TRUCKS: Truck videos for children. Kid Videos. Preschool & Kindergarten learning.

Hi Boys and Girls. Reggie Roo here.
Today we are looking at big trucks. Semi-Trailer Trucks are the kings of the road.
They are made up of two parts; the large truck with a powerful engine at the front. And a
trailer that attaches to the back. The trailer can be loaded with all sorts of
things… Grain… food… Petrol… or even a huge
rocket. Here is a small forklift loading the inside
of a trailer with boxes. And here is another Semi-Trailer leaving a
wharf. It is full of fresh fish. Semi-Trailers drive all over the countryside.
Past mountains… Across grassy plains…
And over levees. They deliver their goods along the way.
These trucks are at a sawmill. And this Semi-Trailer has been loaded with tree logs. The driver
sits very high when controlling the truck. That must be fun.
Have you seen a Semi-Trailer before? They are very big aren’t they!
Did you know?… In Australia some really big Semi-Trailers have several trailers! These
are called Road Trains. 1 — 2 — 3 Trailers! Wow, look how long a Road Train is!
Hoo Roo

19 thoughts on “TRUCKS: Truck videos for children. Kid Videos. Preschool & Kindergarten learning.”

  1. My kids like to watch these heavy semi trucks all day on YouTube. Semi trailer trucks are really huge and looks very cool. Kids love it!! Cool video 🙂

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