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Hello! Friends… Friends, as you can everywhere around hear media talking about Modi Ji’s 4 years being in Power over TV channels, radio, newspapers you are being able to hear and see meanwhile mainstream media is hiding something really very relevant news This news is regarding the biggest Sting operation This sting operation is being hidden by the mainstream media as it itself exposes them As much as options you can think of mainstream media channels like newspapers,news channels ,Radio All of them get exposed with this operation I am talking about The COBRA POST OPERATION 136 part 2 which has been recently released Let’s have a look The Cobra post Operation 136 part 1 was released two months back and I made a video on that if you didn’t see that video please click on the i button on top for the video and in that video I explained I have thereby explained the history and the background of the COBRA POST OPERATION because most of the people are not aware about it but is a very well reputable and trustable media house but it is one of the most trusted and reputable media its focus is on Investigative Journalism and all those journalists who have constituted the initiative they have achieved a number of awards internationally so it is highly reliable wherein in Part 1 they have exposed 18 different media houses all of them not very known but majorly known to all were -INDIA TV, SCOOPVOOP REDIFF.COM But the CPO – part 2 which has been recently released It exposes some very popular media houses as you will be amazed to know ZEE News, ABP News, Times Of India, Hindustan Times Star India, even Radio channels are a part of it BIG FM, Radio1 RED FM Newspapers are also involved like Dainik Jagran In fact not only media houses but companies like PAY TM are also involved This sting operation was done exactly in the same style like the way it was done in Sting operation part 1 against all of these media houses COBRA POST Journalist named Pushp Sharma went in front of all media houses his attire and looks and dressed himself as if he is a part of a “Hindu Organisation” He generated a fake identity along with a fake organisation called “Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta Prachar samiti” It has no physical existence but is falsely created. He created this fake identity just to expose and went to the media houses He offered bribe to all these media houses in return of which he demanded to show such news on TV Channels, Radio channels and newspapers as they were ready to do it. All corrupted media houses accepted his offer except two The offer made by this Investigative Journalist regarding this paid news to all the media houses was distributed in three parts They said that 1st part will be continuing for 3 months in which will we focus on “SOFT HINDUTV” wherein we discuss about different Hindu Gods, Geeta shlokas etc and then we will be transitioning towards ” Hard Hindutva” where we will show speeches of fire brand Indian leaders and you have to publicize communally polarizing news and you must show all these deeds of these media houses and the last one is the third one which has to happen before elections to defame opposition political parties and to specifically assassinate their characters like Rahul Gandhi to be called as ” Pappu”, Mayawati to be called as “Bua” Akhilesh Yadav as ” Babua” so to let all these people down and to provide benefit to a particular party this is the 3 phase strategy made by them This is the reason why Pushp Sharma has offered them money ranging from 1 -500 crore rupees to the media houses Lesser amount of money was offered to the Radio channels who agree to do all this for 4,5 Cr Rupees But upto 500 crore of rupees was offered to the renowned media houses like Times of India who would have denied doing all this in less money. What all should I tell you friends Most of the media houses agreed for all this just for the sake of money More over any country hated speech In return of money they are ready to defame politicians ,show hate space and they are even ready to assassinate their characters as well Just for the sake of money they are ready to even ready to show communally polarizing They are least bothered about the harms associated with the advertisements they show over the television and in newspapers. This can lead to communal riots or even loss of life of masses.They hardy bother… All these sting operations are recorded in videos they are uploaded on youtube via COBRAPOST All the links of the sting videos will be added in the description and top comments for you reference In fact I myself has not gone through all of them but the two interesting cases of times of India and PayTM is what i have seen For an example i would want to show you Pay TM would like to elaborate a bit as it is a very interesting case Friends! Let’s meet the founder of PayTM – Mr.Vijay Shekhar Sharma and the VICE President is Sudhanshu gupta Now if you Google his name you will find a number of news articles and you may also find a video interview the one which is uploaded by the ANI on the you tube channel which was recorded after a few days of demonetization in which he is talking about the benefits of the “Cashless Economy” and out of excitement he is praising demonetization also Our Investigative Journalist Pushp Sharma after he changed his identity He at first visited Sudhanshu Gupta with the advertising offer we talked about earlier in this video As soon as they started conversation Sudhanshu Gupta got excited and started talking about his political affiliations. Have a look! By the way I will show you on thing. In case you should obviously know your political aiflliation This is our Pay TM app and you lets say in today date Mr. Modi is right here as you are aware that one book has been written by Mr, Modi Extra Exam Warrior We are actually promoting this book and its like displayed on this home page Right ……. Right …….So OK Reporter :So we have the e-books which we can promote there? SG : Do you have like