Trying to learn ANYTHING new.

how you doing so in today's episode we're just gonna be doing some entry-level magic tricks and illusions you know stuff the you know party tricks things that you could just do on a regular have fun you know well first things first a card trick you knew it was coming one of the most commonly used item for illusion so I'm gonna demonstrate it and then I'll explain after so there we go and they're gone so what wait wait wait wait we'll explain after so there we go and they're gone so what are you doing with a flare you probably look around act like you know act like you don't know what happened to it we all don't know what happened you know after about these tell me what happens or so just hold your hand out and this all back and that's it simple with level one number one most problem is and let me show you how I did it so like a lot it's just simple misdirection as I was throwing it up I I ended up actually putting it in my sleeve yeah it's just that simple how how is he doing it that quickly I don't underst you're not explaining even if you look closely uh you can you could see like a little bit of the card in my sleeve or like the deck if you look real close and I can't I can't see it I can't shut the deck and it's not there it's not there one very basic illusion something something you know a kid can do alright next trick a little bit more tricky but just as simple the shirt trick I'll show you and then explain right out there I need to take these off of this and I'm in a different shirt now it looks calm yo how could that possibly be considered simples very simple misdirection basically the pop of the shirt is what grabs everyone's attention everybody's looking at what you're doing with your shirt but they don't notice you have what the changing right on top of the shirt you're doing something else you have to do it very quickly it's a bit sleight of hand ish but if you look at this clip in slow motion you can see right here I'm popping the shirt and then the movement right there this is this is a slow motion shirts right in front you said go quickly not be I might speed this has nothing to do with technique he's inhuman all right last but not least a very simple illusion trick I'll do it and then of course explain it after so as you can see this isn't a camera trick it probably looks like I'm invisible right now it would appear that way to me yes I assure you I'm still here it's just certain little cues that I did to trick your mind into thinking but what I'm not actually here so I'm just gonna snap again and I'm back yeah if you if you look at this clip in slow motion you can see that I'm just you know standing out the camera the entire time and I'm actually I'm actually there after I've snapped but the little queues you know the snapping telling you that doc just you know very easy illusion very easy you know I strain speed the kids can do you know fun fun for everyone you know appreciate you watching and again can't get any easier you know get to practice it

28 thoughts on “Trying to learn ANYTHING new.”

  1. At 2:51 it's obvious that was genjutsu wait the Sharingan. He said he was staring at the camera, so he use the Sharigan to do it.

  2. Tutorial Guy: Literally Summons Satan along with every Eldritch abomination ever created by a human mind, plunging the world into a darkness never before experienced by mankind
    Tutorial Guy: "Ok so now that we have step one out of the way, let's get to the complicated part"

  3. So I see the names to the music on the video and listened to both tracks but still cannot find the song or part of the song that starts at 2:50 on the video. What is that song? Or which track

  4. YEUP. And then I end up feeling god damn stupid and I have low self-esteem anyway so one day I said FUCK IT I'LL NEVER LEARN ANYTHING AGAIN and now I'm a hermit

  5. Bruh this is the guy who can put things on instantly because on the last one when he went invisible, he wore the air which covered him so he couldn't be seen.

  6. Ooooh very easy huh? Okay here's an easy magic trick for you. Pauses the video.
    Behold! I just froze time! Thank you SO MUCH! 💢
    That's exactly what I would do if I was watching that…

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