TSCC Mezz Express Episode Three : Love,Family & Dysfunction!

yup in this piece we about this nasty we are the best can't nobody do it better than us this is the TSTC mess express it you can't go to church [Applause] [Applause] and I'm waiting on to come on okay we are alive hello everybody hello chat hello chat device it's not mind I have my assignment alright alright hello everybody hello hello hello listen to everybody come in this is the T SEC miss Express and I wonder why the chat is not moving from person to person but will figured out a second I guess I have to hit the button when people talk NEC okay so anybody in the chat do you I don't know how to make this thing go from person to person when they talk otherwise I'm going to be forced to press on each person is talking that's what it looked like I'm gonna have to do press out for who press alpha who keeps appearing on your screen just kept that person one time I did okay now say something else oh good perfect thank you babe that's cool all right everybody we in the house this is tfcc mess Express y'all see the motherfucking topic read up the baddest roaster or the baddest mother we don't have time for games we gotta get straight down to this shit we got a lot of people on the panel we got the beautiful blessed walkins beautiful lady Nika we have the beautiful to our critical thinking and we have the handsome choppers lyric ring now we need everybody to do a quick introduction themselves go ahead cue our critical thinking troduce you several piece and black Indian power this is Qi critical thinking on um ones and um tools you know coming to give you some commentary on some news that we can use you know make sure y'all like and like this video and also subscribe to my page as well that's Qi critical thinking alright now we got late Anika go ahead and introduce yourself babe hello everybody I am your one of your conductors on Usenet Express the girl they did Mitra how y'all doin y'all can find me at lady mica on YouTube or the evolution of needle for my all things autoimmune alright also we have choppers on sorry let me let me get blessed first we have the beautiful blessed Walker's go ahead introduce yourself please hey everybody blessed walk here to pray you to mass brain alright and then we have our special guests that have joined us a second time which were very grateful for choppers lyric reloaded go ahead introduce your subjects hey everybody happy to be here you know it's hard it's hard to get people on this town because a lot of people are scared now I want to do I want to say this real quick the sec mess Express panel have passed their own YouTube channel I am about to hit the enter button boom they're going to link the tfcc mess Express channel I need all of you guys to go ahead subscribe to the channel now what's going to happen is that channel is going to be the library to our videos will drop videos over there after a week you have to come to our personal train stations to get the actual video of the chat but if you want the video itself you'll get that a week later over there you'll have to work – you don't have to worry about the chat we got the comments turned off but if you want the comments the mr. awesome you gotta you gotta find the train station on our channel to get all the tea without them so so let's get straight to the bullshit this channel of what this particular video is not to beat up on anybody but just to get some facts out there so if the facts turning tool ask for concessions in your ass just look if this says she's starting to helping your ass out then you help me help you out you know like sometimes we can yell okay now I'm gonna live let's see – I go ahead tell me what you saw today tell me what you saw today alright so you want me to give the critical thinking everybody what did you see to get us right here right now and then we don't get deep it's a little well uh pretty much like I you know was wondering is everybody says through these YouTube streets and I so happened to wonder up on in my suggestions a video from you know a particular youtuber and this particular youtuber had Rita the bed as Roasters mom on I mean well I think mom or grandmother and hey mother and daughter mother mother and daughter on on and wait wait wait give Miss Black blackberry on my check until you probably apologize wait wait don't get out yet do you want to apologize to me or not black bear do you want to apologize to me or not and you can apologize and we can move forward or you get kicked the fuck out what you want to do what you want to do I'm blocked out real quick let me see what you want to do you said why are you that famous black bear who's been harassing me for the past year are you saying black bear who's been harassing me for the past year just your second time is slipping in this shit are you saying black bear Weaver asked me for a year you said no I will see I check I'm checking Charlie because I know I cuz I know because I got your Facebook and other stuff I don't hit you at my party that's alright alright well pretty much like mother and mother and daughter on and pretty much the daughter was pretty much you know airing out a lot of family business a lot of them a lot of readers personal very intimate family business so I don't know that interview you know it whew um it was emotional and at the same time you know like you know like I'm you know up in the air about it so you know that's all I want to say for this particular time okay now lady Nica what was you and what did you see during this situation I was rolling and interstate and I got a notification over on one of my loved thanks a good I want to go over here and check we sit right now so I she sent me the link they notice what they got to do shall I click the link and went over there to this interview and it was almost at the end and what I gather was the roast was mama in and and daughter was over there spilling all the family secrets now there's no really how to take it because I was wondering why was the interview done was done and how y'all found you know I was just confused I was the fields but that we can talk about it honey that's where I will okay now chopper I'm gonna leave you for Les Bleus now choppers lyric reloaded what was you and what and what's going on what how did you hear about this year well I heard it from a friend but don't get a chance to see it but he is don't lie about being such so that's all I can say kids all right we don't say the best Millay yes blessed markings now when where what and how what you know about this what tells know some so let's give the introduction go to get deep off into this time hey everybody Blackie's but on my way home drive for work this evening and I turned on the YouTube in my car and turned on to the station and I heard think it was Rita's mother and brother and she was giving all attended by her stepfather bill and she also was saying that she was tired is going on their mother would she want to get her mother away from the same thing happened to me I said she says she rates there's two you know seventies and my record well why is she over there I get all the cheaper ticket the person but that's better she loves her mother and it's not about her mother it's about her one her mother to get away but she did say it was family it's crazy and they thought she said the nephew a family member of his siblings she raped and that's what I call right now no no you you're absolutely right look let's let's kind of bees on the are were let's say maybe touched or assault I don't know because you know you cool it was very strict about certain words that even if we snap a bone and make accident that's cool that's how I find another way around it so this is what I want to say about it a lot of people started hitting me up they said go check out this Shawshank of you I checked the shit out I see her over there whining and crying and acting like she went to help somebody I don't know how to help how the need you know I'm saying you know it's very weird but I'm all for helping somebody especially in a situation like this I told you guys a long time ago I was in a situation when I was young and I didn't get the proper help that I needed at that time and getting the proper help help when you're underage err critical because if you don't get that help at that critical time you will start to act out you can start you start doing this you might get over sexual sexual you know you might start lashing out wanting to fight you might um last shot at your parents you might not do your schoolwork you know run away from home turn gay I see a lot of girls who've been Thursday they go get a lot of boys with Church they go gay anything it's for everybody but a lot of me it happens like that you know a lot of crazy things happen but I before I go any further I want to say these guys there was a young lady named Taniya who reached out to me via YouTube okay just like that young lady reached out to somebody else right she won a platform to speak oh and I was not afraid to help these young lady I let her speak on my platform I was