Trump Admin Threatens To Defund Colleges For Portraying Islam In Positive Light

Not that long ago, Donald Trump swore up and
down that he was the least racist person in the history of racism ever. And then this week we find out that his department
of Education under the guidance of Secretary of education, Betsy Devoss, sent a letter
to UNC and Duke, uh, basically saying that their joint, Middle East studies program was
portraying Islam a little too positively and they didn’t like that. And so if they don’t stop portraying Islam
in a positive light, they’re gonna cut their funding. You’re not going to get any more federal dollars
for this program you’re running, which is funded by federal dollars. If you don’t stop saying how great Islam can
be. Now, does that sound like the actions of an
administration being run by a guy who is in fact the least racist person ever? Or does it sound like just the latest in a
long line of bigoted policies coming from a bigoted president? I’m going to go with the latter because that
is exactly what’s happening here. This is what the Department of Education had
to say in the letter that they sent to Duke, UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies. Uh, the program places a considerable emphasis
on the understand on understanding the positive aspects of Islam. While there is an absolute absence of any
similar focus on the positive aspects of Christianity, Judaism, or any other religion or belief system
in the Middle East, it’s right there in black and white in the actual complaint that they
sent the universities who run this program together. You’re being too positive about these folks. You’re not being positive about these other
folks. And we’ve got a real problem with that, which
ironically is technically Contradictory to the actual complaint the Department of Education
sent because the Department of Education earlier in their complaint says that, hey, we’re giving
you this money for foreign language studies. That’s what you’re supposed to be teaching
the students. But instead you’re talking about just religion,
not foreign language, and that’s why we’re revoking your thing. But then later on they’re like, yeah, you’re
just being too positive about Islam and you’re not saying enough good things about Christians. So they contradict themselves in their own
complaint, which likely means it’s not going to hold up in court whatsoever, but then they
went on to say like it is patently false. This was in a statement after this became
public. It is patently false that the department is
reviewing the probe program as being too positive on Islam. You literally said it. It’s in here. I just, I just read it. I just read it directly from your complaint
and then you come out yesterday say we didn’t say that folks, it’s in black and white. It is publicly available. We can all go read it. Just like just did out loud to the public
and the Department of Education is that they’re saying we never said that goofballs. No, it’s the earlier thing in the complaint
that we later contradict ourselves on. That’s likely going to screw us in court because
we’re all a bunch of morons because that’s what’s happening in the Department of Education. The people in charge of education policy here
in the United States are clearly the dumbest human beings in this country today because
they don’t even know how to properly file a complaint to hide their bigotry, and that’s
probably going to cost them dearly.

100 thoughts on “Trump Admin Threatens To Defund Colleges For Portraying Islam In Positive Light”

  1. Seems Orangely Racist to me!😕
    *However: it WOULD realistically make it a target for trumpanzee violence, so might NOT be a great marketing strategy!🤔

  2. What comes next….defunding universities for teaching evolution in a good light, this country is going to hell in a hand basket unless we vote tRump and the monsters like Cruella DeVos and out of office

  3. In America's 243 year history our country has had its share of great & not so great moments in our history. Cadet Bone Spurs administration will go down as the MOST CORRUPT , CRIMINAL, ANTI CONSTITUTION administration has ever known. The DISGRACE of Cadet Bone Spurs administration will leave a LONG LASRING STAIN on our COUNTRY'S HISTORY AND DEMOCRACY. PLEASE VOTE IN 20 20 FOR THE RETURN TO OUR DEMOCRACY AND OUR RIGHTFUL PLACE AS LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD.

  4. There is so much more history that needs to be taught in Junior high and high school. I can't believe how much of our history is hidden until you go to college and learn the truth. Out government really wants to keep us all stupid.

  5. We have banned all religious nonsense in our public schools and even our goverment has dropped alot of religious undertones there really isnt any place for it in our society its something they used centuries ago to keep ppl inline before there were police. Science is were its at. Not something that relys on faith from a very old book which no one knows who wrote..

  6. Without a doubt Betsy de Voss
    Has nothing to offer but loss
    Her brother backs arms
    Her boss bankrupts farms
    She surely makes most people cross

  7. I live in a small community and there's at least 3 middle eastern Muslims living here that I know of. Not a single one has hurt anyone or committed any type of crime. As a matter of fact me and one of them shoot the shit quite frequently when I visit his store and he's extremely friendly and respectful. Think about their main saying "as salaam alakum" "peace be with you" not quite the slogan I'd expect of a violent religion… However there was a white American who killed his wife and child here recently……

  8. Unbelievable! UNCONSTITITIONAL demands from the Head of the US DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION! Trump could do no better than to appoint an inept head of DOE from the swill in his Political Baggage. His appointees are as short sighted as Trump, by the bigotry of racism. These same folk have no problem understaning differ ed not color apples, flowers, grapes cars, etc. PEOPLE? What problem? Bigots play an excruciating game like dodgeball with HONESTY. They ignore TRUTH to keep their strangle hold on narcissism, faux self-esteem, and whatever convenient lies fool the folk.

  9. Since I'm certain that Betsy doesn't understand the meaning "portray in a positive light" although I'm willing to concede that she was personally involved in the muddled letter. I also imagine the religious bigotry comes more from the closed mind of Holy Mike.

  10. This would be funny if it weren't so disheartening to realize just what we have become as a nation under this administration.

    2020 people. Make it right again.

  11. Now, now — donald's hatred for Muslims isn't racism.
    It's religious bigotry.
    It's important to be precise in your language.
    For one thing, asshole trolls will whine about it and claim you're a "liar" . . . . o_O

  12. only Betsy would be dumb enough to go after the NCAA's ability to recruit people from a genetic pool of 1.8 billion people..

