36 thoughts on “Truly Amazing Teacher”

  1. I do love this but I also want to point out that some subjects like Calculus are extremely hard to make fun and engaging.

  2. I'm looking at this and I'm thinking: I am such an asshole as a father. I have so many excuses as to why I'm not a good father. I wonder how this guy grew up to be such an amazing parent.

  3. Okay… I decided what I want to be in my life. I dont want to make a lot of money. I dont want a Mercedes. I would like to have just a PlayStation 4. I am going to take control of my life. I am going to make my life – happy. Not rich, but just enough to get by. Not having too much tension. Good sleep and happiness when I go home. I want to live my life happily, not filled with money like what I was focusing through until now.

  4. yahh its true..we must thanks..to our LORD who create the world..that we can set,walk,talk and everything..GOD bless u tcher nd your family

  5. This man is a true angel. We don't simply need more teachers like this man here. What we need is more HUMANS like him on this Earth. His soul's aura carries such an intense warmth that infects people's negative energy with positivity and sparks this change of perception and brings forward feelings of love for those around you. This man deserves to be recognized. #EducateInspireChange

  6. Teachers have no idea how much influence they have on the students. They have a position and power to make us feel amazing or to hate them for the rest of our lives. And it's up to them.

  7. As a teacher I'd be so heartbroken to hear the sad stories of students getting beaten or running away….. how could people study while going through something like that…. how do schools expect us to do it?

  8. This teacher inspires me to be a better teacher. I remember seeing this years ago and wanting to live up to him as a teacher. If you checkout our class channel, you can see our breakout math adventures. I've never seen students work so hard!

  9. I had a science teacher that was amazing. He HATED "book work, home work…. PAPERwork in general…. Of coarse every student would say that was their favorite teacher but he turned his science class into more of a trade school type syllabus….

    He said he would give 0 "paperwork" if he could but the bare minimum he could get by with is 1 sheet with 20 multiple choice questions . Next to each question the page # and paragraph # was printed next to each one. This literally took you 2-3 minutes to do the whole weeks worth of "homework"….. 1 day a week = our 20 question homework day…. if you fail to turn in that page, your punishment was you no longer get to participate in the "class" because the other 4 days were all hands on lab. We did not learn how the blood flows through the heart by reading it out of a book…. he went to the slaughterhouse and acquired a bunch of pig hearts and we took a wire and threaded it though the heart the way the blood would flow thorugh it. So…. the dumbasses who didnt do their "3 minute homework" for the week, got to sit and do paperwork for the rest of the week.

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