text books obviously this is book. Rep : Yes Yes. That’s mainly a satire kind of thing . So tomorrow lets sit over and have enough time so that we can cover multiple issues Why will a PMO Listen friends! Please don’t be misguided by the same Because there is a line which is drawn between the Nationalists and Anti – nationalists The line which is being drawn in your minds between the Nationalists and Anti – nationalists can be different from the line which is drawn by the government In fact they can be majorly different Government can call them Anti -National but can you call the environmental activists as Anti- Nationals? Will you call them Anti -National? Will you call those people from Tamil nadu as Anti -National who were shot by the because they were protesting against a factory You may not call them as Anti -National, but the Government can definitely say so The Government officials have blamed a lot of people as Anti – Nationals if you have been noticing from the past 2, 3 years If farmers protest, they become Anti – Nationals Please don’t misunderstand that if something is done in favor of national security But who will be the next anti – national and PayTM will be sharing who’s data you seriously never know And this is equally valid for the devotees also because the line drawn by you is exactly similar to the line drawn by our PM Modi ji but his opinion can definitely change with time and eventually the line may also shift Moreover, the ruling party can also change Supposing, congress becomes the ruling party and the party declares you to be Anti – nationals what will be the option left behind, so what is important is we should have strong data privacy laws so that companies can no longer share our crucial data with others not even to the government Due to these reasons only Cambridge analytica scam which took place in the entire world and what all happened on Facebook ultimately gained so much popularity As per the new data privacy law in Europe, according to that if you give any data to any company you can anytime destroy the data as per your will If you don’t want your data or information to stay with the particular company you can completely destroy the information If you feel that your information may get transferred to some other company and if the company denies to do so then the companies will be charged heavy penalties On the other side if you wish to close your account with PayTM or if you wish to destroy your data you will fail in doing so because it is as of now impossible to do so As much as you can do about is that you can uninstall PayTM and you can get your accounts blocked but still your data will be preserved by them frozen and Technically they (Pay TM) are not breaking any laws by sharing your data with anyone as there is no law in India that respects data Privacy which can prevent this from happening or fine the companies from doing so.After this sting video there is a tweet from PayTM, let me read it for you In the video it is clearly seen that their Sr. Vice President is caught making such statements but they mention it as a lie Now the PayTM team should make it very clear whether you have appointed this person Sudhanshu Gupta as your Vice President or not! Please give a confirmation regarding the same If he is the concerned person – Is he lying or telling the truth? Please confirm the same.If he is telling the truth in that video, this tweet is totally meaningless and if he is lying? why have you appointed such irresponsible people in your organization? you have hired such people in your organization who makes false statements and spreads lie and later on you yourself tweet about his untrue statements Please don’t consider people as idiots we all can easily make out what all is going on behind this BATRAMAN PATRIKA and DAINIK SAMBAD these are the two local newspapers in Bengal these are the only two newspapers who rejected our offer out of all the one’s we did sting operation on! They clearly rejected our offer directly and denied to print anything religious just for the sake of money I have sincere respect for these two newspapers So this was the truth of PayTM But all these sting operation videos leave behind a lot of questions unanswered in our minds They make us think behind the objective of doing so that most of the newspapers agree for doing such unethical practices I feel such problems do exist because In India most of the media houses and journalist are dependent upon the advertisements for their revenues This is the reason why they easily get lured by such offers So to change this scenario one thing we can do is – Use donations as a source of revenue Another option which is possible and is adopted internationally in countries like UK, Germany, Austria i.e the media houses are tax payer funded not Government funded but Tax payer funded where in every Tax payer is obliged to pay them some amounts every month this is also supported by a law .when they will be given some fixed amounts of revenues so they have least dependency over advertisements BBC is the only channel in UK that works with this concept the funding takes place with the help of the tax payers there is not even a single channel in India which is directly funded by tax payers except Door darshan but in that the Tax money gets diverted through the government as it is seen in the case of BBC channel So there is a very urgent requirement of such a news channel which is Tax payer funded so that its focus on the core journalism which will make our fourth pillar of democracy worth standing But with the present circumstances donation seems to be the only best way of supporting the most liked news channels on monthly basis who do not prefer to rely more on advertisements so that a neutral state of journalism gets maintained in our country you can also donate me on Rathee if you really like and support this viewpoint please like and share this video because otherwise you can’t expect any mainstream media to show this video Please stay tuned till I come back with my next video THANK YOU