crucified I I donate it to this woman to Taniya she's grown just like that young lady is grown and that young lady Rita daughter has the right to speak out or anybody panel and she chooses she's grown but I did the same thing and I was internet assaulted I was beat bully traveled trash talked about EQ everything I get a sign that idea I got the girl help I help pay what I'm saying the group helped pay for allowed to take the test we did so much stuff and I'm understand people are all crazy Sean like he's Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior they over there praying they over that revival versus Bill they're sucking a month they suck in oh girl I fell just like oh my god just say should I did a year ago and people trying to put me in jail time I call FBI saying them in a sec spray I'm a just doing all kinds of shit I don't think that oh the Shawshank of you was a bad thing I feel like anybody wants to speak out you better speak out but my problem is why is it okay for you to do it and when it was me it's a problem so my question is where is the motherfucking evidence that's what they asked me how do we know who was on boface y'all something on your face tonight he was on video y'all know once at night you saw her face all we hear is the voice we don't know who that could have been Joe glowed booty blow I don't know who the fuck was on the phone period where's the evidence Juicy J told me I need to have a piece of somebody being malicious I am to believe it when we motherfucker picture all these motherfuckers are hypocrites they just want to dog me all I did was one day help somebody who told me that wasn't something just like they say they want to help somebody I was deep enough why this man is I hear be afraid right now make it make sense all right somebody take over completely emotional about this you did some bullshit because if there are it's just ain't funny to me that her worst enemy is the one that's putting this out there as if you truly want to help them I'm really hoping that's what it's about because the definite case I really want the mother and the daughter to really get help I want you to tell me to you I just really hate something like that to anybody children I don't care who is ill so I'm wondering I the question is a conference because I know right now mistress might make 15 of 20 videos after this I feel like if it's come apart or delete that conversation and then just go to the people that you need to go to in order for her to get this help don't put it out there just for show don't put it off just you haven't banned anyone because you're like oh let it be only be from your heart not because you were accused of doing something we're prosecutors or something no don't just use a stroke on Jews or music clicks get out there for that okay so John Lacey I said that John get somebody emailed me with information about john gacy then he went live on a video saying he know exactly what I'm talking about he dares me to talk to them because I can go to jail you don't talk to people kids offline does not matter if they grow neon now you're talking to this woman's child I don't care if she's old you're young it was your rule that you created don't talk to people key is all for you – or you'll get beat up and stopping and all this stuff right he's so mad that people what Elvin is do he got a what proof he got assigned to talk in person that's why I had I'm not can I say this is how is he gonna help some woman you know that it's claiming that she's been allegedly touched by her stepfather but you didn't even help pay pay pay ran away wait wait what's the aucd's chopper hey Paraguay one day he called him a motherfucker the next day he cried for Rita he swears to tear out his eye his head and donated a whole lot of money what's the odds in it what's the Occident this sounds like it's a setup to me that's what it sounded like to me like it's a witch-hunt it sounds like it's a witch hunt against Rita because they've been making videos back-to-back about her they didn't they didn't get her when they get when it came to the the accusation that her and Beal supposedly wanted some you know come after you and Nicole Tyler yeah all of a sudden is this the next day the next day NASA interview wilhunt daughter saying that her father her stepfather than touch sir why is that I have been out there all along yeah well I'm sorry well chopper let me and let's go back a little farther okay no it started was geisha going over there to to read a check then all of a sudden of Rick Reed he's doing the interview basically saying the same thing over and over times 3 3 times CD 3 in a bit he said this Matsumoto we go three times now why now is it a big deal and why now do you all want a mute reader Yeah right Rena but I was just supporting Rena just a couple of months ago Yeah right for chatting her and everything right three times in which we know that Rick Reed has been spotted he's gay and he's been spotted in Gacy shit all right so to me that was attack number one okay then then after that you know they tried to you know divert a little bit they want to throw a Geisha over here and that didn't work out too well then all of a sudden then a vendor's of this email from from 10 years ago pops up that was a tag number to own Rita from 10 years ago pops up that didn't work so all of a sudden they executed attack number 3 today and I must say I have to listen I got to get my hand out to that motherfucker he said bitch strike one it didn't work strike two it did work but today honey me and you I got into a little argument now we was going back and forth you know I mean bad because you guys know I get triggered real bad when you come stuff like this I believe the daughter and the reason why I believe the daughter is because those documents has already been flying around since Rita has come out but the problem and people had already been saying that it was not uncle it was the husband father so that that's public record you people I mean that the shit is public so we knew the girl was protecting the mom but how can now this girl go to the same person who posted her mother sucking dick oh you too this is the violated her mind what is the link all of a sudden the person who's just posted porn on your mom is not a person's post they help you a bunch on molestation case like come on this this is crazy like I'm here to help listen I would even donate I have no problem with donating to Shawshank falling for the girl or whatever I don't give a fuck about Shelley the thing about this I'm here to help any victims that's just with me and them I'm here to help any victim okay well I like the person who's running the GoFundMe or not so if she posts something I know it's going to go to that girl all right I will help the problem is how they're going about it I don't every building in the show shape they said obvious Larry never did end up into you and your attacker he'll know his daughter reached out to me and she needed a panel she needed a voice you need a platform and I did that but I got demon eyes and I hear a bitch crying on the phone Oh son you changed my life I'm right the fuck I'm confused that's the reason why I feel like he this is a part of the master plan to mute this lady because I'm not saying this child was not touched we all know some happen the proof is I said what is the source to which she chose to go to to get the help it's questionable especially on top of the fact it's been a constant attack against Brito for weeks now yeah everything so I'm just looking at this a little side out because of all people that you could have reached out to why you reach out to him if you reached out to him and why do you feel that he's helping you win just last week he prefer not patreon of your mother made a quote because they cannot prove that he's doing this he cannot he gonna do sounds they'll work and I can show you my work schedules another steady state yeah that definitely with the cow John gasps are you a small problem they're gonna now let me know have it Robin him telling when something goes off and he's never around he has all his people working behind the scenes for you and with it is it her two biggest enemies it's so called to help with her I can't believe that I just know that said another check on her and like you said like you know I explained it was hit one hit to hit three nothing worked so now you have the girl's mother the daughter like you say you are not supposed to go all line out of youtube to help people that's what they told me that was the rule you cannot go offline leave YouTube on YouTube leave all flannel offline and the girl she keeps 4head oh she needs to be off for you to see you too like it's all about YouTube just YouTube YouTube YouTube which is strange to me now let me know when you're ready when you're ready for me to because you know go ahead with your critical thing about the up break this down go here give us some that country alright well like let me first of all let me correct myself that was for attacks because I forgot about the attack with the patreon in the porn so that