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At a recent feminist conference in London,
the attendees were advised NOT to clap their hands. Clapping, it seems, could trigger anxiety
in the speakers and the participants. So instead, the audience was urged to express approval
with something called “feminist jazz hands.” So far, Jazz Hands have not caught on in the
United States, but trigger warnings have become de rigueur on many college campuses. Well,
what exactly are trigger warnings and are they something we should welcome? That’s
coming up next on the Factual Feminist. Trigger warnings developed in the feminist blogosphere,
and typically they appeared at the beginning of articles to alert readers to potentially
upsetting content about sexual assault or other violence. These were thought that could
trigger traumatic memories in survivors. Well in recent years these warnings have moved
from blogs to newspapers to classrooms. Professors at schools like Oberlin, Rutgers, and UCSB
have been urged to place “trigger warnings” on reading lists with books like The Great
Gatsby or Things Fall Apart—these need warnings because they include upsetting descriptions
of misogyny, sexual violence, racism, colonialism. As a UCSB lit major, Bailey Loverin, explained
in the New York Times, “without a trigger warning, a survivor might black out, become
hysterical or feel forced to leave the room.” There has been a lot of pushback against the
culture of trigger warnings. But to no avail. And the list of triggering events and materials
it just keeps growing. In its summary of potential triggers, Geek Feminism Wiki mentions topics
body shaming and eating disorders. It notes that members of a fertility support group
might require warnings for pregnancy announcements. And it turns out a trigger warning itself
can be triggering. The Factual Feminist is concerned. I don’t view trigger warnings as
a wholesome development–for so many reasons. I’ll mention three: First, trigger warnings
have no basis in the scientific literature. Richard McNally, a Harvard psychologist and
expert on anxiety disorders, recently published a review of the relevant research which suggests
that these warnings do more harm than good. It turns out that most trauma victims are
resilient, they don’t need therapy and certainly don’t need trigger warnings. For the small
percentage who suffer from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, trigger warnings appear to
be counter-productive. “Avoidance,” says McNally, “reinforces PTSD. Conversely, systematic
exposure to triggers and the memories they provoke is the most effective means of overcoming
the disorder.” Now second objection, trigger warnings are creating a hostile environment
for critical thinking and free expression. Professors at leading colleges and universities
have to carefully scan their classroom materials for anything that might conceivably make a
student uncomfortable. A Harvard Law School professor, Jeannie Suk, recently published
an article in The New Yorker about how law school students are now demanding trigger
warnings for any discussion of sexual violence, and some are saying that this shouldn’t
be taught at all. Too upsetting. Too disturbing. Another professor wrote about his fear of
accidentally saying something insensitive and unleashing a mob of aggrieved students
“carrying mattresses to your office hours” or “starting a twitter petition demanding
you chop off your hand in repentance.” It’s the custom on some campuses for traumatized
students to gather in “survival circles” where they give each other shoulder massages
and share feelings and offer mutual support. But the classroom is not massage therapy,
it’s not a feelings circle—it is supposed to prepare students for life and its inevitable
challenges. Finally—I want to say this—Trigger warnings are embarrassing to women and to
feminism. They convey the idea that women are helpless children –delicate little injured
birds who cannot cope with clapping. When Brown University hosted a debate about statistics
on sexual assault, activists provided a safe room for students who were triggered by the
presence of a speaker who would “invalidate their experience.” As Judith Shulevitz described
it in the New York Times, these safe rooms come equipped with cookies, coloring books,
bubbles, Play-Doh, calming music, pillows, blankets, even a video of frolicking puppies.
This is what women’s liberation has come to? Well what do you agree that it’s time
to pull the trigger on trigger warnings. Or am I missing something? Would you like to
see clapping replaced with Jazz Hands. Would that make you feel safer? Let me know in the
comments. And please follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for watching the Factual

100 thoughts on “Trigger warnings demean feminism. Here’s why. | FACTUAL FEMINIST”

  1. trigger warning feminism is cancer! full of complete idiots seeking attention with pure hypocritical nonsense bullshit

  2. Pretty sure 'jazz hands' is the deaf community's version of clapping…feminist theft/cultural misappropriation..oh the horror…

  3. I like the warnings the UK are getting before TV programs. This program contains Violence or Nudity ect. My wife got triggered by a rape scene we were not expecting. Had there been a 'trigger warning' she would not have been surprised by the scene and bnot been triggered.