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  1. It is disappointing to see ur videos starts with criticism of Modi & ends with the same. Just like their agenda is to favor Modi , ur agenda is to work for those who are against Modi. Everyone is working for money if they do .. so do u …. tell me where & what is good about ur video or cobra post…. APPRECIATE & show positive videos to do something different. Encourage people to do good things, be innovative DHRUV, all u do is criticism … politics is taking advantage of circumstances… planned or impromptu, no one is going to succeed if u don’t know how to play politics.

  2. Once i paid my father's postpaid mobile bill via paytm. But when the connections remained still blocked i went to bsnl office & found that they got no bill. Then i repaid the
    bill again. … this is paytm!!!

  3. Ye bhisdiwale ak to aadhar card bhi link karava rahe hai hamse . Paytm tu to gaya mere mobiles se

  4. @Dhruv Rathee ….First you disgraced paytm by proving it's corrupted and then asked us to fund you through paytm🙄🤔🤔🤔…..may be you got some threats from paytm😱 ……..anyways I don't find a single reason for not calling you as a hypocrite……..

  5. we are getting a lot from every video of happy to watch..if ppl with humanity,knowledge,courage will be politicians and ppl must know what is correct what not then prosperity will come..i watched ur assam floods video netherlands technology here in india contractors corruption…so politicians judiciary ececutives and media and we ppl should walk in a right path…then everyone happy and soln to many problems..atlost thank u very much

  6. Bhai tera dare ko laal Salam, paytm ko toka aur sabko paytm se hi donate karne ko bolra, paytm a dekh ke bardhaash nahi karpayega

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    As planned like aadhar card Pancard and mobile are linked with bank..
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  11. If you say so that media houses have a lack of funding and solely depend on advertisements, then they wouldn't have it bargained for crores of money. I believe, it's more of a personal greed (than mere crisis) which everyone prefers over community service which let them post these fake news (or let other businesses do corrupt work).

  12. Modi Teri trah nahi hai Dal badlu…. Jo jisne sponsor kiya usi k side le…
    I have watched your old videos 1st uh blame Hindustan time, The hindu, TOI etc news paper and then after few months uh claim that they are right… Double standard for what???

  13. Aur pmo ko hi diya hain… pmo k pas jitna data hain uske samne paytm bachha hain… mujhe lagta hain pmo sayed transaction check krne k lie… sare option check krne k lie.

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  16. It has been observed.. public opinion is a natural process, be it triggered logically or illogically.. the 'aspirational horse syndrome' being victim of montomy, always try stretching it's dwarf hands for better alms…the media house, although a mere catalyst, lucky are those who can read the pulse before hand…

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  19. Big Fraud is going on via GooglePay or PhonePay,I catch two of them, Ye Fraud Karte Hain Gaali Do Inko Milkar sab Aur Truecaller pe mark them as Spam Fraud.

    Jaipir Ankit 8529663673

    Jaipur Sameer Khan 9785766532

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