may attack number four now let me also say this I might be a little out of order but I just want to make it clear I feel personally that the daughter was contacted by one of them and she was coached or coerced pretty much what to say because as we noticed like just like with the Geisha roast or whatever she was pretty much repeating stuff that they've all been saying so you know I feel like you know somebody got in her ear excited her and you know and made her pretty much make make this move I don't feel like I don't feel like she did it on because the daughter kept saying you know things about Rita and YouTube Rita and YouTube and then we all know that that the daughter was like a moderator but the moderator and Rita's chat and you know you know they pretty much have worked through some differences okay yeah let me let me let me do a small dispute I listen closely and the young lady said I'm not calling a lawyer at all I believe her mister I believe the child but I I think that was a good interview I'm not I'm not I can't well fuck who gave the interview I feel like it was legit I could hear her pouring her heart out I didn't she she tried she was even still trying to protect her mom she wanted out of smoke your bill but you cannot make a smoke bill bill only because your mother is a part of bill so I could test you still are protected mother now she clearly said that her mother got into a fight last week when she got to that house bill was not supposed to be there because apparently tried to be here up for a second time that's where the issue coming it that's why she's lashing out remember when you don't heal properly and I can tell you from experience you don't give a fuck who you embarrassed you want to go to the highest mountain until everybody nigga I was molested I want to embarrass my whole family I want you to hurt I want you to feel my pain I want you to feel like shit but if she still trying to fit her mom and I doing that she's making it worse these people are telling this girl we're gonna help you get your mama other kids taken away and what she won't the girl both her mom away from bill so she don't understand she's not thinking clearly that no it's gonna drive even bigger wedge between y'all because you're trying to make this limit loose I can't believe bill apparently and straight and not just lately knows the kids to like it would be one thing you know for the kids to go to the grandmother but the way that they're trying to go about it they're trying to make this these children go to CPS which is not good at all these kids have already been abused sharp and not going too deep but choppy you say yourself you know that sometimes being in the system is not good you you gave a testimony before about how these people treat kids or sis if these kids already been abused it's a chance that they will be re abused real things might still happen first the first person I was placed with she tried to beat me with a bed so that was even worse than what my mom did so and then the second person she was only doing it to get the money to surgeries and stuff I ain't never seen on the house she was there she had about she had a good ten kids there she was there she was placed with her and she was just using them for the system just like mr. Bradley but um anything but you know this is what I see you doing all this traveling and all that and you taking care yourself and like the first lady that they placed me with she bought me all of these small extra small cloves and I was just in a real comfortable uncomfortable situation even though I wasn't that far from home I was in an uncomfortable situation and the lady clearly didn't even need the damn money she was a damn nurse so I know she ain't need the money she was just doing it for some extra cash but she you know she she really clearly didn't want me there that's why she tries to beat me so I asked him to move me to another home they moved me to another home that lady was even worse no I'm not saying all situations are like that but majority of the situations aren't like that and at times people get touched kids get touched sexually they get abused physically or whatever and you know and in the worst part and Gacy if you ain't watching right now someone will pass his message the words let me tell you what let me take a glance up the worst part it is Shawn the person you over that got caping and working for you is the one who call CPS on you okay I don't like you never will like you don't want to like you but I thought that she quite often and the proof is in the damn record okay she call CPS on yo ass and now y'all both working together the cost EPS or somebody rolled off'n everything she had a whole plan for you sure did one thing our question is because please understand for y'all floors in the back this in the bushes listening I am not at all saying that this child this young lady is not telling the truth I believe and I just I feel like they manipulating this girl they making her think and they coerced and how what do you don't man safe thinking that this is going to be a part of helping her mom I'll get away from there man which is really what the girl she won't hear but the way that clinic is going to end up being bad and it's going to drive an even bigger wedge between her and her mama people riled up to my CPS and my choppers of testimony just now not all but that's what a lot of kids that I have dealt with when I was doing mentoring and and working as volunteer down at the shelter I heard this story a lot of time about how these kids are treated when they go into the system we think getting them away from the parents is the end I'll beat all of the situation and they're gonna be alright but you take them out of one of your situation only to place them back into an ugly so I also I want this girl to get the help that she needs I won't her family to heal I just don't think that the people that she well the people they reached out her because I don't think she reached out to nobody I think she got she got contacted and they gave her a narrative but she don't understand what's really going on in these whitey streets she don't know that there's an ulterior motive to this and it's not to help her let Anika I have to this disagree with you and a Qi about people who nip you laid her this girl seems like she has a lot of energy inside of her that she wants to get out I listen intensely and closely to her three video she actually YouTube channel of that I saw and I listened to what she said and it's a lot of pain and her voice and again she not even talking about the assault that she suffered she wants her mother she wants a mother away from the guy she's not even talking about for she keeps saying she wants a mother away from him she wants the mama okay so not me more of a cry for help market like like come home go ahead shop I thought you all start about that your turn I was just gonna say all help isn't always good help and stuff and the stuff that going back to the king the stuff he's done in the past for his key is that he's taken care of just clearly to me he's just trying to replace mommy that's all it is he trying to he's trying to replace Rita me okay let me say this okay now you know like I feel like I'm very passionate to it's all over my videos I love my page you know I've been speaking about it a lot you know I'm plus I'm a victim of molestation so I'm very I'm very passionate as well about it but with this particular situation you know like I know for a fact that you know like that this exposure and you know and them exposing this situation and stuff like that did not have good intent in all at all plus one of the major things is the fact that this case has already been through the court it has already been through CPS so like you know so like you know like bringing it and I understand the daughter needed you know the daughter wants the mother away from away from Bill you know the alleged you know abuser however the daughter you know like if she's you know coherent and things of that nature she's like of a legal age and there are other methods of going about you know doing something that matter plus you it's just like in all cases of abuse it's like a manipulation as she says in a lot of ways you know sometimes the girl didn't reach out to dildo I mean cuz time tonight is a prime example that these kids will reach out to a person with a bigger platform that's real acting see I try to you guys not gonna be rough around the edges on some shit but with this ones because I you know I went through this yeah I can't have people reach out to me Larry song still reach out to me – well yeah was but with this situation is time circumstance and situation it's too many happening from that side of the you know too many attacks on Rita happening on the inside and chronological back-to-back order so you know that's one of the reasons why I do not feel feel that um you know plus you know it I mean it already have been pinpointed that you know like you know SB or Gacy was you know was you know the mastermind or you know the lead then the you know the