Trolls Poppy High Chair & Cookies and Milk With Paw Patrol

(silly xylophone music) (crunching) – [Woman] Well, I’m afraid
you ate all the cookies Poppy. (silly music) Hi Poppy. I brought you some delicious food to eat. I bet you’re just so hungry, huh? Yeah, I’m starving. Uh! Okay, let’s go ahead and
get you some food then. Let’s see, what would
you like to start with? How about some peas? Okay, let’s start off by
giving Poppy some peas. (food squelching) There we go, we got some peas. Here you go Poppy. (crunching) Mm-hmm. That was so good, huh? Alright, what’s next? Some carrots! Alright, let’s give
Poppy some carrots next. (food squelching) Mmm, there’s some carrots. (crunching) Ooh, Poppy, how was that? Okay, I want Cheerios now. Alright, let’s get Poppy some Cheerios. (food squelching) There we go, there’s
some Cheerios for Poppy. (crunching) Okay, let’s do all of that again. Peas, corn, or carrots, and Cheerios. Mmm! Peas, carrots, Cheerios. Peas, carrots, Cheerios. Yum, yum, yum. Yum, yum, yum. Peas, carrots, Cheerios. Mmm, how’s that Poppy, is that enough? Just a little more. Okay, let’s give Poppy a little more. Cheerios, peas, and carrots, mmm. Okay, I am stuffed. I just need some milk now. Alright, here you go. (gulping) You know what would be
so good with this milk? What Poppy? Some cookies. I think we need some
chocolate chip cookies. I think I can manage to get you some chocolate chip cookies with your milk. (“Alphabet Song”) Incoming! Boop, (sigh) look what
just popped up, Poppy! It’s a cookie jar. Yeah, cookies! Okay, let’s go ahead and get some stuff outta the cookie jar. Ooh! (silly xylophone music) Jar! It’s Paw Patrol, Poppy. Oh my goodness, look, you
got all the Paw Patrol here to say hi. Hi Paw Patrol! Hi Poppy, wanna eat some cookies? Yeah, let’s eat some cookies. Okay, look at all these cookies we have. Oh my goodness. There’s so many. Let’s count how many we
have with the cookie jar. – [Cookie Jar] Hi, I’m
count ‘n learn cookie jar. Let’s count some cookies. Please put in a cookie. – [Woman] Okay, let’s start
with cookie number one. – [Cookie Jar] One, mmm. – [Woman] Let’s do cookie number two now. – [Cookie Jar] Two, excellent. – [Woman] Next up, number three. – [Cookie Jar] Three, can I have another. – [Woman] Yes, now let’s do number four. – [Cookie Jar] Four, great job! Five, excellent. – [Woman] Number five. Let’s keep going. – [Cookie Jar] Six, can I have another? – [Woman] Yes, we’re going to give you… – [Cookie Jar] Seven.(crunching) – [Woman] Seven, mmm. Okay, now number eight. – [Cookie Jar] Eight, these are yummy. – [Woman] Alright, how about number nine? – [Cookie Jar] Nine, mmm. – [Woman] Okay, then number 10. – [Cookie Jar] 10, great job! – [Woman] Oh my goodness,
we did 10 cookies. We have 10 cookies in
here you can eat, Poppy. (silly xylophone music) Oh my goodness, that’s
just full of cookies. Alright Poppy, here you go, eat away. Oop, I think Paw Patrol, you’re gonna want to get
out of the way for this. Poppy goes a little crazy over cookies. Alright, let’s start with number one. Uh, you ate that so fast, Poppy. Let’s keep going. Next is number two. Oh my goodness Poppy, how many of these are you going to eat? All of them! Oh my goodness, okay. Let’s find number three. (crunching) Num, num, num. Oh my goodness Poppy, you
love chocolate chip cookies. Here’s number four. Mmm, ooh, you’re eating that so fast, you almost got my finger that time. Okay, we’re halfway through. This is cookie number five. Mmm, oh my goodness. We have five left. Next up is number six. Whoa Poppy, you eat them so fast. Number seven. (“Skip to my Lou”) Oh my goodness! Alright, number eight is next. Mmm, mmm, mmm, I love these! Give me some more. Alright Poppy, alright we’re coming. Alright, this is cookie number nine. Oh my goodness Poppy, you
only have one more cookie! How have you eaten so many cookies? Oh my goodness, this is cookie number 10. Well, I’m afraid you ate
all the cookies, Poppy. (crunching) No, there has to be
more in the cookie jar. Alright Poppy, well, I guess we could try looking into the cookie jar one more time but we already emptied it all out. Okay, let’s look at the cookie jar. Let’s see if any cook-oh my! (silly xylophone music) It must be a magic cookie jar that connects to Poppy’s belly. And whatever Poppy eats, they just go back in the cookie jar. Oh my goodness. Poppy, I don’t know if
you should eat anymore, you’ve eaten so many cookies. I love cookies. I know you do. Okay, say bye to Poppy and the Paw Patrol. Bye! – [Baby] Bye bye. – [Woman] I thought it’d be really funny if I played a little prank on the boys. (sirens blaring) (silly music) Hi guys! I thought it’d be really funny if I played a little prank on the boys. I’m going to go get their trucks and their vehicles, and we’re gonna do something funny. (“Muffin Man”) We’re gonna bedazzle them! With these fun jewels that I found. I’m so excited! I’m gonna go get their vehicles right now. (sirens blaring) Okay, I got Marshall’s, now
