time since
the father of the nation passed away. You are speaking nonsense. I am talking about the
new father of the nation. He won't concede.
You think this is a joke. You are laughing because
you don't know my situation. I failed twice in the 12th grade. The boys here call
me a cheap Kabir Singh. When I am in the corridor they say,
Wanna wow wow! They say Neem leaf is bitter
Kabir Singh is fck*** And if that's not enough
my class teacher is like Delhi's CM. She levies so many allegations on me.. ..if my real father
comes I will lose his trust. Then my phone will be confiscated,
my scooty keys will be confiscated.. ..my wallet will be confiscated.. ..and all the girls'
numbers will be confiscated. Do you realize how difficult
my life will become? The next time you come
don't ask which class I am in. When is my exam?
Ask me if I am married? He will ask me that.
You tell me, Mr. Ravi. Why are you hitting me? Apparently your problem is more
complicated than India's number 4. No problem.
Go. Go and find a father. Go. Brother Ravi, you are elderly.
Will you be my father? No, brother.
Your teacher will recognize me. Because I appear on TV. Go. Go. Find a father. Go over there. Go. Listen. If you find a donkey,
make him your father. Okay? This happens in the 21st century. So, this time in season two Ganesh
Gaitonde will find his third father.. ..but he is unable
to find even one over here. I get the feeling several
leaders of this country.. ..must have taken their
fake fathers to their PTMs. That's why the world is
addressing him as Pappu today. I shuddered when I
went inside the school. Today the teachers were taking
the parents viva along with the kids. Some students were being beaten
while other students refused to go. That's when I spotted a
teacher who my eyes recognized.. ..and signaled me that
something is not right.. I took stock of the situation
and asked a question. Hello. How are you? How did your students do? Tell me. Look, Mr. Rabish,
not everyone can understand Math. Yes. That's right. When the chapter
on integration begins.. ..the children bring
extra trousers from home. Her son brought a pot. Look, if the boy doesn't
pay attention in class.. ..and the parents don't pay attention
at home then how can I give marks? You didn't tell me why
you didn't pay attention. I paid attention. I paid as
much attention as I could in school. – Come close.
– Me? Look, the school's
environment is not right. That's why I have customized
a positive room behind the sever.. ..in Malad West, which is vastu
Shastra and fengshui compliant. – I get it.
– Take a look. – Tuition classes.
– For your competent. No. No. Extra classes. For the competent
and talented children. So send your children. I will pay extra attention
to your child and extra time as well. Tell me this. You only want
to pay attention, not take attention? – Let's speak in the corner.
– Speak in the corner? – Yes.
– You got taken in. You got trapped. Do you think I am paid media?
Look. Look. No. No.No.No.No. It's like this. I soar high but
I catch my prey swiftly on the ground. – You understand?
– No. No.No. Listen to what he does.
Everybody, please pay attention. He deliberately gives
all the students less marks. Then he says to come to tuitions.
He earns extra money. He deliberately gives fewer marks.
I am telling you. – You are caught.
– Listen to.. – Take him to the Principal's office.
– Let's speak in private. You have recorded this on the camera.
Yes, take him away. Take him. – I want.. –
– Listen. Listen… …Why are you giving me the ring? You think I am Sita? Are you Hanuman? – Just a minute, brother.
– Just go. Mr. Rabish. Take one more. You saw that such scams are
going on everywhere in this country.. ..and right under
the Principal's nose. Although everything is hidden
under the Principal's 56 inch chest. But it is the job of journalists
like us to catch such scams.. ..and to expose them.
Do you understand? Will you go for tuitions? You won't go? I have given you… number. Go and check the books again.
You will get the right marks. Whilst searching the
camera halted at a child.. ..who was busy trying
to win the game. We caught him red-handed
and toppled his TRP. Hello. You are playing
whilst in the school premises? Isn't your temperature down?
It is banned, isn't it? No, sir. I am reading for the NDA. You don't need to study for the NDA. Shout slogans and
you will get a ticket. It has got over 300 seats now. The opposition,
which no longer exists.. ..are you going to
send them to Italy? No, sir. I am talking about
the National Defense Academy. I see. National Defense Academy.
Very good! I once thought about joining
the NDA and becoming a soldier. But I realized that soldiers
are needed in this country. That's why I left the gun
and took on this mike and camera. Do you realize the power it wields? Yes, sir, but I want to join
the army and serve the country. That's why I subscribed
to NDA plus from Unacademy.. ..and I study from it. Look, sir.
They have unlimited live classes. They even clear all your doubts.
That's what I was doing. Who clears the doubts? They are the best
teachers of India, sir. It is very easy to clear the doubts. If that's not enough they
cover the entire syllabus. Actually, sir, a major
part of my syllabus is pending.. ..so if you don't mind I'd like to
study until my roll number comes up. I understand. Study. Study.
You are studying from a good source. Keep studying, okay. Good luck! Mature student. He is a mature kid. He is carrying a bag. So, as long as we have passionate
and competent students like him.. ..in our country,
I think our country is in good hands. Many a times I wonder if Barkha's
photo and letter wasn't there.. ..in between my social science book,
I might have been someone else today. Why someone else?
