Trends of Artificial Intelligence in Education Technology

Artificial intelligence or AI is a buzzword
in today’s world. You might be hearing a lot of technology-related
news associated with AI; like the manufacturing industry or automobile industry has implemented
AI for the self-driving cars. Each and every sector including healthcare
has also implemented AI. The education sector is also not going to
be immune-associated with artificial intelligence, as you are aware. machines are capable of doing any kind of
mechanical tasks or if you are able to program the things then the machines can do those
things in a certain manner. But, if you are able to provide thinking capability
or capability analysis of data and based on that if machines are able to take certain
decisions then that will help solve our problems associated with human beings. So today I am going to share some light about
interesting trends associated with artificial intelligence and its implementation in
the Education Sector. So stay tuned. So as we’re aware data or data analysis is
the base of artificial intelligence. So, in order to have capabilities associated
with artificial intelligence, you need to have large data associated with the system,
data analytics plays a key role in order to implement AI in the education system. There are a lot of State Governments in India
trying to implement AI with the help of data analytics. So let me give you one of the examples. one of the State Governments has implemented
AI-related project, where they are trying to identify the probability of Dropout associated
with a particular student from the secondary school education. So, in this case, they are trying to collect
data from various secondary schools or schools, and it is being analyzed and the system is
trying to analyze performance the various students, school-going children and based
on the historical performance system is trying to predict whether a particular group of student
a particular individual student is likely to drop off in the current Academic Year. So, based on that analytics, the State Governments
are able to take proactive steps in order to prevent the Dropout of school-going children. Another area in case of the education sector,
where AI is beneficial is personalized learning. So, imagine a traditional classroom-based
learning or even online learning, the students are informed about various things where teachers
are able to share their knowledge. So, imagine a traditional classroom scenario
where teachers are teaching to 60 students simultaneously. But each individual or each student has different
capability related to grasping power or each student has different IQ or EQ, so they are
not able to learn at the same pace as compared to other students. Artificial Intelligence enabled personalized
learning that can help solve this problem associated with those students. AI system can help you to define a personalised
learning path for the particular students. So based on the performance of the associated
student with particular topic or particular subject, system can do the analysis of the
strong areas or wear areas particular student and the system can predict future learning
path associated with that student; and that learning path will be very unique for that
student and it will be unique for all those 60 students who are there in the classroom. Another area where Artificial Intelligence
or AI can be helpful for teachers or educators. So, in the traditional scenario, teachers
need to give attention to individual students. Imagine if there is a class of 60 students
and teacher needs to do a lot of administrative tasks associated with the grading of the students
or the performance evaluation of the student or providing individual feedback to the students. But if you have a centralized system, which
is Artificial intelligence-powered or data-driven where you can do the data analysis associated
with the performance of the students or the system is able to predict the future performance
of the students based on historical data that can also help various teachers to do analysis
associated with strong areas or weak areas of the students
and it will be very easy for the teachers to provide individual attention for the students
were lacking in a particular area or a particular subject. So, AI can help teachers making various decisions
or providing tip point feedback to the various students using data analysis approach. so there is a lot of scopes available for
the software technology or tools which can be developed in order to provide feedback
for students based on the artificial intelligence approach. AI can also be helpful in Examination Management. So imagine a lot of students are writing theory
exams where they are writing long theory answers and this the evaluators or examiners or teachers,
they need to evaluate, each teacher needs to read all the answers written by the students. So if you are going to have any kind of system,
in which you’ll be able to convert handwritten text in the plain English text and even the
system can provide certain kind of recommendation based on various algorithms where answer written
by the student can be compared with the model answer sheet available and based on that the
system will be able to provide recommendation like: A particular answer written by a student
where you need to assign 5 marks out of 10 or 4 marks out of 10, such kind of recommendation
will definitely be helpful for the teachers in order to simplify overall answer sheet
Evolution process or if currently, teachers are taking 10 or 20 minutes in order to evaluate
a particular answer sheets, but using the AI-powered evaluation process, it can be dropped
down to 5 minutes or lesser time, where teachers can take lesser amount of time in order to
evaluate the theory answer sheets. So, AI is a very exciting technology that
is going to change the way the education system works or overall the EdTech industry is also
rapidly going to get revolutionize with the help of Artificial Intelligence or overall
machine learning or data analytics approach. A lot of new technologies are coming up in
the market. We as splashgain have also filed one of the
patents associated with Artificial Intelligence-driven approach for our platform. So, it is a very exciting time ahead for all
of us as an EdTech community and AI is definitely going to help education Community to simplify
various processes and that would definitely take this education sector forward. Thank you for watching this video. If you would like to receive alerts about
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