True Education Family Bible Lesson Year 3 Quarter 2 Lesson 7

hi this is Sabbath and I wanted to take some time to share with you how to prepare your family or yourself for next it's the time to be preparing and in the book education page 166 chapter 29 the Sabbath the Sabbath if you mentioned there's only two pages for this chapter and before we start we'll have a little prayer with you your Father in Heaven thank you that we might meet together to learn how to learn your way and to be ready for the Sabbath a week ahead be preparing and so I thank you for that your instruction and for your presence of your Holy Spirit to empower us to do – to germinate the seeds word that we are placing in our heart thank you and Jesus so on page 166 chapter 29 the chapter is entitled the sabbath from the book education and it states page 167 and it's a second paragraph it says as a means of intellectual training the opportunity excuse me the opportunities of the Sabbath are invaluable let the Sabbath School lesson be learned not by a hasty glance at the lesson scripture on sabbath morning but by careful study for the next week on Sabbath afternoon with daily review or illustration during the week thus the lesson will become fixed in the memory a treasure never to be wholly lost that's an invaluable paragraph that I hope so that we can have God's Word fixed in our memory this is a it's the way to learn God's Way and so for those of you who are homeschooling and using the sunlight education ministry family Bible lessons we are going to look at how to look at it's kind of an overview of the lesson for next week and so many parents are just so unsure of how to teach their children and so when we start our young children even from the babe in arms the infant this way parents you will be fit you will be being trained day by day to be the educator of your children and so what we're gonna look at is for here at Yuchi Pines in Alabama we are studying the family Bible lessons and we are on year three quarter to lesson seven that's what we will be studying this whole week I will be presenting on Sabbath and so you can join us also because we do live stream on Sabbath the family Sabbath school so our families come together and they've been learning all week they're learning how to be educated God's way and God has a built-in method of teaching the parents by the parents teaching the children that's the way you become educators or your own children and this was God's design in the beginning that the fair lay school the home school was the school the home was the school and the home is also the church and so the parents were to be that teachers and when Israel came out of Egypt they had been captives for four hundred years God had to re-educate them retrain them it's a similar condition in which God's people are today coming calling people out of Babylon out of confusion Revelation chapter 14 the three angels message is truly a message to be re-educated retrained God's Way and so it's just such a privilege to be living at this time in Earth's history and to to be learning God's method of Education and helping our children to be fit to give by living the three angels message and so how important it is for us to understand so if you're not familiar with the famili Bible lessons from sunlight education ministry you find them by going to sunlight s o n Li gh T let me see I can write that in the chat for you son light education ministry you go to once you get to some education ministry website then you click on download and Google Drive and that will take you to the PDFs and where you would look for the family Bible lessons and what we're honest year three quarter to and less than seven so you can print that mm-hmm you can print that and or you can just you know read it off of either your phone or but you've got to scroll down you're actually on page 147 this is less than seven and then you can just read it which I had to do I gave away my hard copy today wouldn't you know it for me but that's okay because the main thing that we're doing on Sabbath afternoon is just getting an overview an overview of the lesson to give to our children our children when they're used to learning from mom and dad mother and father mmm there they get to the habit of realizing that Oh a new Bible story for the next week a new character quality and a new nature lesson we're actually on one nature theme for three months so this quarter is on gardening and so you'll find that in your lesson you'll have an overview for the week of what you'll be learning in nature or in gardening and then also at the back of the lesson it will have an outline for what you'll be learning in the Bible lesson so I'm gonna give you mmm I'll go ahead and type it up John that with your children you could begin it if you'd like to you can look it over yourself and just tell them about it but you want to use your Bibles with your children it's also found in mark 14 12 through 26 sure you got that yes and it's found in Matthew 26 17 through 30 and it's down in Luke so it's interesting the Gospels give us some well from four different authors four different writers gives you four different ways to look at the story and when we study the Gospels the four Gospels we also learn that Matthew speaks about Jesus and a certain aspect of his character mark Matthew Mark Luke and John each one speaks of Jesus and the character of Jesus now one way that we can identify that is when the children of Israel came out of Egypt God set them up around the tabernacle they there was a distance 2/3 of a mile I think it was to theirs in a mile away but there is three tribes on each side and each tribe had a standard but of the four main lead tribes there were a larger flag or standard and on each of those four standards was a picture where there's a lion an eagle an ox and a man and each of those describes characteristics of Christ his divinity was the eagle is the lion was his kingly nature the ox was his servant or service and man he came to show us how man can live and is to live and so we actually made banners I teach the sanctuary here at Yuchi Pines and so my last class my sister was actually here and helped and it was really marvelous and so we made flags of the banners and the lead flags my sister drew the pictures of the lion ox eagle and man and then each of the students drew a picture of the tribe that they were assigned so it was a real great learning experience