Trumps Master Plan Worked: AOC and Ilhan Omar are the Face of the Democrats, Now

all right everyone yesterday within 10 minutes of Trump making his initial tweet with regards to a OC into lathe and these others I made a tweet as well saying basically it was my idea that Trump was baiting the Democrats what he was trying to do is force the Pelosi side of the party to embrace the far left that he was attacking see they can't side with Trump over the far left so that means they have no choice but to side with the far left give him a platform lo and behold what happens in in what might be the most interesting day in the US politics since the 2016 election a hundred percent correct I guess on trump's motive because he came out around 5:30 and confirmed that that was basically what he had done which is oh well yeah the Pelosi and the Democrats were trying to cast the far left aside you know basically as an embarrassment which is what they are on a national level national versus state level politics and not working well for the Democrats right now then then he did that basically to force as I said Pelosi and the others to circle wagons around them now Elin Omar and AOC are the face of the Democratic Party they even had a lengthy and bizarre impromptu press conference in which these people were given a mass media platform by everyone NBC came out not long after NBC News now NBC again NBC Universal parent company also owns MSNBC Comcast subsidiary far far left and democratically partisan I mean they came out and they had this story saying oh well Trump wanted Elin Omar and Cortes to be the face of the dem party and he succeeded yeah his master plan totally worked in fact it working was way better than I would have expected in the morning when I first saw his tweet storm in the morning there where he was talking about these things I said I know that this is a trump plan this is for DHS it's clear I told people that that's what it was it was obvious by the end of the day was 10,000 times more obvious and Trump himself had basically alluded to the same thing to the point where NBC is like you know the Democrats just fucked themselves and they did internal polling that was not from that long ago shows that if Trump is matched up against someone who is considered to be a socialist voters break heavily for Trump if they consider that to be the case Trump has managed to peg multiple Democratic opponents as socialistic what he's trying to do now is make sure the whole party is labeled socialistic if he can successfully get the centrists the independent vote is that 10 15 percent of the population that really decides elections in a lot of vulnerable states if he can get them to consider the democratic party to be socialism friendly he will win the election not only will he win the election he'll coast to re-election he will completely decimate his opponent the Republicans will probably retake the house extend their lead in the Senate despite a map that's two-to-one against them and wipe them out the Democrats on a state level they would be perilously close to being a minor party at that point then what the other effect is this it'll complete the paradigm shift right now you have a lot of ideological schism within the Democratic Party but that schism mainly takes the kit the form of people fronting opposition candidates like some far-left candidate with the Williamson or yang or a Gabbard from the other side arguably you know disaffected people they glom onto minor candidates they threaten to stay home they have angry words on Twitter for the DNC stuff like that but ultimately at the end of the day it doesn't physically crack the party apart what right now is an ideological schism would turn into a physical schism which is the groups within the Democratic Party maybe the business Dems maybe the progressives maybe the corporate backers of the neoliberals would threaten to leave or just up and leave because Trump has destroyed them that's what could happen from that what you get is a reformation of the Democratic Party there's never going to be a one party system in the US people say well there's gonna be one Democratic party demographics is destiny pretty soon there'll be no Republicans ever again that's bullshit that's not gonna happen nor by the way will the fact that Trump is playing 40 chess all the time and outmaneuvering the Democrats constantly will it destroy the Democratic Party forever no it will force it to change to create a new form of itself the best possible Aereo is they jettison the far-left back to the darkness where it came from they jettison the socialism they jettison the commies they put them back in the green and libertarian movements because the libertarian is absorbed accidentally some BISM burning Bros actually recently they do that they become a party of JFK sort of thing they become a business democrat party that cares about American workers that cares about American interests that is more populist 'ok maybe even native istic that would be good that would be a party that might even be worth voting for they would actually give a damn about the people living in the fuckin country paying their – their salaries the Republicans have already successfully overhauled themselves there's still a schism within the party with the never trumpets but it's really an afterthought it's not within the demo the Democratic Party's primary structure helps helps the opposition arguably they're trying to fuck Bernie over again like with the other day when they've set the groundwork for blaming him if they lose in 2020 and probably will and then I saw a bunch of youtubers were uploading videos basically saying what I had said within ten minutes of Trump's tweet it was Ami's and you don't need a crystal ball it's it's not it's a very formulaic Trump and that's the thing the beauty of it is how simple it is he's made a career off of this basic same formulaic framework he redirects people's attention he knows basically here's here's the basic fundamental idea if you will and this is a bit of an oversimplification but it's as good as I can explain it in a limited span of time to get other things going to talk about – if you know how people generally will react to stimuli and if you're in a position to potentially control stimuli you can control people you don't have to end and it's easier in a representative democracy like we have and in a republic because you don't have to it's like with Abe Lincoln what do you