Tricked into giving special training class [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.01.26]

Are we going to eat something? – Where are they going? / – Where, indeed? (Muscle crew dragged somewhere) Hurry, hurry. I don’t see any restaurants here. What is this place? – What? / – What is it? (Getting a bad feeling) Bungee jumping, or what? I planned this. (Muscle crew surprised by something) What is it? I planned this. – Take a look. / – What is that? – So suddenly… / – A class? (Why are we on the poster?) (Welcome) It’s today’s special training class. Oh, come on… Instructor Yang… He was giving a class. It was for business. He got the rooms for free. Right. To rest before the class. I didn’t think of that. He went there for a class. Let’s go. Hurry. Do we have to teach? Come on. Who are we teaching? Hello. (You’re teaching us) (Boss Yang’s special class participants) Quite a lot of people. Instructor Yang is so popular. Wow. (Taken aback by the crowd) This is unsettling… He bought us food and such to lure us here for this class. They were all part of the plan. Yes, he should’ve been suspicious. The hotel didn’t cover travel fees. Here at our hotel in Gangwon-do, we’re offering a class by Instructor Yang, the fitness trainer of Jin from BTS, Sunghoon, Jin Seoyeong, and other stars. I hope you’ll enjoy it. (Gian84) (Actor Sunghoon) (Hellish personal trainer, now in Gangwon-do!) He’s so popular. Thank you. (Introducing his muscle crew) Here is the director in charge of our Pilates classes, Director Kim Dongeun. Please give her a warm hand. (It’s robot Dongeun) Our two fitness trainers… (Reminded again of their mysterious photos) Fitness trainers Kim Seongsu and Han Jeongtae. They should change their photos. Seriously… I can’t tell who is who. For today’s class, I want to answer your questions, things you’ve wanted to know while exercising on your own. We’ll focus on those things today. Now then, please raise your hands to ask about questions you’ve had while exercising on your own. (How to balance upper and lower body workouts?) Please come to the front. (Please step forward) What kind of balance do you want? I want thinner legs. Thinner legs? She wants thinner legs. Of course, starting a diet is important. When we begin dieting, which part of our body loses weight the fastest? – The face. / – The face. The chest area. Chest area. – The face. / – The face. (We’re curious too) We lose weight the fastest where we sweat the most. That’s the face. Weight loss travels down like this. The chest, shoulders, arms, and then the stomach. Reaching your buttocks and thighs means you’re doing very well. Oh, it’s hard to lose weight there. To lose weight in our lower bodies, we often rely on squats, lunges, or other exercise moves. But I don’t make people do those. When you do squats or lunges, where does your blood concentrate? It concentrates in your lower body. When the blood concentrates there, what happens then? Those muscles grow. When you do upper body exercises, nutrients are concentrated there, letting you get a balanced figure while slimming down. Your lower body gets slimmed down too. But it takes time. (They’ve never seen Boss Yang like this) Have your male employees ever taught classes? It was their first time. – Their first time? / – They could learn. Right. (Chance to learn Boss Yang’s teaching method) Does that make sense? Alright. Please return to your seat. (Brief Q and A session ends) He’s been talking. But now he’ll demonstrate, right? He can’t demonstrate. Will we see him working out? After all, it’s a class… If he demonstrates, half of them will walk out. (A demo will make them lose trust) Half of them will walk out. Now, please stand up, everyone. They’ll work out now. (Boss Yang, a man who lived for fitness) He’ll give a demo. Listening isn’t enough. Let’s see him work out for a change. (Revealing hidden fitness skills?) – Director? / – Yes. Start stretching from your ankles. (So suddenly?) He’s only talking. (We should’ve known…) The people were looking at me with such hopeful eyes. I wanted to meet their expectations by instructing them as well as possible. Press your right leg down with your toes bent like this. (Students following along quite well) Keep your upper body still. (What will he make me do…) Right to left. Let’s speed up. (Perfect form like a robot) In time, there will be an A.I. robot like that. Let’s start our workout. It’s like a glimpse into the future. (2020 fitness robot, Dongeun-bot) Bend your knees. (Stretching session continues) Press your right shoulder down. The mountains are beautiful. It’s like a painting. That’s abrupt. (Exercise… But see the mountains…) “The mountains are beautiful.” (Exactly as I saw her on TV, haha) Are your bodies warmed up? – Yes. / – Yes. Then we’ll start with a light workout. You’ve done push-ups, right? The two assistants, please step forward. They’ll demonstrate. He won’t do it himself. (Stepping back again) Instructor Yang won’t do it himself. He only talks. As for action, he only does a few moves. (Boss Yang doesn’t work out) He never lifts dumbbells. CEO style. They didn’t exercise since yesterday. I wanted them to workout while giving a demo. I wanted to show them how hard our personal trainers work out. Why won’t he do it himself? (Thus began the hellish demo) Bend your legs. Let’s begin. It’s very simple. That’s how it’s done. You can do it too. Please get ready. (It’s Gian84’s workout move) (Doing that move from TV with Boss Yang) We’ll