so what God wants to do in our learning experiences he wants to take us deeper deeper deeper and so these excuse me family Bible lessons are designed to start a child out it as an infant starting in the Bible Genesis and in three years by the time that child is three years old they will have gone through the Bible hearing it and having nature be the lens to see the principles going on there and then these character qualities then at that when you finished those three years you start back over and so once again the Lord is teaching us that repetition and it's a little here a little there that's how we learn from the book of Isaiah precept upon precept line upon line here a little there a little and so it this is the contrast between the fall system of education that crams a lot of information and at one time that you are expected to learn so much but god's way is he takes you through information sometimes it can be a lot but it's a little here and a little there that he's really wanting you to focus on for a change in your life because the word is to wash us and that brings us to the character quality that we have for this week and that's cleanliness cleanliness the washing of water by the word and so by studying God's Word the word learning how to study it and understand it in spirit and truth then we'll be blessed and we will not just be mouthing the three angels message the warning message to the world to come out of confusion but we will be living it because that's what God wants us to do each of us have a heart that needs to be cleaned and given and made anew and so it's a daily washing a daily cleanliness and so praise the Lord so that's where the Bible lesson is from and for Sabbath afternoon you can take one of those and you can begin you know reading with your family and and then each day you know you read a little bit more and the the parent that's home with the children typically it's the mother and she can be using these verses throughout the day to bring the children's mind back to the lesson so our memory verse is from John 1315 let's see if I can pull that up quickly John all right John 1315 all right type that up there for you memory verse 13 15 memory verse um I also let's see I want to leave with you this which is from the book education Sabbath education PhD white chapter 29 titled the Sabbath yes I want you to definitely read that let's see page 167 paragraph 2 alright so let's get back to the memory verse memory verse John 13 15 so you can share that with your children and have them say it with you for I have given you an example that you should do as I have done to you John 13 15 John 13 15 and the parents study is from the desire of Ages let's put that in study desire of Ages 642 – 663 and yep so that's the parents study and the character quality is cleanliness versus impurity or uncleanness so all week long that's what will be looked at and thought about and the life will center around the Bible lesson the Bible lesson is entitled last supper so I'm going to be learning some deep lessons about the Last Supper and pretty exciting nature lessons so the nature is Bible fruit Gardens and one is some oh that's what that's the number one is Bible fruit Gardens well we'll do that Bible fruit Gardens 2 is fig trees and how beautiful it is that are figs here eg Pines are ready for harvest olive groves olive fruit buy a vineyard we have a vineyard here also we have muscadine grapes and 6 harvesting and 7 is the Sabbath day and so that's the review and that's when we do the family Bible Sabbath School all right now what I have to do which I'm not going to do you go to the end of the lesson to to get the titles for each day of what you'll be studying and it looks like day number one is the Passover so if you already know much about that topic you're pretty good but what you would be looking for is new things to learn for yourself and ways to share it with your children the different ages are going to require different different levels you might say so that you can bring it down to understanding for a little child versus a teenager or an older person so you can read that from the Bible ah you can read it from the spirit of prophecy whatever you decide to do might be that you want to read it from it just depends Sabbath afternoon you just get into a habit of doing what the Lord leaves you to do might be that you read it from once like Matthew one day from mark one day from Luke one day from John but once again if you have two-year-olds three-year-olds too much reading is going to be too much for them so you just you try to fit it for your children and and yourself because the more you get from the lesson the more you can do for your children but realizing that it's not just you that are teaching your children it is the angels the Holy Spirit and that's what's so beautiful about it's others too but for parents it's so important to allow God to give you that his character so that you can rightly represent him to your children all right so the the Bible lesson for day one which would be tomorrow it's the Passover Feast and so it might be that you you want to get up early or in your personal worship as a parent look that over so that God will be speaking to you and changing your heart and filling you with his spirit giving you ideas of how to present the material to your children in a beautiful way in a way that especially children become curious and interested and this is why Jesus when he had Moses lead the people out of Egypt set them up in tents in families around the tabernacle and so that was their school and God was teaching them by doing this that the center of their life was to be about him knowledge about him getting to know God getting to know the plan of salvation and how beautiful that is and so that too it's showing us giving us an illustration of what God wants for us in our families and how to teach them so I'm gonna keep this somewhat short but just give you an idea of where to start and if I have an opportunity I'd like to share with you more about like what to do on day number one after you've studied you know a good way to illustrate that Bible lesson is through the felts and so we can share with you that then the nature lesson you want to begin teaching the children some of these practical things like the fig tree might be that you want to collect seed or you want to maybe plant a fig tree or an olive tree or muscadine tree vines you see