  4. OK, normally the Factual Feminist does a better job than this, but I just need to respond. Dear Factual Feminist, you are conflating trigger warnings with safe spaces. They are not the same thing. I get that they go together like peanut butter and jelly, but you have to be intellectually honest here and admit that you're deliberately conflating the two so as to make your case seem stronger.

    Yes, some students say that rape cases shouldn't be taught in law school. Those students are insane. But those students are not asking for trigger warnings! They are asking to be exempt from learning. These are two entirely separate things. Compare "I would like a warning before we discuss rape, " to "I don't ever want to discuss rape." These are two very, very, very, very different requests. Yet, you here treat them like they are the same. I think that is intellectually dishonest.

    Rubbing shoulders in a safe space to avoid a lecture is not a trigger warning! Thou shalt not confound safe spaces and trigger warnings! They are not the same thing. Feel free to criticize either one, but do not conflate the two.

    Also, professors worried about possibly offending individuals in their classes is not the same thing as trigger warnings. Such professors' worries are going to remain whether they give a warning or do not. I posit that if their worries remain whether the trigger warning is given or not, then trigger warnings are not the issue. You have conflated PC policing with trigger warnings.

    There's just so much conflation going on in this video. As a fellow philosopher, I am somewhat ashamed.

    Now, I get that many people who support trigger warnings also support these other things. Yes, I get that feminists conflate these things too. But if you are not willing to avoid these conflations yourself, then you, like them, are more interested in winning the polemics than in actually being right about the issues. You're not being as factual as you purport.

    It's important not to conflate these issues because it deliberately muddies the waters. What happens when somebody comes along who agrees with trigger warnings but not safe spaces? Are you going to insist that because they support trigger warnings they must also support safe spaces, just so you have an argument to throw at them? Are you going to pigeonhole them into a radical feminist position just so you can win the debate? The conflation of these topics deliberately removes the possibility of middle ground on these issues. It creates the illusion that the only positions that exist are the ones on the extremes. You are either 100% in favor of every single action any radical feminist has ever suggested, or you hate trigger warnings. This is a false dichotomy, and conflating these issues plays into this false dichotomy and sets conversation back.

    I generally like your work, Factual Feminist, but not this time.

  5. As someone who's been diagnosed with PTSD, I hate trigger warnings. Imo they're hilarious but incredibly stupid and overused. Life doesn't (or at least shouldn't) come with trigger warnings, why should social media? Yeah, occasionally the mention or portrayal of one particular thing can get to me, but that's my problem.

  6. I have commented on other videos so I will says just this. I believe the western culture (particularly USA culture) has become sick. Isaiah has a description of his society which I think fits well. Isa 1:5-6 likening society to a body: The whole is head is sick, the whole heart faints, from the sole of the foot to the head there is no soundness in it but wounds and bruises and putrefying sores. How can a society survive functioning the way America does today? By the way, comparing different societies and cultures that occur at different times in history or around the world does not help. No sex has ever been oppressed as such. Certainly they can be victims of crime but that is not the oppression referred to by feminists when they complain about roles in society as such. Both. sexes have had roles that suit there biology the best. In todays America many women are rebelling against this (in my opinion destroying society) If you try to change human nature by law you will get an explosion. Normal human behaviour will out in the end. Remember this present situation is only 2-3 decades old IT CAN ONLY BE SHORT LIVED.

  7. Fuck feminism. If y’all are as strong as men like you say your are, then why are you always acting like the victims! Woman already have equal rights, people complaining about the pay gap have not done their research. The WNBA does not get payed as much because not as many people watch it as the NBA; therefore, they don’t get as many sponsors and so on. Women also tend to work less then men, study’s show that the average woman works 35-38 hours a week and men work, 40-44. So all you sensitive feminists out there stop all your doing is making people laugh when they watch feminist triggered videos. Also stfu about man spreading, MEN DO IT SO THEY DON’T SIT ON THEIR BALLS, if you don’t know that, it’s extremely painful and uncomfortable.

  8. I've had two traumatic events in my life. One where I watched my dad die at the age is 16 and another one which I will not disclose. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and after moving on and healing, I don't get triggered. In fact, nothing really phases me anymore because of what I've already been through. Anything difficult in life I know I can pull through.

  9. Trigger Warnings?
    Anyone issuing a trigger warning along with anyone who feels the need for them, should really be in a secure facility, preferably on the rubber room wing, where straight jackets, genital electro therapy and ass bung lollipops are compulsory!