  13. Trump’s defunding everything like America’s money is all his, coming out of his pockets. What a lying disgusting thief. Bet he doesn’t thief from himself or his family only from the American people and anyone else who lets him.

  14. Maybe if these people actually had an education they had to work for, they a) wouldn't have made these mistakes and of course b) would realize how stupid an idea this is to begin with. Clearly the fine stable genius and his "brilliant" charter school money laundering flunkie Devos wrote this.


  16. Fascist bastards. Actually there Are positive nurturing aspects of Islam. My nerves were calmed by Islam during the last relationship breakup. Nothing like reading Muslim history and the Quran to help one get through a disparaging mess.

  17. Islam should be taught at federally funded schools using facts, not emotions.
    And, yes, it's ironic that morons are in charge of education.

  18. When you have a president and a secretary of education that combined don't give a whit about anyone that isn't ultra wealthy… burnings if trumpakov elected 2nd term

  19. I love how The cult love to scream Democrats are making everything about PC, yet here we are with Trump threatening to defund.

  20. There's a great book out called "BIBLE STORIES MOTHER NEVER TOLD ME" by CL Putnam. VERY eye-opening!!!! (It will make you rethink your "God of love"!!!)

  21. The only thing the US has going for them right now is that the people in charge are so moronic that they can't be efficiently evil

  22. What about the Catholic priests and the innocent young boys sexual association to religious worship…..Trump should try & change that instead

  23. It's going to be a great day in American history when Bernie becomes President and fires all of Trump's moronic administrators

  24. Crazy. Islam has negatives, Christianity has negatives, Buddhism as negatives and on and on. Intelligent people still believe.
    Of course all religions have positives.

    Dispense with Tramp and his minions before they turn to 🌎 upside down.

    I'm a "certain age" and I am seeing HOW DUMBFOUNDED AMERICANS TRULY ARE.

  25. Whatever happens, DeVos and Trump can’t marry and have birth to Devil Kids! Right now, his kids are only half Satan and look how bad they are. Can you imagine if those two got together?

  26. Outstanding!!
    Any religion that makes women second class people shouldn't be viewed as a good thing. Unless you're a goat humping man
    Who's up for some female mutilation?

  27. Ring Of Fredo clueless as usual, hate America agenda and sympathy for the devil Islam, they pray everyday for the destruction of Israel and death to all who do not believe in their evil ways.

  28. Firdt Amendment gives us freedom of religion. You don't have to agree with it. If you don't like it go and listen to which ever religion you want to believe in. By the way, I am a Christian who loves that fact that people have different beliefs.

  29. No wonder why conservatives are so misinformed and completely ignorant of various cultures in America. I guess it also explains why conservatives are so racist.

  30. More people playing the "my sky daddy is stronger and better than your sky daddy" game.
    Fairy tales have no place in our society. Grow up people.

  31. It's about time this administration hired a few Constitutional lawyers who understand the fucking Constitution. Now it'll cost millions of Dollars in court costs and they'll eventually lose. Again..

  32. As someone who went to a Baptist church even I know muslims did not nail Jesus's to the cross… and them folk are some of the richest, collectively, on earth. You do not have to be positive or negative to educate people.

  33. so if someone kills in the name of a religion does that make a religion negative in college books . I'm tryin to understand trumps logic or lack thereof

  34. This will rally his base as they cheer for 'God's Chosen one'. They are the threat to humanity, they are dismissive of their conscience towards fellow human beings. We have to help registrar others to vote, bring a friend(s) with us to vote, and be prepared. Our election security is still under attack, good chance corruption will win. Join the people's movement.

  35. Say it then deny it.  Standard Trump admin policy.  Not surprised but sick and tired of it.  It's getting old and profoundly more deplorable with each repeated chorus.

  36. unc and duke should tell her to fuck off. That’s blatant racism and attacking a religion which is against the constitution

  37. Damn, just by the law of averages, I would eventually have to agree with Trump on something and now it has happened, I feel so dirty.
    Islam is a religion of hate and violence. Now if we could only do the same for that other evil and hateful religion. You know, that Jesus one. All religion should be banned from public spaces, we need to grow up and stop these fairy tale merchants once and for all. Want to believe privately? Go for it, build your churches and pay your GD taxes, and above all we need to start prosecuting thieves like Jerry Falwell (dead I know) and Swagart and Graham and above all the catholic church. Selling bullshit is a crime, I thought (unless you are a munure merchant, which churches are anyway. 😆) Enough is enough, no more supporting the delusional. Leave them alone to guide society and we have all seen what they will do. Religion is the bane of humane kind, reason, and morality. There is nothing more immoral than religion.
    Imagine what these dinks actually say, "We are both equal my friend, I respect you and your opinions. But you must remember, GOD IS ON MY SIDE!" Arrogant? Oh a tad. Up yours Pastor, Priest, and Imam. If you don't want your itty bitty feewings hurt, Shut up and keep it to youself you dim witted putz.
    What? Think I went to far, a little harsh perhaps?
    Considering what they have done to us, that's just too darn bad.
    Big Fat Raspberry to you. Twwwiiittthhh!

  38. The USA is in desperate need for a sound national government. The one under the Trump Administration is the worst one, ever, even for third world standards. When an administration rely on the like of Betsy Devoid, Pompeo, Abrams, Guiliani, Pence, Graham, and whole mess of other presidential pardoned high profile criminals, the country is in a crises!

  39. About America's Public School System, and the Republican party rhetoric, Voltaire said:
    "If people can be convinced to believe in absurdities, they can be be led to commit Atrocities"

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