leave behind you know all the current events so you know at this point there was no other choice but to come out and you know at the same time you know we had those of those how this all started the second incident with the CPS causing charges you know it you know at the same time there has to be some way of justifying you know their reason for doing it with you know still you know this information has been out for the longest of time it's been through court proceedings it's been through CPS you know and all of those different things so you know like I feel that you know even though the girl you know may have wanted a voice you know I feel like they call her sir you know cuz the timing and I feel like they can't you know basically you know basically this was an attack a way of intimidating Rita and you know trying to style and so once again I took that you know I'm not you know just saying a matter of whether you know like cuz I'm really not this is not a matter whether I believe the girl or not because you know yes you know I do believe the girl it's a matter of like who is going to intersect that they're making the situation much worse and the fact that there's no healing going to come from the way that is being done if she really wants a man away from her mother away from him why did she go through the proper channels that was all the setup i mean why go to the mother enemies that he is here are you doing water could have called CPS herself let's shop at I'll do a chopper another thing with the situation the Tenaya situation Tenaya is a grown woman she's married she has a child she doesn't live at home with her mom so that's a total different situation she doesn't live at home with Larry so that's a total different situation on this situation don't that girl and what with her mother no she live with Bill she lived with them right so it's a little different situation and it it jeopardizes everything for that girl so the whole situation I do agree with Qi saying that they did use this I think what it was is maybe she didn't reach out to him and then he was like you know like well I can help you you know I do foster care in myself blah blah blah I listen now now listen see people want to talk about let's go ahead and break it down about 20-30 minutes I change that well will be the eyes now the girls said that the husband apparently if I'm saying is right listen um let me get this together the girl said that it was not an uncle who touched her it was Bill he's the molester then she said that it was his friend and his nephew that actually molested and assaulted the other two kids a little girl a little boy this is what the daughter says now what would be the odds that a placement would be john gacy house who lives right there there's two kids like there will be the uh that would be the ultimate mother fuckin like but yes what you to explosion that this man is is fostering her fucking kids it is not there he don't like he don't like girls remember he only gig boys remember video when his niece is getting a feat done it's taking them all now and you know I [Laughter] mean if the girl did contact one of them then why didn't they tell the girl who's of legal age to report it to CPS to report it to CPS that would have been a super simple fix but coming on YouTube you know coming on YouTube to retell the story for the thousandth time you know is like at that point is like harassment you know it's like harassment like when are y'all gonna stop telling this story cuz you know keep in mind we greet old it three times reader than you know somebody else we greet well four times Rick Reed started the story off so it was four times Rita came on and she told the story the daughter came on and told the story indeed so how many times is the same story gonna get told and the daughter told the story a different way again I like I said I believe the daughter I believe she's trying protect Rita she but I don't think she wants she what she don't know is it's causing more harm to relationships in here but i 100% believe the daughter there's there's nobody on that that could make me change my mind but I will tell you times this right here I do believe that we will see Rita and her daughter before the end of this month is out maybe even the middle of next month they have they are going to be made up and she's gonna go live in and recant all this shit because she wants her mother I really got to do is go over there and cry and say why you do me like this I'm gonna make a change I love you they gonna be on life together once again because we say and read ever made was made that girl Amanat right it'll be on her channel watch watching and let me tell you what I what I have to watch their head once that happens without what also is gonna happen it's not gonna look good for the people exposed it on YouTube because it's gonna look like what it what it is harassment you know never get I'll come back together every time unconditional love between a mother and a daughter no man and that's one of the reasons why I don't want to get into like to me it's not about like like I said you know yeah you know I I have a lot of reasons to believe the daughter but you know to me it's not about that especially once the case has already been to court you know cuz you know in some places you're so Jason you know because but just because it did it's already been the court that that doesn't mean that that person is always going to be the person that's being accused is they're always gonna be charged some people get away with it look our what I'm not knock you out you I keep that same energy mean you had to argue you had a little small tip I don't like all we have smartsilk City on telephone you make a stable you said we'll be learning in jail and I got very offended by that because I said just because a person in jail does not mean that they does not crime that's not why I'm saying hang up on you because that's pretty great Victor Beth that's not what I'm saying though what I'm no but what I'm saying is what I'm saying is a lot of times once stuff has gone to the court of the law then you know you know like to come back just like to come back again with the same stuff in some states and stuff like that that has legal repercussions you know you lost me you say just cuz the matter what the jail for a crime death and if you bring it up again is you got repercussions for that doesn't like well no well yeah well yeah yeah tell me what law is that that if somebody go to jail let's say a person go to jail for child molestation they do a year thank you now you meet you I can't tell my story for rest of my life no no no no that's not I'm not saying that guilty that's guilty but I'm saying I'm saying if a person has not yet you had you know was not you know charged with the client documents ugly its public documents right but if the person has not been charged with the crime you know from a legal perspective you know like not on the girls safe because sometimes you know they have statutory you know statutory loads or whatever but what I mean is like it's dangerous for other people you know like it's dangerous for outside people and other people too you know like pretty much you know like you know to pretty much be like drinking you know this type of things Ollie but it's only commentary another thing Qi the do could still be pretty could still be prosecuted he just wasn't prosecuted that time right I'm not playing anything about prosecution or anything but I'm just saying like it's just like this just like for instance like I said just like a reader and her daughter they you know they work things out they come back online and you know reader execute that that plan that you know most people do and that you know she probably has done before in the past then that's gonna leave some harassment charges for certain people okay so that means like you know so like you know and you know why we say allege why we say alleged you know you know allege or things of that nature because you know if it has not been proven then you you know like it's like slander and different is public document not only was it shown months and months ago The Keg may show y'all saw that shit again was when he showed the big sucking pictures somebody tap in the background slow down and kind of lighten up on tapping the I don't know it's a lot of women who tell they test testimonies until they die it's a lot of people that go to the damn Congress that happened in the past where somebody was prosecuted but yeah right so that doesn't mean you cannot talk about hair even if muff I can be prosecuted uh you can still talk about it and run your mouth about it if they think it's slander you dare their motherfucking to take you to court and they'll get the Bill Cosby case yeah yeah it'll cause because look how long it took for all yeah well now now now are Kelly at one time was left worst weapon people worth less people were slander charge you know he was he was he was our Kelly was paying people of settlements that's why he's broke shut up a hush money that's money settlements they found about