  10. Men and women are not equal, never have been and never will be, each have their strengths and weaknesses.

  11. 'A trigger is something that sets off a memory tape or flashback transporting the person back to the event of her/his original trauma' (psychcentral)

    clearly you've never spoken to anyone with ptsd. while it's true that most people who experience trauma don't develop it- some do. for that person, seeing that image or whatever it is could cause a flashback (and as someone with complex ptsd i can tell you that they are most terrifying thing you can imagine.), panic attack, or any other amount of symptoms. It can re-traumatise that person. it's not about 'demeaning feminism' it's about helping people who have been through awful things get through a life that is already so, so difficult just a little easier.

    on another note, not all trigger warnings are for sexual violence- they can be used for other mental illnesses/mental illness symptoms such as eating disorders, addictions, self harm or suicidal thoughts. these trigger warnings genuinely help people, and just because you're not one of them doesn't mean you can dismiss people that are.

  12. She has intelligence. Seriously, what kind of University would have a "safe room" for triggered people, this would not do anything but make these people more sensitive and the campus environment more deficient. Eventually the fear will be with the regular students that don't know what is allowed to be said.

    This really reminds me of pre-Renaissance Europe where they'd execute you for your thoughts or beliefs and call you heretic

  13. I agree with the majority of this video, but I do have a question in reference to her statement that trigger warnings convey the idea that women cannot cope with certain things. Where exactly in a trigger warning is there any focus on women? In every trigger warning I have ever seen, there has never been anything gender-specific. So why is the speaker assuming that they are directed at women? Maybe I missed something, but in my eyes I do not see the connection.

  14. Wait wait wait
    Just imagine after a play instead of a loud clap of approval it’s just a roomful of people smiling and shaking their hands

  15. This is absolutely hilarious…except that these people, who literally fight against clapping, have the right to vote.

  16. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN SINCE 2010?!?!?! You are the BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO THE PLANET during this Gordian Knot of a Reality we live in in 2018. THANK YOU.

  17. Easy & simple. Safe space is 8 feet under the ground, dig in & bury yourselves in if you want one. And dont ever come out again. In another words. Kill yourselves. lol. Why no feminist understand this very simple concept?

  18. I think It's Funny ….. Is that wrong ? ….. I don't care , trigger is a cool name for a dog … Sit Trigger sit …. Good Dog


    Trigger Warnings are useless in my opinion. Anything really graphic (Decapitation, Gore, Etc.) can be blurred out while the general message of the image is still conveyed.

  20. It's all mental retardation! None of this existed when I grew up in the 60's because it was a sane world compared to today. The abomination of political correctness mixed with this
    "trigger" nonsense shows how successful the loony left has been in indoctrination of the youth. The are victims of foolishness and the end product is the destruction of a generation
    from being intelligent and productive citizens.

  21. If you need a trigger warning it just means you are a very mentally weak person. Get tougher and grow up.

  22. Awww cute. They gather in a vagina circle. And message their little vaginal insides. Wtf is wrong with these fucking women. Oh there collage brains cant handle clapping . They need a safe spot with cookies and milk. And little puppies crawling around. This generation makes me sick. And to think whys theres not a woman president.

  23. To have safe rooms is just dumb and has to be embarrassing, i mean cmon if i heard my 20 year old daughter(which i do not actually have its hypothetical seeing as I’m 20 myself) has been in a safe room, because she couldn’t handle another person opinion. I would confront her about it. Its like treating a teenage daughter like their 5. Its degrading.

  24. Feminism is cancer. There just trying to come up with bullshit to get attention. I’m still going to clap my hands if I’m applauding a performance. They can just deal with it because it’s not my fault they are brainwashed.

  25. I'm not sure about the last argument is correct, because from what i understand trigger warnings apply to both men and women – so it would more make everyone seem incompetent than just women. Apart from that I agree.

  26. Feminism has made everyone both male and female much less happy by doing away with traditional roles and values. Proof = the divorce rate; broken families; and ruined lives has skyrocketed.