say you can fool some of the people all the time all the people some of the time but you can't fool all the people all the time I think was the quote you don't need to fool all the people though you only need to fool a slim majority of people in the majority of the states in order to become the president and in order to govern that you have to have to be all the fool 51 senators basically Trump can do that he's having an easy time of it he's an opera if people are going to look back on the Trump administration it much more positively than in the here-and-now Trump almost begs the tabloid press to beat up on him it's it's what he's used to he's able to deal with it I think if they weren't doing it he would have you be bored so actually I don't think he dislikes the legacy media quite as much as you'd think which might be why he focuses on partisan politics instead of the true problem which is money with regards to the censorship of the alt media of course he is embracing the alt media but he's not really tackling the fundamental underlying issue to step in the right direction but it's one small step for mankind and for the First Amendment if you will but Trump is a master of these things he's been doing this his entire career and so it was hilarious it's hilarious to even watch his fan say well no this time it was a big mistake this will unify the Democrats oh yeah kind of well not really I mean it's it's creating more disunity down the road because when the Democrats you know now have to wine and dine the far left in them what does that do for Biden Biden can't get a board with their platform this fucks Biden more than any other Democrat did you notice that Biden has to cut he's being attacked by Sanders again based on the health care I'll be talking about that till he gets attacked because he refuses to go far far far far left into the aoc stuff he's like well no I'm not comfortable that he's tried to be sane but he's under increasing pressure to be insane the Democrats have formed like like a self-replicating cancer that infectious cancer if you will in which those that are already infected are trying to convince those that aren't to infect themselves willfully and they call them racist sexist horrible people if they don't you don't agree that everything under the Sun is bigoted you don't think we need a 90% marginal tax rate you don't think we need to eliminate transatlantic travel you don't think that we need to bomb the Russians you are an evildoer that's been it's the Democrats of today because they're being led by aoc and stuff Pelosi knows this Pelosi is probably on her 20th Jim's since Trump made his initial tweet she's probably been drunk as a lord for the last 48 fucking hours dealing with this because she knows what he's doing the beauty is even if you know what he's doing is nothing you can do about it it's like a stage musician I've been I've been comparing Trump to an illusionist for several years now when the illusionist does their show the tricks being done down here the illusionist is trying to get you to focus up here you don't even see it all you see is the flashy floor show why do you think these ladies smoke and mirrors sort of stuff smoke and mirrors fire pyrotechnics and sparks and electrical arcing and then scantily clad women with double D's and stuff and stuff like that that's what the illusionist does and loud music and stuff like that you don't even really see the trick you're just seeing the after-effects of the trick that's been successfully completed these people understand what Trump's doing they they they know that it's illusionism and they can't help it they're just transfixed he's like the best stage magician of modern times he's up there with Copperfield and all the others now it's amazing to watch it's hilarious to see people taken in by it and then these sit back you can admire that even if you're not like a hardcore Trump fan like there are plenty of things that Trump is said and done that I don't agree with but watching him do this the same way over and over again you're taking some he's been doing for 30 40 years and made billions of dollars off of put it into politics and still make it work it's magical literally it's a form of magic and it's hilarious to watch the Democrats are totally out of their league AOC has a mild understanding of the basic concept of she understands Trump's strategy of constant attention seeking but she doesn't understand the greater more broad strategy that he employs with regards to his political illusionism so she's constantly trying to go toe to toe she takes up the self-righteousness I'm not afraid of you mr. Trump you're scared of us because we're strong enough he's not scared of you he knocks like that is for you the last thing in the fucking world he's scared of is someone who's making his job easy by being such an attention-seeking socialist within the democratic party AOC is a dream come true for Donald Trump AOC and the progressives that surround her like she's you know queen bee number two after Pelosi you're his greatest ally right now you're trump's greatest asset the Democratic Party or anywhere in the US politics and you don't even realize it and even if they did what are they gonna do destroy their own careers and resign in order to allow the Democrats to beat Trump it's not gonna happen they're gonna field can get candidates like Kamala and Bernie Sanders and push them to the fore and say the party is racist if they don't nominate him when Biden almost inevitably becomes nominee he's going to be so weakened by this he'll stumble into the general election that's Trump's entire operative strategy when Trump pretend it's reverse psychology when he pretends to be afraid of Biden it's not afraid of Biden he's also not afraid of Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren he's got contingencies for all these people but a gigs probably the only money doesn't really have an active contingency form he probably should develop one it sees God after him but he's pulled the punches I don't think he takes seriously the threat of him who anything the primaries which i think is a is decent I mean there's like a 1% chance of that that's about all P so

27 thoughts on “Trumps Master Plan Worked: AOC and Ilhan Omar are the Face of the Democrats, Now”

  1. Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House and 4 socialist nobodies are getting more coverage than her. That could put her House majority at risk.