six settlements that are yellow document all those families that those girls that are coming out now most of those families have been paying hush money yes to shut up yeah okay well this is what I'm saying let me get it clear cuz it's still like we leaning over here and her over here now the daughter my all means has a right to tell her story for the rest of her life you know for the rest of her life she has a right to tell her own story and even I would say Rita and maybe even Bill will have a right to tell their story however it you know if like this say like right now if you know like you know Bill wants to say that you know like somebody is slandering him he also has a right to press charges he also has a right to press charges you know because look at the public document he was accused I think they said he either broke her jaw above the head a broker mm like that but he was charged for child abuse but beating a girl up like what a grunt listen have definitely dad let me tell you something it's one thing to spank a child for a little bruise moving a full grown ass man do you know how many grown women they can't take an ass-whooping from a man can you imagine being a little girl and a nigga be told do not intimidate men you have a full-grown man well I don't give a damn how smart your mouth is I don't care how fast you are but a full-grown man can step up to adjust Roy a to is scare the shit out of you but can you imagine that muhfucka be across the knock you the fuck out is level to that shit a motherfuckers just gonna wake up and knock a bitch out that mean they started with something small and it built up to that he was very comfortable you just don't knock the motherfuck out it's the right eye he's definitely guilty here according to you know the according to the paperwork for uh physical abuse you know he's definitely guilty other don't agree with that I don't agree with any of it I don't agree with any other what I'm doing is it just wasn't enough evidence to prove that he was sexually abused or that's what and I'm not even trying I'm disbanded that should be handled in court if they're especially after I've already been to court that should be handled in court not on YouTube you know not on YouTube is a commentary type site it is it is but at any point we like which there are still limit there are still limits to certain things and stuff like that we still have limits that's one of the reasons why we have to say alleged religion when it comes down to a lot of different things so that's why I'm saying yeah me and something a charge Nasik okay me in terms of the charges at you know of the sexual abuse I don't want to speak on that you know I don't want to speak on that because I have not seen you know like I can't I don't you know you know don't you know that's legit speaking that's what I'm speaking on Rita bill and the door to all says that three people were sexually assaulted that's not even in question the question is who what we anywhere okay that's the question really bill said it happened and the daughter said happen the problem that is they say that it first is able to uncle then the girl is upset now she's saying this bill now they say it's a friend of nephew we've never heard about a friend and nephew till today you know say so I'm not saying the stores a lie like I said I stand by I believe the young lady I stand by I think it was a good I stand by them all right I believe our all-star for like this I wish they would have handled it in the proper way and I hate to see them explode like this because that's all they do is click to view so I believe you know the child is not going to come home I just want the man away from a mother but I believe everything she said I believe his child as the head who got the proper help I get it I hear her story and I can identify 100% I just feel like this is a form of exploitation more than it is to help this child that's all I'm saying I just feel like this child being exploited by people who don't like her mama and woman hurt I basically get her off for you too and she's thinking this is going to help and when this and when this same young lady does not react the way that they want her to continue sale journal they're going to end up you know exploiting an arrest and her to which is gonna further you know emotionally damaged you know this family who needs healing my story they make that's all they doing it for the thing that people say I had a clean slate with Larry me and Larry never never had a beef I didn't know him you didn't know me so I reached out to me put them on a platform this will cause the issue today actually has its own situation that's the difference I didn't have a motive to try to rule and Larry ruin his life I didn't even know and on top of that Larry was wrong himself because he he included so many other people to the story outside of his daughters story so he he was his cellphone that that and the situation with Taniya telling her story was quite differently because although we know that you know there was allegations of minors being involved that stuff was not brought up you know you were very careful about not bringing that up so much that that girl that woman said I wouldn't even say I thought I said don't say I'm a light green shit they were saying okay however in this case you know you know it must make speculations that you know that some some allegations were brought up about the minors yes yes now we're gonna wrap up I think we're gonna do about 15 because one thing about this trial we like to get over like the mess talk about it and get the fuck up out there willing to prolong this shit I do want to say to the people this is tfcc mess Express train we come on here we with the bullshit but we like to uh you know we try to have different opinions we're not gonna all agree on everything meet you I had a real look just going on I don't I just like Josh a period I do think it was a good interview I do think if you know I probably do around the but they do a little donation I throw something over there if if I know it's the right place or whatever listen SB is a clever motherfucker he's siding getting strike one and get strike – but baby he hit a home run cuz I tell you them up we'll just flipped on reader fast now the daughter is trying to go after a bill but to the door honey everybody's doing videos do you see be your name in the video so do you see Rita name Rita so you're trying to put a tack on Bill and really you're gonna put a Technium home and you're gonna make your mom lose those kids and I was like don't happen I support the little girl whereas here one I support the woman she has a right to yell story out there I don't see nothing wrong with her going on people platform talking about it I just think that the people she went to they already have situation with the mother so it's kind of like conflict of interest that's the only thing I see but I think the interview is well executed they have a character we have a prayer session and somebody can't relate prior to Jesus shine I was like god damn you want to join a goddamn charge I'm like y'all drop the questions let's go ahead do some questions if you got any questions in the chat go give it to us we got blessed watches we got a lady Nikko we got Q our critical thinking who might be going live a little bit later on then we have choppers lyric reloaded all right let's read the chat guys somebody somebody get the chest somebody hung get the check who gonna do the shit who's gonna get a check y'all drop some questions or stove is in the chest am I gonna read them all well this isn't a question this is a statement it says remember if you hurt the mother you hurt the child get some mother help and they both get healing hey let me be messy real quick miss Cruz I thought your friend can't be on YouTube no mo we're talking about Jay Wilson and Tracey arena is she coming out to girl you know you in the Miss stop it [Laughter] please say hello we know you here come on come on Vince might just give up give us a high we know the crazy thing is all men X's and Y's you know that they all watch a dress they say that is what she said that is it Bill's family just doing all the day whatever call it so you're right about that yes I did hear that but you know that way I got good news they did say that um Rita is not on drugs the mother and the daughter both said that they do not believe she's on drugs that's one thing for sure but that's that's easy pictures right there that's nothing there's nothing that's a piss test that could that could clear that anybody else got anything else his wife said why not go to the police and not the YouTube police when they bitch to the police that's when I don't public record the door was assaulted let me tell you that what the daughter said was when she went there last week he was not supposed to be at the house and he was still there she also there were they got insulted she left the house there Rita come out come the bitches holes it splits it sounds very familiar right do I have to replay on what that it sounds very familiar it sounds like