oh there's so much to learn and it's it's difficult to tell you or show you just exactly what to do because God wants to do that and it's special for each family but the parent can look over what the nature lesson in the Bible lesson and learn how to use the nature part as the lens to show principles that are going on also in the Bible lesson and then bring those principles into the home and continue to remind and reinforce these lessons throughout the day so the nature lesson for the first day we'll just go ahead with that is Bible through gardens and I have a nice little book Bible for gardens stay one I have a book on a Bible plants and so each time we go through these lessons I like to look at that book and get some more ideas just to give you an idea of what the family Bible lesson says for Bible truth gardens it says there are many references in the Bible to Gardens the Hebrews delighted in their gardens and orchards with all the fruit and flowers see if I yeah there we go and man's history we began in a garden the first test was concerning fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil in that Garden of Eden God had also provided them with fruit of every description to enjoy and he especially gave them the fruit of the tree of life and were given a glimpse of the fruit tree and its garden setting in revelation 22 1 through 2 and that says and he showed me a pure river of water of life clear as crystal proceeding out of the throne of God and of the lamb in the midst of the street of it and on either side of the river was there the Tree of Life which bare twelve manner of fruits and yielded her fruit every month the twelve kinds of fruit represent the twelve tribes of Israel each of the disciples belong to one of these tribes here is one author author's idea about which tribe each disciple belonged to to see the next page that's I love that study the tribes of Israel the Church of Christ twelve tribes and so it lists the different tribes Reuben the heavenly character Anibal kind-hearted Earth the character weak and vacillating and the disciple is Thomas so it lists all twelve with their having the character trait the earthly character trait and the disciple that matches them and so it can help you maybe identify what tribe you belong to and that's on page 150 in the family Bible lesson book and Adam was the first gardener in this world to care for a garden the garden God planted for him was perfect in every way Adam was to dress and keep the garden we're told God the Son the chief gardener must have instructed Adam and how to keep his garden orderly attractive and clean and then there's a poem Oh Adam was a gardener and the God who made him sees that half a proper gardeners work is done upon his so when your work is finished you can wash your hands and pray for the glory of the garden that it may not pass away and the glory of the garden it shall never passes away rooted rudyard kipling author there it took the second gardener Jesus to make good and clean what the first gardener had spoiled and lost in the upper room Jesus was trying to share with the disciples how he could remove all weeds from the garden of their souls he secured the garden by dying on the cross Jesus then walked in the garden of Joseph on the resurrection morning and was mistaken for the gardener he was truly the gardener of all gardeners the Garden of Eden is now secure in the New Jerusalem we will study more about some of the Bible fruit Gardens this week and how our soul gardens need the tender care of the master gardener some gardens and crops and bible times that are interesting to study about are the pomegranate the carob date apple and vegetable gardens do research about these so you can see that this way of study it's for all ages and when the children are real small it gives the parents opportunity even though all parents don't see that they have much time to do it but you really want to take that time when they're young too to develop help them develop the habits of Bible study listening to the stories Bible stories from the parents and getting out into nature this first eight to ten years of a child's life Bible nature what is right and how the two of the physical world and the spiritual world are tied together by laws and principles and an in character character being the focus character is our our ticket you might say into the kingdom of heaven so that's what God wants us to focus on is knowing him and by beholding Christ by beholding the laws and principles of his kingdom through each of these Bible stories we will be changed into that likeness and so the three angels message warning people to come out of confusion is also a call to to true principles of being educated God's way using the Bible as the main textbook and allowing God to restore his character in us it's so beautiful so wonderful I just pray for each one of you that that God will bless you as you persevere and you seek him with your whole heart and learn of him each and every day 2nd Peter chapter 1 tells us to add diligently to our faith that's our continuing education we are to have a self culture self development every day this is we're in school every day and the home is truly the model school and this is where we can learn from Jesus as well as the parents and the Angels – we hope that the good angels are there well part of the lesson also for day one there's a remind and a reinforced so they remind says as you work together and as a family let your chores remind you of your lesson so when you're sweeping and mopping and preparing meals and cleaning up that's when you want to be talking about your lesson and if the children are actually listening now are they getting anything are they learning about the nature are they learning about the character quality number two when going upstairs in the house to do chores remember it would be similar to the Upper Room that Jesus and His disciples used number three when sweeping think about how the Jews swept their house houses as part of the preparation for the Passover to remove any which represented sin for when helping mother fade crackers or flatbread remember how eleven was not eaten at the Passover as it represented sin so it might be that you know you want to be preparing for the next week and maybe you want to make some unleavened bread reinforce visit a garden so these are these are the plans mother and father want to be making to be with the children