keep it brief, doing only 50. – Only 50? / – Get ready. (Did I hear that right?) Get ready. Now go! (Workout begins for real) Bend your knees. (Hall suddenly grows silent) It’s simple, right? There must be people who aren’t in shape. He’s starting with such a hellish workout. That’s why we did a simple workout. That’s a simple workout? – 50 push-ups? / – Very simple. But why won’t you do any? (If it’s simple, he could join in…) We’re starting to see it now… Only a few left. – Just 30 more. / – The hellish workout. (Bodies growing heavier) Speed it up. Speed it up. (Simple workout, but employees are struggling) Even the fitness trainers are dying. Even Seongsu is struggling. How can ordinary people manage if they haven’t been working out? You have to lift those legs! (They aren’t being punished) – A proper workout. / – What are you doing? (That Yang Chiseung!) (I’m dying) Good. Now stand up. (Moving onto the next workout) Take the dumbbells. (Dumbbell workout) No break? You’re just moving on? Lift them from that position. Go. (Hellish demo begins again) That’s how it’s done. Let’s do 20. Go. That’s tough. It’s simple, right? It’s really tough. Look at that smile. (Smile suddenly in place) Our fitness trainers don’t scowl or show that they’re strained. They can’t scowl since there are people watching. (Their normal faces…) That’s their normal expression. They can’t win trust that way. They smile instead. (Maintaining their smile for today) Work out with a smile to avoid getting wrinkles. (Boss Yang, working out with his mouth) The only person who’s relaxed. Learn to enjoy the pain. (This won’t be easy…) The front view is different from the side view. Let’s get a side view of 20 lifts. Go. – They already did 20. / – 20 more. (Side view of 20 lifts begins!) Good. Lift them while maintaining the same angle in your arms. What should it look like from the back? – You need precise movements… / – Gosh. To get the precise angle. Please turn around. You’ll do the lifts. Ready… (Turning around for 20 more lifts) Now go. (Expression visible from his back…) Just 20 to keep it brief. That’s how it’s done. He’ll never teach a class alone since he’d have to give demos. From what I see, he went there to train his employees. Right. Since they couldn’t work out that day. A training session plus a class. Look at that. Our fitness trainers never frown or change their expressions while working out. They always enjoy it. Now get ready… And go! (It’s their turn now) Bring them together. (Various forms) Bring them together. You’re doing well. The two back rows… What are you doing? No breaks. You’ll get caught on camera. (Experiencing Boss Yang’s hellish workout) It’s tough. (Muscle crew’s endless demonstrations) (Eyes tightly shut) (It’s tough, but they’re watching) It should be farther back. (Jeongtae’s suspicious movements) Oh, no. Look at Jeongtae. He did too many lifts. He probably did 100 lifts. Don’t lift it like that. You can do it. (Reaching his limit) No breaks. Work out together. Come on, hurry. We’re working out together. You can do it. (In the end…) (Giving up midway) He’s leaving. – Where is he going? / – He’s running away. Will he grab Boss Yang by the collar? But the exit is on the right… Will he go punch him? Why are you here? Why are you here? He’s in the wrong position. Show him how it’s done. Well done, Jeongtae. – So smart. / – Well done. (He’s a genius) That’s not good. That’s not good. Try it again. Bring them forward. Straight forward. One, two, three. – He’s taking after Boss Yang. / – Right. Raised and then lowered. Don’t throw them down like that. (I’ll join him) He’s resting too. (But the man is doing fine already…) They had a way out. Adjusting their workout positions. As fitness trainers, it’s our job to adjust their workout positions. It’s our duty. We’re not making excuses. Not that we didn’t want to work out… I couldn’t help it when I saw them getting their positions wrong. So I dashed out right away. – So smart. / – Raise. He’s learning tricks of the trade. He’s explaining to a guy that’s doing fine. (Seongsu’s personal training session) (Like boss, like employees) Director Dongeun will lead stretching moves to help relax your muscles. Please follow along slowly. First, stretch out your right foot and lower your heel to the floor. Tilt the other foot at a 45-degree angle. (Boss Yang takes something out) (Fitness center flyers!) No way. – No way. / – A devilish move. (Muscle crew pushed out) Place it in front of them. (Gently laid down before their eyes) Place it in front of them. Right there. (Eye-level promotion) Don’t lower your heads too much. Look at the floor. See what’s there. Now I know why he’s a CEO. He made the promotion fit in so naturally and smoothly. He says he was always great at marketing. But why promote in Gangwon-do? You’re based in Seoul. Those people work there. But a lot of them live in Seoul. He’ll never to out of work. – No. / – Never. For the last position, keep the flyer in the middle and make a triangle with your hands. At this rate, they’ll memorize the text. Look at the flyer. Don’t let… – Your head drop. / – Driving it in. – Incredible. / – Now let’s start… Reading slowly from the first line. First floor, open for 24 hours. Monthly fee, $30. Free parking for two hours. (Bombarded by visual, auditory promotion) (Dazed) Keep reading the next line. (A strange scene) Why is he reading that? (Class ends with promotion) Great work, everyone. (A truly special class comes to an end)