a real conversation you got a bitch took my motherfucking chat being stupid bitch did you just hear the beginning of the video when she said you to understate it's always a hole coming over here in the middle of it when we having a good discussion trying to kick up some big-ass bitch P go I don't know who blood let's have a real-life panel conversation with the original panel which is blessed unique oh all right baby give me like 15 mins oh lady Nika Qi and bliss they do not want to touch this topic okay it's y'all if y'all here's a real nigga shit let's be real it was like nigga turn to go line my channel to do this because the train goes from station to station fuck you I do wanna touch this topic because Qi channel is built on consciousness lady nigga got shit built up on reality TV okay no we gotta go through Shore bless how to do the google ping we probably did that earlier today she got busy okay choppers a special guest so I was the option now inflator nigga you are no I can although thesis in the right to your other channel you can put it on there but then nobody want to touch this topic actually was not gonna even gonna lie about it today that's why I said in the chat don't answer if you scared because a lot of people don't be Wanda mixing the bullshit this is cs50 mess Express we talk about every goddamn thing we ain't gonna hurt nobody we just talking about like everybody else know just knows you can use and come and commentary again I really didn't know how to approach him because what that bullshit excuse you gave me [Laughter] and I want to say something – like what the daughter is talking about is the mist and more like about domestic violence charges you know with with readers and that's how sexual abuse charges see that's another thing people or not you know or not like realizing now check this out ill bill is real right around the corner from you pinhead CPS so they say we don't know if it's true okay is allegedly coming up three times lady a shit about it the girl says that his friend and nephew both molested his chose another girl the older girls stepdaughter bunch of children these are no we saw the kids beautiful tears you know saying and he didn't do shit now somebody alleged that in wanna read the videos she may a a leaked statement saying that one of those got murdered nothing got killed no she's telling the truth I love with the finding out I'm not the girl answer that question but they can't say that one of them died mysteriously so but I'm but I want to ask a question so okay I could kind of understand why they are attacking it outside of outside of the beach I can understand why they are attacking Rita because how could you stand by and let your own children be attacked like that and I not want to get away from that situation that's I can understand that but I'm not trying to like come down or read or anything but I just I do kind of understand it outside of the beef I do understand it does anybody agree with me I do I'd be outside of the beef like cuz it's still the life and still human lives keep children involved and the only person's gonna get hurt in this situation is the kids right now cuz right now the kids are not in any direct threat she says unless the two kids with the friend and the nephew is not around anymore so where's the direct threat see what people come to daughter now if that was a previous three and she still got the kids that mean that she did whatever the issues cause been done but at this point if we don't see your friend or nephew around the kid is who did this crime you know children there was what is the direct threat right now the problem is um the girls because I guess he tried to find her and he's wrongfully if that's true he should not be trying to fire I don't care if she's grown he is a man in but to abuse a child with a rolling I don't care how smart a mouth he's angry because that daughters don't think it's okay for me to hit on my exactly exactly and that's destiny I agree go for me and like that because they haven't got any healing from situations like like this girl said she was in so asking me Rita Carter would have hit me up ahead of time before Shao Shang done it and my answer is no the Tenaya thing drained the hell out of me no I probably cool a couple of comas behind the scenes but no I lesser learn from this you it's a lot it comes with a lot it comes with a lot even the tonight they meant tonight steel community Castile talks like a little sister to me and and if some days you still have moments where she's stressed out and stuff like that you know no it's a lot it's a lot when you take on other people issues the problem where you still got your own you still doing stuff within yourself because it never I don't care how much therapy you get it never goes away even today I will stir your big time miscue I had a little situation whatever you know so no question now with Rick Reed reached out to me to try to air out Rita I wouldn't take it I said enough because I know I know honesty I always get blamed for something I always end up being a demon it just shocked me today listen to these people praise oh boy my nigga she reached out to you y'all gave up platform now donate money y'all trying to help legally I got trash dog drunk red Mustang just we won the help and still with them doing it to me I'm still openly saying I think Shawshank did a good interview I think the girls tell the truth and I do think she needs help but I don't think they should try to force a crime to get those kids taken away because nephew in the friend who touched those kids before in the house now it where's the crime being against another fucking crying period it's nice and let me point out that I want to be really specific that there's a big difference between the you know the way that you did the Tenaya interview and the way that this interview with handle first of all this far with intentions so it's not one in the same it's not one it's not one in the same you know it's not one in the same you know it's now and then you act Taniya actually got some help in some assistance now you know with and some support for the bed you know throughout the backlash and all of that kind of stuff now you know we already know that you know it's not gonna happen that way on this side and from this end and we already know that the intentions were not we're not you know we're not good at all about it – I feel like the intent behind it ain't good you had no beef with a girls fall there was no history there and it's new is currently it's a trap okay so now this don't come out in you and although I believe this baby I believe everywhere there baby see I just don't believe that the people who brought it to the forefront for the umpteenth time and she's not gonna get 360 degrees of support that she's gonna need they will be live together mark my word there is no Shawshank there's no gay there's no money that can ever change a daughter warning her mother's love she wants the mothers are teaching and there's a way to get it I bet she helped mom's attention the way she got it now she got him on my teaching fully right now and believe me three describe the car and please really don't get on his life then wait and wait until the daughter finds out that this was an intentional attack on him on her mother it's not gonna be nice for those people all right so let's give up everybody champ we appreciate y'all for coming through on the CSEC mess Express we don't let everybody get a final fast now uh lady make up a fight in his you know today was your day in this video and download everything do you want this video on your channel on my channel and it'll fit on RTS you see Miss Express challenge I know your elevations for this was bullshit but now that you win [Laughter] so do you want to catch the next try or do you want this one do you want me to send this to you yes or no yes alright so so when this life ends you would get this choo-choo train episode overall lady knickers channel lady need to make sure you hit the premiere there way you will have a live chat you know I see you near that way you have the live chat and then after a week we would then put on our actual teen Assisi mess Express panel channel so youtubers we actually have a channel that we put our full alive zone you're not able to come here or see the chat over there and we just reloaded so later Nico I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put this together put the intro and everything on and I see you to link whatever you download and you know make it do what it do okay alright so everybody give you a final thoughts on the Rita and Bill Gates go ahead blessed wife as you go first day okay my father thought on is this to true truly truly believe is generally pretty good to help that she's really me and I really hate that she's been exploited by Senate if it was really coming from their heart it would be there would be an okay kind of thing don't believe this coming from their heart so I hope this bounty the whole evening Rita is really into a daughter because she's you know she's pretty hurt she really