Triple P Launch at Kyilla Primary School

As a mum of three young children I know first hand how challenging it can be and how intimidating it can be when children start school. Positive
parenting is about finding simple strategies to help you raise confident healthy children.
The Department is running these sessions in an enormous amount of places across Western Australia,
so spread the message. It’s not just for parents who perhaps have a child with a problem, it
is for everyone, so that you’ve got that confidence. – The fundamental principles of positive parenting
are absolute enablers for kids to aquire the skills they need, to do what is ahead of them
and so if you think about this preparation for transitioning successfully into school
it is really important that kids have developed enough independence. So when you think about
the development of capabilities in children and you think about the kind of practices
in adults that promote kids learning the sort of skills that they need then these skills
of positive parenting are very powerful. – Your program changed our lives, so I went from
not having a skill set, from having a very fractured relationship with this tiny person
that I loved and suddenly had a tool box of strategies that I could use with this child
and it changed our lives. – Triple P was developed because many parents experience challenges
in raising their children, they are concerned about their behaviour, and that what they are
looking for is practical techniques and strategies that really work, that have been shown to be
effective. So if you think about early problems like kids not cooperating, not listening,
squabbling with peers, having difficulties with siblings, you know, difficult shopping
trips, that kind of thing, parents are looking for practical help that will make a difference.
I think that Triple P is particularly helpful in terms of helping kids and parents, I guess
working around expectations so kids know what is expected of them. Triple P’s emphasis is
on positive reinforcement so I think it is not punitive. Our parents who have done
Triple P seem to have a lot more confident around parenting and as a result those kids
are happier at our school. I had a very challenging toddler and was very lucky to have a Triple
P program running in the town where we were living and Triple P turned our lives around,
it couldn’t of come at a better time and it gave my husband and I a skill set to deal with
that challenging behaviour.

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