  27. the second and third wave of feminism is hurting women, if there is, and its probable, that there is a 4th wave of feminsim it will be the last wave, that will indeed trigger the second wave of men's rights, and we're men, we only need two waves, we're currently in the bubbling up of the first wave of men's rights, and its going well. the 2nd wave will be the 'enough is enough' wave. the woman in this video and other good and intelligent women like bettina arndt, dr.helen smith, karen straughan, janice fiamengo and deanna lorraine know this. they arent just fighting for equal rights they are also fighting for their own rights as women. because the unfortunately, and what should be unnecessary, second wave of men's rights most likely will send society back to the rules of engagement 100 years ago and before. before women's right to vote, the spirit of susan b. anthony is appalled and ashamed at today's feminists. she was a great person, just awful. i was a supporter of ERA, when no other man i knew was, ever, and now i consider it the worst mistake of my life, after being abused, and abuse is always unfair, in life, at work, in my marriage, and having no discourse, no defense and no help or support from the 'right out in the open and obvious' abuse, even if good women might not get treated fairly because of it, i f i knew then what i know now i wouldve fought against ERA. that is so very sad, is this how feminists want a good and fair man/person to feel about gender equality?

  28. Express yourself and trigger them by giving them the middle finger. If you are a Strong Woman why are you so easily triggered?

  29. Safe spaces and trigger warnings seem like more attempts to force others to your will. The Alt-Left adores controlling people.

  30. You've hand-picked some poor examples of the use of trigger warnings and safe spaces. As a survivor, I felt mocked.

  31. The only good warning is for physical harm. Flashing lights for epilepsy, gore that'll make you want to throw up on your sandwich you're eating, psychopath wielding chainsaws on the road ahead, ect.

  32. What's funny is that this didn't happen because of pseudo feminists but rather a bunch of bat shit crazy Zionists that were getting butt hurt when people would clap for pro Palestinian scholars wiping the floor with some douche bag Zionist they were debating that thinks it's ok to bomb Palestinians with impunity!

    They always obfuscate this on to feminists or the so called left and the unenlightened pseudo feminists fall for it hook line and sinker so now everybody thinks that this is why you have to snap instead of clap.

    What a crock!

  33. The need or the unstudied and perceived need for trigger warnings is at the core foundation of feminist thinking. You cannot expect to take away the perceived need for trigger warnings without dismantling feminism altogether. The only way to keep the tail from rattling is to cut off the head of the snake.

  34. AEI propaganda
    Read their history.

  35. what is surprising about many woman who before were very happy once they have been exposed to always angry salty ranting extreme toxic feminist views it make's them unhappy unsecure angry salty and ranting toxic woman even when they never have been undermind belittled sexualy harased raped touched in any unusual way even such woman becomes such low extreme feminist

  36. Clap 👏 clap 👏 clap 👏 clap 👏
    She did a great job breaking this down !!

    She cured my anxiety ..

  37. WW2 16 year old forced into the line of fire bullets passing their ears. 2019 "please dont clap the sound triggers me and upsets me" lmao

  38. completely agree, but without trigger warnings to keep these infants away from scary memes the internet will get censored to oblivion.

  39. Other people's so-called "triggers" are not my fucking problem. I don't allow snowflakes to make them my problem.

  40. If more people like you, I would have more Respect for America as an American. The reason why everyone hates us is how divided and how politically correct we are

  41. You're the ONLY feminist I've heard or met that doesn't make me puke. Thanks for your interesting vids.

  42. Ok Jazz hands are bad at the best of times add feminist twist and a man spreading chair and you got some serious cringe

  43. Dude, they are adults. If they want to stop learning about rape laws, then who will? Children? Adults are supposed to be mature and be able to handle disturbing content. That's why movies have labels on them accordingly. These guys literally expect to be treated as children despite being adults, you got to be shitting me.

  44. What i find (oh sorry is this nessesary for you panses? TRIGGER WARNING)funny is how I have been raped beaten been in a car accident and was told I need to kill someone so wouldn't die which I had to. What I had a gun to my head and the man said as I lowered the gun "if you don't you both will die" and I don't get triggered most at the time I laugh and think man those days sucked but now I am here

  45. PTSD is something that scars someone’s mind… over exaggerating the following is only so that they can find excuses to assault you and have you arrested… now feminism is anti man instead of what it used to mean… my college promotes blaming the straight white male for everything and that they favor women over men in our art school 7/10 ratio… which is sexist btw and prejudice to decide who you accept into your department degree based on their genitalia… also literally only 1/10 of the college majors are made up of straight white men… now I do think that people should choose what they want but the college chooses based on abstract visualization instead of focus on the quality of the work they present… instead of looking at your portfolio and gpa they look at your appearance and your gender… they aren’t good people academia has dissolved into madness and they have betrayed their logical movement they once stood for… academia promotes supremacy and discrimination of white men under the guise of leftism BLM and feminism.

