10 thoughts on “True Tracks: create a culture of innovation with Indigenous knowledge | Terri Janke | TEDxJCUCairns”

  1. Please teach the farmers who practice monoculture to learn about natives and permaculture.
    this is the future, there will be no future if this transition does not happen.
    I am so ashamed of my European ancestors, every day through the 'dreaming' I can feel the pain of the indigenous people and their weeping land.
    There is no time to study new methods, the answers have been here for thousands of years, scientific arrogance is a blockade for sustainable change. it takes too long to create a conclusive analysis on any aspect of technology and the workings of life.
    We have to start listening to the elders NOW, and start acting NOW.
    If you are a working Australian, I highly recommend that the next time you go on holiday, don't go to Europe or America etc.
    just stop, go into nature, take time to feel your environment, feel what the ancestors of this country felt, listen to their stories, feel the spirit that roams this land. Everyone can do it, whether you are working in an office or working for the council, everyone in Australia is born with the Dreaming and we have a unique connection to this land, the flawed economy we live in has distracted us and robbed us of our free time, this doesn't allow us to understand life properly.
    Please remove your ego and see the world as a transparent being.
    Force yourself to understand the indigenous.
    Ask yourself if your lifestyle is TRULY productive in the long term.
    Think not of just tomorrow but transcend your consciousness into a far future, and you will see all the answers.

  2. Your 8-year-old self would be incredibly proud of what she was to become. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures are a global treasure that should be held in high esteem and protected for the sake of all our futures. You are an inspirational, passionate speaker for your people and your culture. Amazing work!

  3. Thank you Terri for sharing this inspiring and beautiful talk with us. I would love to see the Aboriginal people involved or in charge in the kakadu plum industry.

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