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  1. Hotel's management team: we get celeb fitness class for entire staffs for free

    Boss Yang, the marketing genius that Harvard Oxford SKY Doctoral wished they were: wins

  2. Omg!!! Marketing level at it's best! Sign me up too! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. This crew is the best 😂, i hope they stay for the whole year, i want to see their competitions at least 🏋🏼‍♂️🏋🏼‍♂️🥇🏅

  4. fitness is a hard cant force anyone to do it because they will stop after like 2 days.. but you can teach and encourage on how to do it~~.. i love this class because they are not forced to come to the class and they want to do it even its a bit hard ( i hope so )

  5. WHAT HOW COME I DIDNT KNEW HE TRAINED JIN !!!! I've literally been watching video clips of this for like more than a year and never knew!!!!!

  6. The guy in the light blue is so smart. It's crazy how they incorporated the flyers into the workout. Its smart that he had his trainer read it out loud

  7. Hahahaha Dongeun is supporting his boss 😂 12:28

    Btw this is marketing. There are various types of marketing from cheap marketing and so on. If we are being shy, we can't keep business alive

  8. I love them but he’s not correct about spot fat loss or about where you sweat being where you lose weight that’s entirely on your genetics, hormones, and pores.

  9. Am I the one who find Jongdae adorable?? To be honest, in my opinion, he's cute and handsome.

    I would feel really lucky to be reached by him especially when he's infront of me like the woman before!! 😅

  10. Stumbled across this show looks like a lot of fun I’m watching it with subtitles but can someone explain to me the premise of the show? Not entirely sure what’s going on

  11. My personal trainer is tough too! I never thought that I could do 50 push ups in my lifetime, but now I can. Especially on my knees

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