I’m gonna go get Chase’s. (sirens blaring) Okay, now the last one I’m going to get is Rebel’s bulldozer. (loud horn honking) Err! Tee hee hee hee. Okay, let’s start bedazzling. ♪ Do you know the muffin man ♪ ♪ The muffin man ♪ ♪ The muffin man ♪ Look at those bedazzles. ♪ Do you know the muffin man ♪ ♪ Who lives on Drury Lane ♪ ♪ Do you know the muffin man ♪ ♪ The muffin man ♪ ♪ The muffin man ♪ That’s so pretty, I love it! (“The Alphabet Song”) Hee hee, let’s do this side too. ♪ A, B, C, D, E, F, G ♪ ♪ H, I, J, K ♪ ♪ L, M, N, O, P ♪ ♪ Q, R, S ♪ ♪ T, U, V ♪ ♪ W, X, Y, and Z ♪ ♪ Now I know my ABCs ♪ How does that look? Is that enough? Is that enough bedazzles
or should we do some more? ♪ A, B, C, D, E, F, G ♪ ♪ H, I, J, K ♪ ♪ L, M, N, O, P ♪ ♪ Q, R, S ♪ ♪ T, U, V ♪ (giggles) Ooh, look at those bedazzles. ♪ Now I know my ABCs ♪ ♪ Next time won’t you sing with me ♪ Okay, oh, we bedazzled
Chase’s car, oh my goodness. Okay, now let’s bedazzle Rebel’s bulldozer. Okay. ♪ H, I, J, K ♪ ♪ L, M, N, O, P ♪ Let’s put some in his little shovel thing. Put some on the side and on the top. On this side and on this thing. ♪ H, I, J, K ♪ ♪ L, M, N, O, P ♪ (giggles) This is so fun! ♪ T, U, V ♪ ♪ W, X, Y, and Z ♪ ♪ Now I know my ABCs ♪ ♪ Next time won’t you sing with me ♪ How many bedazzles can
you add to one bulldozer? How is bedazzling, isn’t this so fun? How many bedazzles should we put on Rebel’s bulldozer? (mellow music) Look how many. I feel like there’s one place we forgot. Where did we forget to put
’em on Rebel’s bulldozer? On top, we need to put them on top. That’s right. (giggles) Oh my goodness, look
how pretty his bulldozer is. (laughs) Oh my goodness. Okay, last one to do is
Marshall’s firetruck. We gotta put them everywhere, don’t we? Okay, we got to put them there. Let’s put some on the
front too, should we? Okay, then some more on the side. Okay, and let’s definitely
put some on the top and the back doors. Okay. Let’s put all these bedazzles. Oh my goodness, how many
are we going to do on his firetruck? His firetruck’s so big,
you can put on so many. (“Skip to my Lou”) ♪ Lou, Lou, skip to my Lou ♪ ♪ Lou, Lou, skip to my Lou ♪ ♪ Skip to my Lou, my darling ♪ ♪ Flies in the buttermilk, shoo fly shoo ♪ ♪ Flies in the buttermilk, shoo fly shoo ♪ How about that? Is that good? No, I think we need more. ♪ Lou, Lou, skip to my Lou ♪ ♪ Lou, Lou, skip to my Lou ♪ (giggles) I’m so excited
for the boys to come see the bedazzled truck. ♪ Skip to my Lou, my darling ♪ ♪ Lou, Lou, skip to my Lou ♪ ♪ Lou, Lou, skip to my Lou ♪ Bedazzles everywhere! Bedazzles everywhere. Okay, one more side. ♪ Cows in the pasture, moo moo moo ♪ ♪ Cows in the pasture, moo moo moo ♪ ♪ Cows in the pasture, moo moo moo ♪ ♪ Skip to my Lou, my darling ♪ ♪ Lou, Lou, skip to my Lou ♪ ♪ Lou, Lou, skip to my Lou ♪ ♪ Lou, Lou, skip to my Lou ♪ ♪ Skip to my lou, my darling ♪ ♪ Little red wagon, painted blue ♪ ♪ Little red wagon, painted blue ♪ Oh my goodness. (gasps) Wow, wow look
at all the bedazzles. (children cheering) I think they look amazing! (giggles) Okay, why don’t we go ahead and wait for the boys to come. Do, do, do, do, do, do, do! (gasps) I think I hear them coming. Can you hear them? Okay, let’s go, let’s go hide. That was so awesome, dude. Yeah it was. Oh, look, our cars. What are they doing here? Do you see what I see? Oh my goodness, what happened? There’s gems all over my bulldozer. All over it! Yeah, and look at my firetruck. They’re around all, they’re
on all sides and the top. What am I suppose to do
with a bejeweled truck? Yeah, I mean look at this. She even put it on the front dash. What? This had to be Skye, she had to do it. She’s the only one who likes bedazzles. Yeah, it had to be Skye. Oh man, that was, what? I kinda like it. What? It makes it all bright
and flashy, you know? Better for people to see you. Oh, I guess you’re right. That’s kinda cool. What! You’re not suppose to like it, it’s suppose to be girly and bedazzley. Skye, I knew you did it. (laughs) Oh Skye. I got you, didn’t I? Yeah, but I think I’m gonna leave ’em on. What? Well, good ’cause I did an awesome job. Yeah ya did, except I might take mine off. Mine gets all dirt inside, at least the insides of here. Yes! (laughs) Oh my goodness. Well, let’s go find an adventure! (sirens blaring) Yeah, let’s go! (sirens blaring) Okay, well, bye Skye. Thanks for the bedazzles. Oh, you’re welcome. (loud horn honking) Well, that’s it. Bye! Say bye to Skye. (goofy music)

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