Trudeau's anti-pipeline law: "Indigenous knowledge" = science? | Ezra Levant

but let me come back to the crazy thing I showed you right at the beginning projects decisions will be based on science evidence and indigenous traditional knowledge we're also taking a bigger picture look at the potential impacts of a proposed project instead of just looking at the environmental impacts we'll look at how a project could affect our communities and health jobs in the economy over the long term and we'll also do a gender based analysis so is that all is that all that crazy stuff is that it's not still in there that was the part I tweeted the other day that Senator Paul Simon said no no that's outdated no no no we fixed that with 99 amendments I would never support who told you that ha no no she's pulling the Trudeau on you let me read this this is the law the final version assented to last month the Paula Simon's voted for against her own province against her own people out of loyalty to Justin Trudeau Quebecers are better than the rest of Canada because she'll for Quebecers yeah that Trudeau so that's who Paul Simon's is loyal to let me read at some length from the law as passed these are the new factors that the government must consider the word must is in there not could not should not may be not can they must the government must consider let me read it factors to consider the Commission must make its recommendation taking into account in light of among other things any indigenous knowledge that has been provided to the Commission and scientific information and data all considerations that appear to it to be relevant and directly related to the pipeline including the environmental effects including any cumulative environmental effects the safety and security of persons and the protection of property in the environment okay so good so far the health social and economic effects including with respect to the intersection of sex and gender with other identity factors I'll stop there from and of course the Commission should take into account environmental effects that's the whole point in this information of course people should be protected of course we don't want danger those are criteria one and two but the third one the very third one is transgenderism and other identity factors black lives matter hispanic rights whatever being gay being what identity grievances are hardwired into the law and the government must take them into account and transgenderism is specifically in there and even that first part indigenous knowledge plus scientific information which one is it I know what folklore I know what cultural customs are we all have our ethnic and religious and spiritual traditions and I love Aboriginal traditions by the way but those traditions don't include building pipelines how can the law the binding law say that the Commission must not can not sure but must listen Aboriginal folklore about building a pipeline what's that even mean who decides what that folklore is which sources which traditions on what authority there were no books and Paula Simon says this will make approving pipelines easier than before this is better than it was under Stephen Harper and you know the proof just stuff all the construction on the transmat explains and expansions oh right that hasn't happened in fact for the first time in memory according to the National Energy Board Canada's oil production is actually shrinking it's it's less than it was while the United States is producing so much it's now a net energy exporter it even exports oil to Canada and Paul Simon's and her bosses Justin Trudeau and Catherine McKenna are just fine with that American oil coming in regardless of what transgender intersectionality or indigenous folklore have to say about that American oil you have Paula Simons you are a liar just like your boss Justin Trudeau is a liar and you both do everything in your power to undermine Alberta including passing a new law that makes new construction of pipelines impossible in any practical sense you both are destroyers of the industry and therefore destroyers of Alberta families that's an excerpt from the Azrael avance show every day I do a video monologue and then I interview an interesting guest and then I am by reading my hate mail but you've got to subscribe to it which you can do with the rebel dot media / shows you

21 thoughts on “Trudeau's anti-pipeline law: "Indigenous knowledge" = science? | Ezra Levant”

  1. I’m indigenous. And it’s common indigenous knowledge that liberals lie You can always tell. It’s when there mouths are open 😉

  2. Trudeau is xenophobe and
    Racist .why dont they use
    there science based knowledge and let the atiwapiskat people drink some water , and bathe.

  3. This law is to make sure nothing can get done because it will cost too much to do the research and it will never be enough to full fill the law.
    This like saying it's easier to live, if you don't breath.

  4. Just like nuke plants pipelines fail and social systems
    If we choose to use the power of God We need to constantly care for the systems we develope for balance and beauty

  5. I noticed the P.M. had to corner and trick other world leaders at the G20 into shaking his hand. My guess is everyone else did too. Just as every other teenage girl, he will do anything for attention.

  6. Calling someone a liar is such a harsh term I believe the more gender neutral non offending term is that some person kind spoke a mistruth by accident.

  7. Turdo and his cabal of corrupt clowns continue to demonstrate their cognitive dissonance regarding Canadians and our well-being. In October let’s show these subversive traitors what we think of their anti-Canadian agenda.

  8. Carbon Barbie needs an Interrogation (thats the expression say in the MID East ) .
    is she a double agent ? her words come from ????

  9. Hey Justurd + CB : I am about to expose my pipeline terminal running from my bladder. For releasing water+ urea+ other nitrogenous compounds etc into the pissoir
    What traditional knowledge of the TURD + McKENNA families am I violating and what can I do to make amends to them? Do you want me to pee into a sample bag and post it to the PMO, Ottawa … for safe and scientific disposal?

  10. The Canadian Human Rights Act needs to be repealed. It's the basis of the undermining of Canada and that was always the intent.

  11. If I'm not mistaken, identity politics is built right into Canada's Human Rights legislation; or perhaps it's the Constitution. There's a section that explictly lists women and minorities as distinct from everyone else and deserving of special treatment. Of course, 'everyone else' in this case means white men.

  12. And as anyone that hasn't been sleepwalking will tell you, Scheer will just leave this alone out of fear of media backlash.

  13. Come on Canadians! Take your country back! The western world is rooting for you.. Trudeau is a train wreck… The western world knows your plight! ❤️

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