my mother her mother's going to always mother and daughter love there's an urge upon you that no matter what those are so I come on board and this is really the most thing you know I counted on even what a bunch of general question I just thought I hear things like that so I all right chopper lyrics reloaded as it was your thoughts on the Rita and Bill Gates well I hope that the door to finds healing and I do agree with less walkins about it being exploited her being exploited and I really do think if that person felt like she needed that he wanted to help her or whoever she reached out to they didn't have to do it on YouTube I do agree with that they didn't have to do it on YouTube if they were since they was having a beef with this lady they didn't have to exploit the situation they could have did they could have went to other levels with him being a foster parent he could have went and reached out to whomever he needed to reach out to to get her to help that she needed outside of YouTube mm-hmm agrees to are critical thinking go ahead and tell us your opinion on Rita well if this is a situation of a domestic you know abuse with Rita because you know the manipulation or all of that falls under you know the you know emotional abuse all that falls on the domestic abuse with Rita then you know like most victims you know in order to you know actually leave the situations they need extensive therapy you know it's not something like I've seen very few cases where you know people have just you know like a lot of the people the women or the mothers or whomever would be abuse just up and that was easily you know easily left the situation you know it you know easily that's the situation so a lot of times it's not like a one two three things so you know like definitely you know like Rita is going to need some kind of therapy and some type of support you know some type of support because you know like the the the the abuse happens like verbally emotionally in its manipulation so so a lot of times these victims are not necessarily like speaking clearly there's things said a lot of times like nobody else wants you you're gonna need me if you leave me I'm you know hurt you different things of that nature and you know and you know although like the average person may not believe that you know a lot of times these victims they believe that so you know I mean although it looks real ugly big you know like you know with the situation of Bill beaten you know bill physically abusing the daughter you know you know like let's not beat up Rita you know because a lot of times you know like you know a lot of times these victims and stuff like that you know they're there to start they have like sums you know emotional disturbances and different things going on and they actually need therapy and help okay so I'm gonna give a quick testimony really quick and when I give this testimony I mean all you guys to find the link to our YouTube channels type your name and for another you know like you I critical thinking the cold is Indian drop your link so the people could know what to subscribe from people on the panel Qi can you do that lady can't do that bless walkers can do that especially just choppers there alone II can't do that drop your links I want to give a quick testimony first of I want to say that greener garden is crying for attention I believe her 100% but she's crying for attention you want to know why I know why she's crying for attention because she's it while his chat right now talking she's in while his chat right now coffee she wants attention just like 291 in my help and one attention this girl wants her mother away from bill and I don't think that's gonna happen now let me give you a testimony you guys he my mom you guys here seen me and my mom talk about situations that happened when I was a child you guys would never know you see me my mom together you would never know that I went three years without talking to my mother for three years my mom even had my first I wouldn't I would talk to my kids because I was trying to do everything to lash her suger I'm even doing to my dad and and really I was just I should be just mad with my mother and my father but it's something by having that mothers protection it's something by having your mom crap your back it's something but you saying if nobody else watch you probably should be the mother because we have a special connection to kids okay we watch our kids we can shoot the overprotective you know I know I am very oh my whole point is singing this is I did so much shit to try to hurt my mother to try to hurt my son other to try to embarrass my family even try to embarrass my oldest brother who molested me and at the end of the day I only made myself look crazy I only made myself hurt more it wasn't until I left this chick go and try to heal with my family now me my oldest brother we sit on top like we should you know I could be cordial I speak to what every keep moving but until I made up my mind to he told myself things got better for me because unconditional I still love my brother I still I always love my mother my father but he's always gonna be my brother okay nothing take away take nothing take away the fact that that's my fucking brother I just read a once and it said I graduated okay I can't take that away I can't take away the good members on the bed we gotta remember there was good memory there was good time you know so at end of the day we do things like that too let's also try to hurt their girls try to hurt my mother why she's around this chat right now that's why she's going forever pleasure and not getting to you Shawshank of you listening it why they want to interview her I'm sure he would interviewer and take no click to view because it does not matter see we youtubers care about what platform you go on she don't care she just gonna be heard and no matter who platform she goes we just want to be fucking her y'all stay my own shitty come Dobby I already heard everything you know saying I believe Christ or I hope no power to us i will donate if need be but my point is she just want to be her stand we care about the YouTube clicks and views the shit she don't care she's just wanna be seen and heard cuz if she did she wouldn't be a while we know y'all think that so no no child no no so y'all go ahead finish this out I just want to give a quick check and to this day I love my mother I love my father and I love my brothers even the one who abused I love my family they don't mean I gotta talk to him but I love and I forgive them because I cannot heal until I forgive and I'm still trigger I was triggered today I believe the girl 100% I thought it was a good interview I do think of its being outspoken and he's doing evac in the job of doing it listen I don't give a bleep first one is do macula job so y'all go ahead finishes out one better one y'all we fuck off this train family needs go here later okay let me split say when she got a safer because I don't know hood and I say what she had to say go hair Blair's baby well I said everything I said up pretty girl get this you really mean I'm just praying for the family of to get together and get the help they need I'm just praying for a healing all right go hey uh well okay go ahead with the prayer up the most tightest of the roads are sharing to some of us the bright and morning star the light bright and Morning Star to some people to please rain down upon this family and bring about healing and to remove any interlopers they don't have good wheel for this family in their request of healing I pray that prayer for these families tonight Lord and your son your son Jesus Christ name anything I was gonna do a Suzie got him hooked at a time appropriate so I just want to say I appreciate all of you guys for this panel this shit is very it's organic and I like to feel like that missed you the other day later Nick and I appreciate shopping it feels good to have different mindsets and people different ideas and different opinions and everything and we ought to come together just talk we still the tfcc message trying but you know we try to be gentle on this one we tried to you know be be sensitive to the daughter even even Sarita and her husband have all the facts I'll be respective a bitch to a good interview got to give up Rob okay was good in its one half of a goddamn she did I gotta give it someone and so that's pretty much it so I appreciate you guys we're about the log off we got to do out of to to hopefully you guys challenge I'll be sure to subscribe and we are about to enter life and later Nick a little later on I see you see the link once I put the intro and everything on there together if you guys want to see this movie it will be premiered on a lady Niko's channel there she decides premiere she would have a link by tonight so on the count of three let's do it two to one [Applause] I see you guys later and we are gonna be off 1 2 3 we up in this piece we about this missing we are the best can't nobody do a better than a lot this is the tfcc mess experience if you can't go to church [Applause] [Applause]

