25 thoughts on “Truth About Choosing Social Work as a Career”

  1. I'm only 14 and I really want to become a social worker:) u made me want to be a social worker even more. I'm also in australia

  2. One question, is it easy to work in different country, I'd love to work in the states eventually…

  3. Carla Linton. I'm interested in the Field of Social Worker. And I would like to learn more about it too.

  4. Thank you Jasmine for this video. I´m a Dane, and I´m currently getting my education as a social worker in Denmark. I have a big dream of coming to Australia with my family and working in Australia with my education and live there permanent. Do you have any knowlege from your workplace or previous workplaces if they take some one from outside (like Denmark) and hire them? 🙂

  5. Hai jasmine, thank you for sharing your opinion. It is very useful. Btw my name is april and i also graduted from social work collage in indonesia. Nice to know

  6. Thankyou so much ! I'm in Victoria, Aus and am thinking of doing a cert 4 in Mental Health and potentially getting into social work. It was nice to get some information about it from you. X

  7. I'm in Australia too. I'm interested in this field and trying to find out more about this career. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  8. I'm considering of going back to uni. As I'm vidam impaired, is it difficult finding a job where you don't need to drive from place to place? Or can it be based at one location?


  10. Just Found Your Channel & I Love It. I Just Got Hired As An Assistant Case Manager Through AmeriCorps. I'm Having A Bit Of Trouble Building Trust & A Bond With The Youth. Do You Have Any Tips?

  11. Please if you value your soul do not become a Social Worker. If you want to help people don’t do it. If you are hoping for the reward of feeling good about yourself forget it. Half of Social Workers want to leave in the first two years in the UK. I have done it for twenty years and it has been sheer hell! Particularly if you have a vulnerable background don’t do it. Some people are super resilient most Social Workers are not. If you want to burn out and be stuck to a computer for years go ahead. You will get no support and will be vilified if you complain.

  12. At my uni in Kentucky, USA, to get a bachelors in social work, you had to do 30 hours for freshmen practicum in a social work field, then 130 hours for junior practicum, then 400 hours for senior practicum under a social worker. Of course, here, you have to have a masters degree to be licensed so I'm not sure what additional hours is required for that.

  13. Hi Jasmine. I am currently a 3rd year social work student in South Africa. My desire is to move to Australia after obtaining my honors degree. I wish to know whether I will be accredited for my degree obtained here in South Africa. Please do inform me if you can.

    Thank you in advance 🙂

  14. I am getting my associates in human services and after that I may get my bachelors in social work. What are some jobs that you can get with your associates in human services? Can I do anything with that degree? Also I love your videos! You are so inspiring!

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