    Once upon a time I would consider myself a feminist but now I consider myself a egalitarian which stands for the belief that if a woman wants the same pay as a man they have to work without all the perks of being a woman worker even if that means they can’t get 3 months off or 6 months off for pregnancy… it’s called equality of business. If a woman wants to have the pay that a man has they have to learn to do the stuff that men do that women don’t like such as construction heavy lifting and so on. Most of these are men dominated fields and rightly so because us white men are the grease that keeps this systems economy running for the most part while women demand higher paid management positions without knowing anything about the hard labor or the time it would take for each step of a functional process and yet women seem to seep into these positions in industries such as comics, video games and movie directing ending up bombing in terms for what it’s worth which is part of the reasoning why I think in order to be a good leader you have to first know the process of the daily work that your underlings you lead commit to.

  46. Iam a feminist meaning, I am totally able to do anything I wish to do. I have the law to back me up for equal pay etc etc etc Feminism today offers ABSOLUTELY nothing to people like me. In fact, to me, they are just an embarrassment. These morons are putting women backwards not forwards. In fact, feminism, gender theory, all the BS the left like to push down our throats is utter garbage. The left have gone insane.

  47. What happens if you hit someone with your car and the last thing you saw them do before you ran them over was similar to Jazz hands to try and get you to stop? Perhaps Jazz hands could trigger a traumatic event in your life.

  48. You wonder why people go batshit insane. Dumb shit like no clapping. You know what I’m oppressed where’s my safe from safe spaces space?

  49. What the hell are jazz hands? Quick! Get the smelling salts! I've got an attack of the vapors! No, get upset. Get very upset. It only toughens you up. I like how this woman thinks.

  50. As a kid, I remember other guys turning to me in as early as second or third grade and saying "You wanna hear a joke?" And the answer will always be women's rights. Sadly, it's not exactly sensitive, but at the same time when I look at the modern feminist movement, that's what I see. Women's rights has become a joke, and this was done by the very people who claim to fight for it.

  51. I know it's an old post, but still good points. I find people who keep saying they are triggered by something triggering. Those that are always going around "I'm offended" they offend me. I am so tired of this crap. I want them to grow up. I grew up with someone with PTSD. Shell Shock it was called then. My Grandfather if he heard a gun go off, or something explode and he didn't know it was going to happen it could throw him back to Vietnam. So, I understand that. But those were sudden things he wasn't likely to know was going to happen. If you're going someplace you know people are going to clap. Clapping (as a public speaker) lets me know people appreciate my words, lessons, or incidents I'm sharing. You're going to be nervous no matter what, or at least I always am.

    Safe spaces? Men exclusionary safe places. Places where it seems as it involves very childlike behavior? Seriously.

  52. Real life has no trigger warnings. Life is not easy.
    There are many young adults who will probably have a much harder life ahead due to politically correct mollycoddling.

  53. I swear, one day soom, I as a 6 ft 300 lb man with a beard and a powerful baritone voice, will walk into the middle of some group of narcissistic nimrods as described in this video and yell "YEEEHAAWWWW! " at the top of my lungs just to watch these terminally insecure babies pee their collective sissy pants.

    My God, people, my parent's generation had hundreds of thousands of 18 year old young men and some even younger, joing the military knowing full well that they could be running into certain death on foreign shores to defgend people they did not evem know. They endured conditions that were totally unklnown to them, they witnessed hooros that NO human being should ever see, let alone be immersed in. They frequently ate the crappiest "food" you can imagine, heated water, pissed in their helmets and used them even as a cooking pot sometimes. Women at home worked long hours in exteremely dangerous occupations they had no clue about just a few weeks before. People used their brains and collective brawn and their faith in God to do what HAD to be done and they did not need soft plush little cry rooms because they got their widdle fewings hurt. I am so glad I am as old as I am as far too many in this current generation turn my stomach.

    Although there are still thousands of actual mature and capable people still around, I do not think that even they are numerous enough to deal with even a small invading army bent on desttroying America. These sissies would all just blush as they fell happily to their knees and start singing Kumbayah. Our Forefathers are hanging their collective heads in extreme sadness as well as disgust as they see what we have allowed to so terribly weaked this once powerful nation.

  54. Maybe these sensitive trigger-able feminists should major in STEM. They will be worked very hard in solving objective problems that will actually train them in skills that employers actually want. They won't have ANY time for this self-indulgent drama queen nonsense. They really need to just grow up.

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