I would still be Raja Rabish Kumar. Over here two women are pointing out
the mistakes of each other's kids.. ..and the teacher was smiling. I understood the whole
matter after a short while. This teacher was
inciting two friends.. ..like cricket fans incite Rohit and
Kohli for the Indian team's Captaincy. After seeing this dirty
politics I finally asked. Don't look over there. Listen to me. You must have seen bonfires
being lit in the village. Similarly you lit a
bonfire between those two. What is your problem in life? My problem is friendship, Mr. Rabish. I don't like 'Hum saath saat hhai',
'Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge'.. ..and 'Tere jaisa yaar kahan.' That's why I make the
friends of these children.. ..the villain's in
front of their mummies. I shall make barren the land
where the seed of friendship grows. This chap is a very regressive farmer. My uncle from Mughal
sarai used to say.. ..that no profession is too small.. ..and there's no greater
hero than a teacher. But on seeing the
poison inside of you.. ..I feel it will cost more
money to clean your heart.. ..than it costs the Government
to clean the Ganges. It one tries to clean his heart
the country's GDP will go for a toss. It is okay. Other friends will come. Children come to
school to make friends. You can continue to break
their friendship. Be happy. Try to decrease some
of that poison. Okay? After seeing the picture
of the country's real future.. ..when I moved on ahead
I happened to notice something.. ..that made me feel that
all the punishments written.. ..in the Indian law books
materialized in front of me.. ..in the form of articles. Hello. Are you planning
on killing him? For what crime are
you punishing the child? Mr. Rabish,
I handed my child over to her. If he isn't getting the marks
there can only be two reasons for it. Either she did not
teach him correctly.. ..or he did not study correctly. It is not possible
that she didn't teach.. ..because Mr. Sharma's
son scored 100 in five subjects. This worthless chap, roll number
four could not score 50 marks.. ..even in one subject. Number four is an unlucky number. He needs a spanking. I have
been telling you that for so long. But we cannot spank him, sir. Please look at the camera and
say that once again so he understands. Say it. But we cannot spank the children. Why can't you spank him? He
is my child and I am permitting you. Spank him.
Beat him. Give him electric shocks. Whip him until his skin comes off.
Let him hang on the noose. Make him face Bumrah's yorkers
which can hurt him on his toes. ..but the result must be good, madam.
I am warning you. You seem like a result oriented chap. Why don't you help some
party to win the elections? Maybe if your luck is good
you will become a Home Minister. – I sure will.
– Go ahead and do so. As you saw he regards his child
more or a criminal than a student. That's why he is
trying out these tricks. But tell me something.
He is a child, right? If you reprimand him
and spank him so much.. ..then he will forget even his name.
Then how will he write the answers? You don't have the answer to that? I feel that such kids
become failures in future. Because their fathers don't listen
and no Rancho comes into their lives. Am I right, Mr. Gupta? My surname is Singh. This is my new style
of asking people's surname. It's just that the public trolls you.
I am going, Mr. Singh. Okay? You come too. Don't take
too much of a spanking. Get that? When I entered the next class
it reminded me of that scene.. ..in the Parliament House where some
middle aged leaders were staring.. ..at a pretty female
Member of Parliament.. ..like these dads are staring
at the madam in this room. It is clearly visible in
their eyes that they pray to God.. ..that their child
fails in her subject.. ..so that their meeting lasts long. Tell me this, daddy. You have come
alone. You did not bring your child? – This is a PTM.
– My child suddenly got jaundice. He got jaundice suddenly. One gets hiccups all of a sudden. You should have brought your wife.
The child's mother. I understand. – Hello, Mr. Rabish.
– Yes, madam. Can you please.. Seeing this madam reminds
me of my madam in Gopalgunj. Even she used to speak in
English for hours just like her. I (Bihari) could not understand
one word but he loved it. If I stay here another two
minutes I will fall in love again.. ..and madam won't fall in love again. – Mr. Rabish.
– Yes, ma'am. Take this.
Have some sweets. Please go ahead. – Did your son top the class?
– My son always tops the class. He will top this time too.
The result is going to be out soon. So, you decide who the man of the
match will be at the time of the toss. Just a minute.
Why are you distributing sweets? Your son has made life bitter for us. He failed in my subject although I
told him all the important questions. It is okay. It is okay, madam. How can I get this out now?
It happens. It happens. Sometimes these things
happen when one is overconfident. When the party lost this time in 2019,
it was due to overconfidence. It is okay. That is a trend. Go, my boy. Study well the next time. It is okay. Don't spank him. Don't apply too much pressure
on him or he will let out a whistle. Imagine. I ate a free
sweet from a failure. So, after… at the Parent
Teacher Meeting all day long.. ..one thing is very clear. This Parent Teacher
Meeting should be enforced.. ..in the Parliament, the house of
commons and the Legislative Assembly. Because whether it
is kids or the Government.. ..transparency is the
basis of a healthy democracy. Goodbye. I am Raja Rabish Kumar.

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