  2. I hate YouTube for censoring conservatives but thank god they recommended your channel INSTANT SUBSCRIBE good sir, please don’t ever stop!

  3. Trump is just taking the piss out of the Democrats. Its classic viewing.
    Pelosi cannot reign in this gang of 4 cos they are too stupid to understand
    why they keep getting bitten on the ass.
    Then Pelosi goes off and skulls 4 bottles of Gin and abuses the President via her
    reply to impeach for which she gets shitcanned by her very own Party in the house for 24 hrs
    and not only that gets outvoted in the voting count for impeaching President Trump.
    Then the Speaker loses his shit and throws the hammer and heads for the outdoor.
    Then Pelosi goes back to the Bar and skulls another 4 bottles of Gin !
    President Trump would be rolling around on the floor laughing so hard watching this
    all this unfold and the lefty media would be completely losing there f***ing marbles ..
    …. The Democrats are a complete & utter F***up.
    You couldn't write this history making shit … Bwarhahahahahaha

  4. I've said this shit all my life…"If you don't like our country, get the fuck out!" That's what makes Trump so popular!

  5. Bravo! Some of your best analysis ever! Totally agree, the Democrats can't help themselves, take Trump's bait every time. LOLOLOL

  6. I heard an interesting theory. Once the current pack of dems have eaten each other, Michelle throws her hat in the ring late. That could be a problem.

  7. Trump isn't playing 4d chess. He isn't even playing politics very good.

    As a republican who signed gun control, civil forfeiture expansion, and funded democrat programs with the 1.3 trillion dollar omnibill.

    He isn't playing games he just lied to everyone. People are making excuses up to avoid facing reality.

  8. Next Trump should Tweet ‘What I really hate is Border walls, and I love illegal aliens!’…..demtards would rush to build a huge wall and deport all illegal aliens.

  9. See, I dunno. I think that the Buttboy/Buttplug/Buttedge guy is gonna be the sleeper to maybe suddenly gain momentum. He has ties to the CFR and Trilateral Commission, which are some scary and powerful groups.

  10. AOC and her Dems suicide squad are President Trump's Judas Goats. They will wreak the Democrat Party from within. The Dems will continue to circle wagons around the Judas Goats for fear of been called racist, and sexist. What is funny is that the Judas Goats do not believe that they are Judas Goats and will go even more nuts if they read comments like this.
    The Judas is not smart enough to recognize and cognitive dissonance is a major factor in their mental makeup.

  11. Styx, this was a great video overall and your points on how Trump's strategy works is accurate to what's happening for sure.

    The only problem I had was you saying that "demographics is destiny" is bs, but the evidence for its legitimacy is right there.

    The biggest threat to a return to normalcy for our politics is the massive illegal immigration that's still allowed to this day. Most of the immigrants now, illegal or legal, that we take in are from either socialist Latin-American countries or Islamic countries (ever since the refugee crisis), both cultures which vehemently oppose American policy and way of life.

    And the democrats in firm powerful blue states ensure that the illegals get the chance to vote by getting rid of all the ID requirements.

    It's a perpetual system that, if it continues, will import more and more people who will not assimilate and will see America as foreign until there's enough of them to take it over and make it more like the countries they came from.

    If you need evidence and statistics on this, "The Red Elephants" channel directly opposes the arguments of "civic nationalism" that you and Ben Shapiro use by showing the statistics on voting blocks and immigrant populations to show that people of European descent are being replaced, and that means less and less of our values, traditions and our policies are remaining. Please check out the channel, and just focus on the immigration videos and you'll learn more about how our immigration system has fucked us over since the 1960s

  12. I'm a Trump fan but I hope you're not just reading into his impulsive, boorish tweets. I've often thought they would get him in trouble one day and maybe cost him the 2020 election. The last thing we need is the SJWs to take over and bankrupt our country with socialism.

  13. Demography is destiny!
    This is not about partisan politics, but the end of the white majority, taking the political clout of all the originally European values we all hold dear (like liberty and individual rights) with it. Cutting up the remaining mutts into parties is not very interesting, because it would be a post-civilization reality after the ultimate loss. Corpses after the war, big whoop.

  14. Hell, Tim Pool realized he'd missed something and admitted he might have been wrong.

    He even went further and made it a 5D chess move.

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