Trump Wants Literacy Classes

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  1. Ana the reason we are falling behind in education with math is because we are forcing 6 7th and 8th graders to know calculus and physics and its impossible to learn physics without calculus or extremely hard you can even fact check the physics part with roundup and how you must know calculus before physics from the vlogbrothers

    I am going to sleep now I dont know what will happen but seriously we arent falling behind in anything we just kill the teens by forcing them to learn way to much way to young

  2. Better idea

    Trump is for bible study in schools only if its after school

    Trump isnt for teaching the Koran bible and Tora in the schools

  3. Alright… You can take damn near any quote from any book and it could sound crazy out of context… I'm no bible beater, nor believer period, but respect context please… In general, respect context

  4. I totally agree with you and I'm Catholic myself I think politics religion and public schools should stay separate

  5. 4:00 Crest of civilization in the horn of Africa??? Excuse me?

    Oldest Civilization is in Mesopotamia, Iraq, the Middle East and Egypt. Also in the Middle East not sub-Saharan Africa.

  6. Damn.. that’s true. If they talk about a religion, they should talk about all religions. If they did that, the students would learn that our culture actually evolved from Africa more than Europe.

  7. Keep your religion OUT of school. Teach one religion, you best be ok with teaching all. There is a reason it’s not allowed in schools right now. This country is one of MANY religions.
    If religion it taught it needs to be ONLY IN COLLEGE! High school and lower are not able to handle such topics right. You can not teach any religion without teaching about the place it started in as well. Meaning teach full history of the religion, not push your beliefs on others. Also do not sugar coat shit. Seriously if you know the Bible you know it’s not exactly written for kids 😂. Lots of stuff is far more mature then young ones can handle.
    Ya totally let kids read and hear about rape, murder, making females into basically slaves, make it seem being female having a period is a dirty bad thing, etc.
    No school will teach religion without bias. Therefor do not let them teach it. Parents can teach their kids religion on their own. It’s not the schools place to do such a thing.

  8. I went to a NYC public school we read and talked about excerpts of the Bible like we talked about the life of pi, the road or anything else we read

  9. Sure. OK. Teach the Bible, but teach the ENTIRE Bible, not just the "warm and fuzzy" stuff. And then read a book called, "BIBLE STORIES MOTHER NEVER TOLD ME" by CL Putnam. THIS is the stuff you'll never hear in church!!!!

  10. Mike nailed it, the ONLY religion in public schools should be conduct! Or, if you like, as Daniel Dennett said, a curriculum that would educate about ALL religion! Give children knowledge, not indoctrination.

  11. Trump’s govt shutdown cost American taxpayers, $11 Billion. The tariffs he’s imposed on China, other countries have caused them to greatly reduce purchasing American agricultural products. Trump is also letting companies use Toxic chemicals which cause cancer.

  12. See I live in WV and we couldn’t pray in class but I think I remember a bible/prayer group that met before or after school

  13. College students can discuss religion but high school students are way too immature for that. At best, there's one mature teen in the class.

  14. Yeah, as in "2 Corinthians walk into a bar…" BTW, Ted Cruz stole that line from an unknown Democratic Socialist on… I think it was Twitter.
    Anyway, beyond Ted's plagiarism, the only reason I would want my children to study the Bible, is the same reason I would want them to study the Qur'an, or the Bhagavad Gita, or the Tibetan book of the Dead. Which by the way brings up another interesting question. WHICH VERSION of the Bible are we talking about here… The Baptist, the Pentecost or the Catholic??? Realizing of course, that they each have their own "version" that teaches incredibly different things. Oh, and here's an idea… How about they throw some CIVICS in there BEFORE that Bible study class.

  15. There's nothing wrong with offering 'Bible as Literature' elective classes in public schools. We've have them for years. And speaking as a former religion major, it is indeed the fastest way to create a lot of new atheists.

  16. A literacy test would be just fine. Bible literacy should be taught by churches and Sunday Schools, the same place I learned it.

  17. Considering my ancestors were tortured to death by Jesuits because they were Protestants I believe a seperation of church and state is important.

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