and to help tie in these lessons that you're teaching them number two have worship this week in an upper room if possible take time to think about and discuss the provenances of this week look for God's perfect timing and control of circumstances 3 see how many different kinds of gardens you can find in the Bible for give your garden a name make a sign and place it by your garden and then there's a children's activity book so you can look at that too and there are stories and poems they're all related to the Bible nature and character well this is just giving you a little glimpse what you can do Sabbath afternoon to take a look at the new Bible story the new nature lesson and the new character quality so how beautiful it is to know that God has a plan and a system of education and it started right there in Genesis it started with the the Garden of Eden that's what God made he made that to be a model school for us and so these lessons that I'll be sharing with you this week will be all about the Last Supper and you know we're coming in this is year three and it's quarter to nature theme is agriculture a gardening and this is a three year series of how to study the Bible and nature as the lens to better understand the Bible lesson the spirituality of what's going on in the Bible and seeing laws and principles in both the physical and the spiritual that are the same God is time the world that we see together with the world that we don't see and then character that's what we lost when Adam and Eve sinned when they broke the log where they became disobedient to God they lost their covering they lost their robe of righteousness that's what obedience is it's God's character and from there it was one law after another that was broken they began to blame each other and Adam listen to Eve and she said that she she was enlightened you know but God had said don't go there or you'll die and so then Adam became disobedient as well so God's system of education is to restore that righteous character once again to bring us back to being loyal to God to bring us back to being compassionate and kind and honest and have integrity and gentleness and that true love that God has for us god is love and so what is love first Corinthians 13 shows us what God God's love is like and so that's all for today I was just sharing with you the blessings of systematic study and going through the Bible in a three-year series and that it can come from free a free curriculum from sunlight education ministry which I have put in the notes here and how beautiful God's system of education is and that's what this series is about it's about how to study the Bible how to understand it in a systematic way and it's a three-year series ooh one Bible lesson basically per week and going through the Bible in three years and then you start over and you learn more about the physical creation that God made that's our lesson books and it goes right along with the Bible and the Bible is God's Word and before sin we were face to face with God or Adam and Eve they were face to face with God but sin separated us and so that's why we don't see him now but he has given us his word the Bible and it was written holy men wrote it as they were moved by the Holy Spirit and so it was over 40 authors or 40 men who wrote down or penned as they were moved by God's Spirit so you will see that going through a subject from Genesis to Revelation a little here a little there this is how we study the book of Isaiah tells us precept upon precept line upon line here a little there a little and because so many people do not know how to study the Bible then we misinterpret so much and misunderstand so this series will help us to better understand the lessons that God has for us both in nature and in his word so I'll end with a word of Prayer thank you for your comment I will look it over and remember that so much of what we do understand about God has come in many different ways and I'm not going to get into a lot of discussion about some of these topics that come up because I am here to show how to study the Bible how to study nature along with the Bible because nature is God's Illustrated book of his word he wants us to study the things that he has made to learn more about him and his character what a perfect designer he was and then giving us freedom to choose freedom to choose so let me have a word of prayer with you and know that I will be praying I'll look over in the comments at a later time let's bow our heads dear father in heaven thank you so much that we could take a look at your plan for us Sabbath afternoon and see that in order to be ready for next Sabbath you want us to be looking at the lesson that you have for us and you want us to commune with you from the time we wake up until the time we go to bed and this is a beautiful plan for doing that and learning how to understand your word the Bible better through nature and also by looking and focusing on your character both there and in your word and and by doing this the law of by beholding we are changed into the same image will happen we desire to be restored back into your image dear father in heaven thank you for Jesus for sending your son here to give us an example of how to live and breathe the power of the Holy Spirit to comfort us and to lead us into all truth thank you and bless all those that hear these words and any confusion that is in the hearts or minds I know that your spirit can lead them into truth and I thank you for this privilege and this time to look at your word in Jesus name Amen all right god bless you and it was nice visiting we will try to have another livestream tomorrow for day number one that we looked at and if you look this over tonight and you come up with some ideas that God has given you to teach either yourself or your family and give you a better understanding of who he is and to know him better and please share that with us all right we're not going to get into a lot of questions that you may personally have maybe disagree with some of these things that are being presented but we can share and hopefully take from this study and God can bless and you can get to know God better and he can help you to overcome any weaknesses in your life bad habits and so forth become more like him and be restored so that you can be a shining witness for him all right god bless you it's nice to visit with you

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