12 thoughts on “TSCC Mezz Express Episode Three : Love,Family & Dysfunction!”

  1. I don't know who any of these people are, and I don't keep up with any of the YT mess… Wheeew Chile, all this is just wayyy too murch! 😱

  2. Love you Lady Nyca but I couldn't watch that gum chewing is very annoying when you have on headphones it's also distracting… The whole video all you hear is SMACK SMACK 🥴

  3. I understand Q.I don't want any legal repercussions of talking about this but as a victim, herself, she needs to help other victims get their voices out so it cannot happen anymore to the other children in that house by the predator!!SHE can talk about the allegations especially because they have been documented

  4. I don't believe that there were any malice or intent by Shelly. However, I believe that you should provide professional help 1st – off camera. Then, if she wants to talk about it–she could do so with a clear mind.

  5. Q.I. might you be talking about a gag order – a judge's order that a case may not be discussed in public. If a case is dismissed or not founding, it cannot be talked about in public as if a person is guilty. If so, the person is susceptible to legal actions.

  6. First my child is FIRST, always.

    Second, I will never say that children will not lie. I have been assigned to cases in which the children were coerced to lie. I know parents that have been ostracized and lost careers behind lies. One girl was very intentional because her father did not allow her to be with her boyfriend.

    Third, regardless if there is no evidence, I take all confessions seriously.

    Fourth, this is sad and unfortunate. This child is seeking something. Counseling is needed.

    Without more information, I'll sit back and see how this plays out💜

  7. My thing regarding them trying to exonerate SB as the CPS caller is that the daughter specifically said that "they still don't know who called CPS", and in the next breath she said, she knows SB did not call CPS. If they don't know who called, how has SB been ruled out as the culprit???

  8. Never allow it. silence is the best solution. Let the doorknob hit them, where God split them.

    Search Bloody Chicago on YouTube.

    Search Judi Grace Story Corps.





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