Troy White – WINNER – 2019 Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Education – School Leadership

Well I think it’s important to have good
leadership and leadership doesn’t always mean right out in front it’s
working alongside the staff. Troy knows most kids by name and he makes
an effort to be visible in the hallways Troy is he’s super connected with the
kids I think he has a genuine bond with most of the students. He is passionate
about teaching and learning, he goes after it with a voracious appetite, he’s
accessible, he’s a go-to individual, the job is never too large. He has built a partnership here between the staff and the students and the parents he just
makes a difference around here. You know as a principal of the school you’re a
leader of the building, you’re a leader of the community you’re working with
parents, teachers, and students – recess, after school, break, anything in
particular I’m out there to having conversations with the kids and having
fun with them it keeps me young. The most significant thing as a
principal that you can do is shake that child’s hand and wish them the best for
future success.

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