Trent U School of Education: What kind of teacher will you be?

Lu: The Bachelor of Education program is interesting
to future teachers who are interested in taking a critical approach to their practice, to
school systems. Charles: What we preach for the world we also
try to incorporate to our own behavior and our interactions with our own students.
Nicole: I absolutely fell in love with the beauty of the place. With the drumlin and
the river running through. Karleen: It’s a place to have a relationship
with the land at the same time as your learning about environmental and social justice education
and there’s no better place to do it. Dawn: I always got the impression that they
felt if we were successful, they were successful and that’s how I feel in teaching now.
Chris: The Trent University program also allowed me to really express who I was, I wasn’t
stifled in any way. Sheliza: So you have this cross-generational
and cross-cultural dichotomy of students in your classroom, its awesome.
Ashley: After I finished, I kept a connection with few professors, so I didn’t feel alone
in my first few years of teaching, because I had them there for support, which was very
cool. Cathy: So it’s very personalized, it’s
customized to the learner, it’s collaborative. Paul: It’s a great place to work with colleagues
who are really enthusiastic and committed about the work that they’re doing. It’s
a great place to make new innovations happen.

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